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"Farooq" Ron Simmons

Submitted By James Walsh on 12/03/05
There were some reports of the LIVE feed of the show on the Internet being down this week. If this is the case or if you were just too lazy to tune in on time, we have archived the live broadcast from 3/29/05 for your listening pleasure!

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-- The show opens up with Chuck and James discussing RAW from this past Monday night.

-- After a brief commercial break, the show returns with the Nation of Domination theme leading us in to the Ron Simmons interview.

-- Chuck asks about Ron Simmons' being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. "What better honor can it be, right? That lets me know I did something right when I was playing football. Although I missed a couple tackles, I think I made more tackles than I missed."

-- "He'd better be glad I wasn't coming through there while he was playing. I'd have done a Willie Haze on him! I'd have run out there just to tackle his ass. That's why I took it out on him when I got him in the Nation," says Simmons when asked if there is a rivalry between he and the Rock stemming from their College Football days.

-- James mentions that the Nation of Domination was sort of like a Black Panther group at times. He asks what Simmons felt about that entire angle. "They didn't have me doing an interpretation of the Black Panther. Hell, I was the Black Panther when I came into there. I still got some of that in me. That's part of the way I was feeling and the way I had looked at things from the outside. What better way to get things across than if you are part of that character?" Simmons feels realism in a character can only come if that character is partially who you are. He also goes on to say that they didn't have him discriminate very much as he had both Hispanics and whites in the group later on.

-- James asks about the honor of being the first African American WCW champion. "I don't think that will ever set in on me, you know? I think that's one of my biggest goals. That IS my biggest.. What that did is opened up a lot of doors. It had prime rally been a sport that was monopolized by whites, you know? The struggle was hard. At the level you look at, it still hasn't balanced itself out. But, it's gotten better." Simmons goes on to say he is proud to have stuck with it and to have opened the doors for some of the more talented black men and women coming in now.

-- James asks about the differences in the way WCW was to the way the WWE was and is run. "Night and day!" Ron goes on to say in the day time, you can get things done. In the night time, you have to sneak around and cut each other's throat to get things done.

-- "There were a bunch of people down there at WCW that had no business whatsoever what they were doing. They were taking people that were doing pizza shops and didn't know a thing about wrestling." Ron goes on to say it is tough to tell someone how to play Football when you never have held a ball in your life.

-- "You've got to give the man his props if you like him or not," says Simmons about Vince McMahon. Simmons says he's the best boss he's ever had and he's not just "kissing his ass."

-- "Hell, that's my boy! I don't care he's flipped out or whatever, I'm still on his side!" He goes on to say he hopes JBL stays champion for a long time. He also promotes WrestleMania by saying it should be a good match seeing the young John Cena against the smart JBL.

-- "If we weren't on microphone or TV, we would have did the same thing we did to that midget that we did when we were at the table," says Simmons laughing as he answers the question as to how real the APA skits were. Simmons says there was no better of a setting for them to have had. He could sit down, have a cigar, a few beers, and maybe even see a naked women. "It was us!"

-- "Well, lets see what happens with that," says Simmons when asked about returning to face JBL in the ring. "You might even see us together," he adds.

-- Chuck asks about the Brand Extension. Simmons says certain fans are comfortable with certain time slots and certain superstars.

-- We then roll into some word associations with names such as Butch Reed, Teddy Long, Bill Watts, Vader, and Vince McMahon!

-- Just to give you a small taste, we will give you 2 word associations without listening. For the rest, you'll have to listen!

Bill Watts: "I have no love for him."

Vader: "Kicked his ass!"

-- The show then is joined by The Interactive Interview's Internet host Erik Clancy as he, Chuck, and James discuss some of their favorite memories from Wrestlemania's gone by.

-- We then are joined by GoDaddy.com Super Bowl Commercial vixen and WWE Diva Candice Michelle.

-- Candice loved the experience of being on a Super Bowl commercial and feels it opened a lot of doors for her to be in so many people's homes in such a controversial commercial. She says them not running the second airing of the commercial got her a lot of interviews and such. Hey, it even landed her on our humble show. What can be better than that?

-- Candice wasn't nervous to meet Howard Stern but was actually excited to do so. She knew what to expect, wasn't afraid, and enjoyed his company.

-- Candice decided to give the RAW Diva Search a try because she was a big wrestling fan growing up and loves getting involved in things that involve athleticism and she realized it would be on TV. She moved to LA to become an actress so she saw it as a great opportunity.

-- Candice likes working in front of a live crowd. She feels the excitement you get from the fans is why people are in this business.

-- "My favorite back in the day was Hulk Hogan" to which James smiles big and belts out, "That's my girl!" She goes on to silence James by saying she also remembers watching Ric Flair back in the day and enjoys working with him now. She also remembers watching Hillbilly who just happens to be sitting just a few feet from us at the time!

-- We then roll into a few brief word associations with names like Stephanie McMahon, Carmella, Christy Hemme, and Vince McMahon!

-- We round out the show with our Wrestlemania picks and a very cool audio outro to prepare us for Wrestlemania 21!



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