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"Major Gunns" Tylene Buck

Submitted By James Walsh on 02/16/06
Show: 3 Count Wrestling courtesy of www.WrestlingEpicenter.com
Guest: "Major Gunns" Tylene Buck AKA Adult Film Star Brandi Wylde
Date: 2/16/06
Your Hosts: Brian Luquette, Chris Furguson, & James Walsh
Recap By: Chris Furguson & (intro by) James Walsh

After more than 3 years in the wrestling business and nearly 200 interviews, it is rare I get shaken during interviews. After all, I've had New Jack scream at me, Ric Flair try to get me say something bad about Bret Hart which I refuse to do, and even heard the booming voice of Hulk Hogan calling me brother from the other line. But, my friends, this interview shook me like I've never been shook before.

You might be asking yourselves, "why?" Well, we went into this interview with the goal of maybe bringing a little more color to the live broadcasts on the Blaze every Wednesday night. We ended up going a little too colorful as Tylene takes us into her love life and tells us exactly what she likes and does not like behind closed doors... Yes, it is every bit as detailed as you are imagining!

This interview is NOT for kids. Please be advised that adult language and situations are heard in this interview. And, please remember the lucky bastards who brought it to you are from www.WrestlingEpicenter.com. And, you can hear the entire interview there!


Tylene Buck returns to the Wrestling Epicenter website after 6 months
(August 2005) and a lot has happened since then!

When James heard the announcement of Tylene's new career, he tried
e-mailing her that day to confirm if it was true, but the mail was
bounced back! She's had lots of e-mails since her new career began,
but she's trying to answer every one of them!

Miss Buck is still wrestling, modeling and acting, but she's "spicing
it up a little bit more" with some adult film work. She signed with
the "Lighthouse Talent Agency" which is owned by porn entrepreneur
Seymour Butts.

Tylene's current contract says that she will only be with women, but
she's not ruling out performing with men in the future. Since she's
new to the adult business, she's starting out with girl/girl and
masturbation type stuff.

Did Tylene ever think she'd be doing this [porn] in the first place?
"Yeah, I'm the kind who loves sex anyways." After she mentions her
porn stash, Chris asks "Do you enjoy watching yourself?" Tylene
responds with "Oh, hell yeah. I like, get my toys out, pop in my
movies that I just videotaped and have some fun!"

In another interview, this one done in September, Tylene mentioned
that she inadvertently invites people to her home to watch her change.
She confirms this, saying "I love when people watch me." This makes
Chris respond with "Can I have your address?"

Tylene laughs, then says "I know Chris is new at this, does he need
CPR now?" James quickly replies with "I we've known you've been good
at that!" Tylene then says "I'm good at mouth-to-mouth type of

Tylene's first adult film, "Ass Hunt," involved a masturbation scene
with a cast of Seymour's "well endowed package." After talking about
Seymour's ex-wife, Taylor Hayes and private porn collections (or
public in Chris' case).

Tylene's first experience with a woman wasn't on camera. In fact, it
was with two girls! The three went out "Did the clubbing thing, went
back to this party, hanging out there, and one thing led to another
and the two girls drug me into a room, one was at one end, the other
at the other and I was just enjoying myself!" Did she think she'd
enjoy it as much as she did? "I definitely wasn't fighting them off!"
Tylene says, later adding "Damn, I didn't know I was missing out on

Does Tylene consider herself bi-sexual? "Yeah, I would." She then
adds "Of course, I still love cock, cock's my #1 thing! Girls are
just icing on the cake!"

Is size really important to Tylene? "No, it's not. I'm not a what
you'd consider a size queen."

Has Tylene ever had an orgasm on film? "Yeah, I have." When asked to
elaborate, Tylene says "All of them!"

Miss Buck then mentions her second film, "Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party
#14: King-Klit," which should be out in a couple of weeks. As
mentioned later, her role is under the name "Brandi Wylde."

Tylene's "adult" website, TyleneBuck.com, is still under construction
but should be up in one or two weeks. She mentions she does private
webcam shows on her site and Yahoo chats with her fans.

Tylene mentions her "Adult" name, "Brandi Wylde," ("Major Gunns" is
her wrestling name and she doesn't want to ) as well as a new film she
just did for Platinum Blue with Nicole Sheridan, which Chris chimes in
with "She's one of my favorites!" Tylene immediately adds "You like
her? She's hot. Oh, tastes good, too!" Later on, she mentions a
future "BrandiWylde.com" website.

James asks "Do you get together with these people after you make
films, or do you consider them co-workers?" Tylene says they're
friends, and how she met some certian people in Las Vegas for the AVN

Tylene mentions another film she stars in with a girl named Jessica
Drake, which stumps Chris (a rare occurance)!

Tylene, when she goes to a wrestling show, gets the same reaction from
the boys in the back she always did.

James mentions Mark Madden's recent heart attack, which leads to a
favorite Madden line. Madden is stuttering, Schiavone says "you
better spit it out." Major Gunns comes on screen and Madden says "Oh,
I'll spit it out, okay!" Tylene laughs, then Chris asks if she knew
Eddie. "No, I didn't know Eddie, but I worked with Chavo." It goes
to a list of people who were lost, including Miss Elizabeth.

Chris goes into a list of types of porn Tylene may or may not be
interested in (which makes James nervous):

Interracial: "I'm not against interracial."

"Third Input" (which James clarifies as "Anal Sex"): "Why not you
just come out and say Anal sex?" then she says "I love Anal Sex!"
She then mentions in the Seymour Butts film, she takes the "casting"
and performs anal with it.

BDSM: "I like to get freaky in the bedroom, but I don't go too far."

Back to wrestling: Chris asks a poorly worded question, basically
asking if there are any girls who would do well in adult films. There
are some she wouldn't mind seeing in the industry, but they might not
be that open about it. James then recalls his Candace Michelle
interview, where a National Guardsman had his knife out, flashing it
in James' face while another wrestler was sitting next to her!
Apparently, she did one of those Skinemax softcore films (which Chris
has a clip of), and she doesn't want anyone finding out about it!

Tylene mentions her breast surgery, and how some girls in wrestling
deny they've had it, then goes into how "you either like me for the
way I am or you don't."

Tylene's first breast surgery was done in ~1996, during her modeling
days. She's done them twice, and she loves them! "They're great
toys." She later mentions that she's had her nose done and she will
get more done. "No plans, yet, but hey I love the fact that we have
the capability to make themselves more beautiful and I plan on taking
advantage of that!" Tylene then mentions the rest of her body was the
result of years of hard work, going to the gym 6-7 days per week,
watching what she eats, etc..

Has any of Tylene's fans ever said anything like "This is beneath
you?" Tylene answers with, in essence, "Who are you to judge me?" and
"I don't judge anybody and I don't expect anyone to judge me." James
mentions Francine's incident at the WET Wrestling show, where a fan
tells Francine off and she wanted to deck him! Tylene continues her
tirade with a bit about how everyday people prostitute themselves,
ending with "And either people accept me for what I do or they don't."

Has Tylene ever been stalked? "Yes, I have!" Tylene nervously laughs,
then adds "That's a scary situation! Yeah, I've had a few people that
have decided to stalk me." She then recalls how the cops, when Tylene
was confronted with a particularly crazy person, basically couldn't do
anything for her since she wasn't physically harmed. Now, when she
does photo shoots and such, she has to take a bodyguard with her at
all times.

After some nonsense, Chris asks about Tylene's favorite positions
("plural"): "I like Doggy, of course. I like climbing up on top and
riding. I like being up against the wall and taken from behind. I
love having sex going down the freeway!"

Next question is: "What is your natural hair color, and what do you
do to shave your private area?" After chastizing Chris for not
watching her films, and saying "I don't like the totally clean look."
Tylene finally says she's "A dark dirty blonde."

Favorite "toys?" Phallux's toys, like "the Rabbit," and "O-Rings,"
that really turns her on.

Tylene mentions her upcoming book, which is being co-written with a
Dave Berman (?), which should tell everything, ever secret except one,
the "original name" for "Major Gunns." Chris mentions one
possibility, "Lt. Labia," which Tylene says is wrong.

James mentions Jasmine St. Claire, who went from porn to wrestling.
"I've seen her 4 years ago, and that's a different type of character."
James shoots on Jasmine before Chris mentions being at Jasmine's gang
bang and how much of a bitch she was.

Chris mentions Christy Lake's "Fan Bangs" and Tylene's interest in
doing one. "I'm not against it, but I don't know..."

Tylene's final question is about the day of a shoot, which she answers
in great detail, followed by station plugs for the "The Blaze 1260"
and "3 Count Wrestling."


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