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"Prime Time" Elix Skipper

Submitted By James Walsh on 04/29/06
Show: 3 Count Wrestling
Guest: "Prime Time" Elix Skipper
Date: 4/28/06
Your Hosts: Brial Luquette & Chris Furguson

What time is it?

It's Prime Time baby!


(Interview conducted by Brian Luquette, Chris Furguson and James Walsh)

After asking what time it is ("It's Primetime, baby!"), we get into
the interview.

Elix is surprised about the success of TNA, going into how the
naysayers had predicted TNA's death from the get go and they're still

The next step for TNA, according to Elix, is to get another hour for iMPACT!

The conversion goes to Lockdown, where Elix was part of the XSCAPE
match. They talk the spot with Chase Stevens doing the Shooting Star
Press off the top of the cage and how no one was there to catch him.
In the words of Elix "we weren't there for him." Chase was also
"upset" but not "pissed off" at the people who failed to catch him.

Elix then goes into the often shown highlight of his "New School"
hurrancanrana on Chase Stevens from Turning Point 2004, including the
applause from the boys in the backstage area and the crowd chanting
"Best Move Ever!" Elix adds that the replay buyrates were almost
equal to the PPV itself because people were talking about that move!

The interview delves into Elix's career, including his love of
wrestling as a kid, taking the martial arts, his joining the WCW Power
Plant, teaming up with Lance Storm and Team Canada, his reaction to
"Major Gunns" Tylene Buck's new career in adult films and learning how
to slow down from Jim Duggan.

When asked about Steve Austin's quote of "No body made a dollar doing
backflips," Elix responds with A.J. Styles, someone who became TNA
champion. He also says that if "all you do is an armbar for 20
minutes, you're gonna lose me."

Elix feels that Rey Mysterio deserves to be the Smackdown Champion,
because he can do it all.

Elix had hoped to see more "Dream matches" when the WWE bought WCW.

While in the "Heartland Wrestling Association," Elix was doing drills
with Kid Romeo when Romeo accidently tore Elix's knee. After it
happened, oddly enough, the WWE had planned on bringing him to TV. He
was back in the ring in a month, but the WWE didn't want to take a
chance on him and let him go.

After Heartland Wrestling Association, Elix toured Japan. There was a
culture shock for him, as the Japanese fans analyze the matches rather
than act rowdy and throw stuff. Elix loved the cuisine in Japan,
unlike Bret Hart and would love to go back just to eat the food.

Elix goes into his former teammates Christopher Daniels and
Low-Ki/Senshi and their match at Lockdown.

Elix puts over Vince Russo as someone who built his confidence in WCW,
as Elix was intimidated by some of the wrestlers he was put with at
the time.

About "Diamonds in the Rough," Elix says that "it's just more work."
He also feels that the group needs to be put in better angles so the
fans can get behind them.

About the BaseBrawl match, Elix was not surprised at the media
attention. "Has much as people love wrestling, the bottom line is the
more people we can get to watch it, the more money everybody make and
I'm all about making money!" He also puts over Dale Torborg, a
trainer at the WCW Power Plant.

We will see Elix at TNA's "Sacrifice."

"Anything can happen" with Elix's future in TNA.

No one was talking about the rebirth of ECW in the TNA locker room,
according to Elix. There's also a camaraderie in the backstage area
of the wrestlers trying to top each other.

Tracy Brooks said "All the cancer is gone from the TNA Locker Room."
Elix agrees with it, as everyone there now is working for the company.

The "Play of the Day/Overdrive" finisher is a martial arts move
designed to break the opponent's neck or arm. Elix is flattered when
other people use the move. When Elix became "Primetime," he changed
the name to "Play of the Day" to reflect the football aspect.

Elix plugs his website, http://www.primetimeelixskipper.com , and
gives a plug for 3 Count Wrestling!


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