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Big Vito talks WCW, ECW, Jarrett/Angle Love Triangle, MMA, more

Submitted By James Walsh on 08/06/09
Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest(s): Christy Hemme & Jeff Gorman
Date: 5/4/06
Your Hosts: James Walsh, Ben Benya, & Brendon Brooks
Recap By: Chris "Not a Slave but a valued WE Family Member" Furguson

She made her debut Sunday night at Lockdown and that very Wednesday she joined the Wrestling Epicenter over the phone to discuss a whole myriad of topics including her debut in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and her departure from the WWE.

This is the most open and honest interview Christy has done to date and I truly believe her fans will really enjoy hearing it!

Also on the show, Jeff Gorman, the voice of Pittsburgh wrestling for so many years, stops by to discuss his fantastic new book "This Side of the Mic." You can pick that up now at Amazon.com.

For all the above and to listen to the Christy interview in a downloadable format, go to www.WrestlingEpicenter.com.


Interview conducted by Brendon Brooks, James Walsh and Ben Benya.
Transcritp by: Chris Furguson

Christy's WWE theme brings us to the surprise interview of Christy Hemme.

After introductions, including James saying "I'm the one who keeps
calling you!," Christy goes into how big a surprise it was for her to
be in the TNA locker room.

Christy's not sure if the WWE is nervous about TNA, but she thinks
they should be. She puts over TNA's wrestlers as being "hungry."

Christy says it was nice to see people like Jackie Gayda, Gail Kim,
Earl Hebner, Rhino, Spike Dudley.

James goes into how he was glad Christy didn't leave wrestling, and
she says that leaving the business never entered her mind. She's still
training to be a wrestler, too. She says that when she went to TNA,
she wanted to wrestle and even told them that she'd take a chair shot
or a table spot!

Christy goes a little into her role as a "Game show hostess" at the
Impact Tapings from April 24th.

Christy wasn't told that she was going to win the 2004 Diva Search,
and didn't let herself think about the WWE's grooming of Carmela (De

Christy stayed out of the infighting amongst the Diva Search
Contestants, and focused on doing the best she could.

Since WWE let her go, Christy has had time to reflect on what she
wants to do with herself.

Christy admits that her success in the WWE happened very quickly, but
she says that she's going to stick around wrestling because she has a
passion for it.

Christy didn't feel any resentment from other women wrestlers for her
match at Wrestlemania 21 with Trish Stratus. However, she is proud of
doing the match, even though she looks back and goes "awh."

Christy claims she wasn't aspiring to do Playboy, but she wanted to
make the company happy. She also says it was an honor for her to be
asked. Christy also had to ask for her father's permission to pose, as
he said years ago "No posing nude!"

"The Rock Says..." brings us to the second half of the Christy Hemme interview!

Concerning the rumors about her release from the WWE, Christy says
that she ignores the internet's rumors about her and that she doesn't
know why she was released.

Christy feels that she was always meant to be in the wrestling
business, but feels that she belongs in TNA.

Christy was happy to have her own action figure, even saying that "she
was going to be an action hero" to her friends!

Christy knew she wanted to do something in wrestling after the WWE and
even considered touring Japan!

Christy doesn't think about becoming the "next great redhead."
However, she does mention that she was in an independent movie with
Peter Brady as "The Red-Headed Lust Demon."

Christy goes into her first TNA pictures being put on the website at
TNAwrestling.com, Her co-hosting TNA's "Global Impact" Wednesday
nights and how the Wrestling Epicenter is screwed now that they have

Christy has not heard from TNA about becoming Raven's "girlfriend."
She also giggles at James' warning to "be careful about that Raven."

Word Associations:

Carmella (De Cesare): "Vixen."

"The Ugandan Giant," Kamala: "Belly, baby! Belly!" Christy didn't know
who he was, like the other Divas.

Jonathan Coachman: "Big mouth. That man can talk."

Trish Stratus: "Legend."

(After James draws a blank) Candace Michelle: "Sexy."

Cyndi Lauper: "Girls just want to have fun."

Lita: "Strong woman"

Stacy Keibler: "Legs, baby!" Christy is not surprised at Stacy's success.

Batista: Christy doesn't give an answer, as James goes into how she
was rumored to have been with both Batista AND Triple H during her
time in the WWE. Christy laughs and says, "That's a new one to me!:

Ashley Massaro: "I just love her. I love when she screams."

Vince McMahon: "Not my favorite man."


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