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So Cal Val

Submitted By James Walsh on 05/13/06
Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest(s): TNA Knockout So Cal Val & "Cowboy" Bill Watts
Date: 5/13/06
Your Hosts: James Walsh, Ben Benya, & Brendon Brooks

A great girl, a great pair of legs, and a sweet disposition... SoCal Val is destined to be a superstar!


We go from the breakdown of the Wrestling Epicenter into the So Cal
Val interview.

Valerie had not copyrighted, as of the interview, the nickname "The
Princess of Professional Wrestling."

Val went to an indy show in California, and was spotted by fans. Her
pic was posted on a message board and promoters approached her

Val's friends were into the Hardy Boyz, The Rock and Jericho, but Val,
a very feminine girl who thought sports weren't for her, eventually
found herself gravitating towards Stephanie McMahon.

Valerie prefers being a heel, as there's more things to do as a heel.

Val adds Trish, Francine, Dawn Marie, Sherri Martel, Babydoll and
Missy Hyatt as influences.

Francine is the next (contractually obligated) topic, and Val's feud
with her in WEW. They go into the "Drunk Francine" angle.

According to Val, "It's not that you're so old, it's that I'm so
young." Valerie was born the year "Top Gun" was released (1986) and
just turned 20.

If Val wasn't in wrestling, she'd be into fashion or acting. She also
says that there are things about wrestling that she would miss if not
in the business.

The name "So Cal Val" was the result of people throwing out names that
started with "V" to describe a "gold digger" character. Someone there
joked that they should call her "So Cal Val" and the name stuck.

Val works for TNA, but didn't have much of a role on-air except for
the "Xplosion" show with Jeremy Borash.

Val puts over Lee South, the photographer for TNA's "Knockouts"
photoshoots. She also wants people to e-mail her for suggestions.

Tracy Brooks, who was interviewed for the 3CW show, put over Val as
the one who helped her through their photoshoot together. Val says
she's learned things about wrestling from Tracy as well.

Val has had some wrestling training "here and there," but isn't
interested in being a wrestler at the current time. She's more
interested in the "manager" part of the business at the moment.

Val's legs are frequently mentioned on her website, socalval.net,
which she jokingly refers to as "those old things." This segues into
a bit about Stacy Keibler, whose work with the Dudley Boys Val put
over as her favorite part.

There isn't a "coolest person" in the TNA locker room for Val, as she
calls all of them her friends.

After mockingly denying that the wrestlers hit on her, Val says that
it happens all the time, but she has made it clear that she's not
there to be hit on by the guys. Val doesn't see herself having a kid
at the present time.

Val has worked with the WWE, twice: One was a backstage promo with
Luther Reigns and a commercial with John Cena. However, she is happy
working for TNA and even gets excited working indy shows.

If Val had her choice to manage anyone, she'd either choose Triple H,
HBK, Chris Daniels or AJ Styles. She does say that she'd love to work
with someone who needs a manager.

After Val gives us a string of lines like a California "valley girl,"
we find out that her natural hair color is a medium brown.

The interview ends with a plea to support wrestling in general and a
plug for socalval.net and tnawrestling.com as well as answers about
the TNA Knockouts DVD and the fan's reactions to John Cena.


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