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Cowboy Bill Watts

Submitted By James Walsh on 05/13/06
Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest(s): TNA Knockout So Cal Val & "Cowboy" Bill Watts
Date: 5/13/06
Your Hosts: James Walsh, Ben Benya, & Brendon Brooks

Legendary promoter Cowboy Bill Watts answers all. What a great guy. Be sure and buy his book!


(Interview conducted by a

According to Watts, the reason why people either completely love him
or completely hate him is that he was passionate. He also says that
it's better that people have an opinion of you than not.

A recent interviewee, "Leaping" Lanny Poffo, said that "Bill Watts is
the halo to Ole Anderson's horns." Bill gets a chuckle out of that,
then puts over Lanny as someone enjoyable to work with. Watts then
goes into how he helped Randy Savage (Lanny's brother) while in
Atlanta and how grateful Savage was, even when making big money in the

Watts could care less what people say behind his back or in their
books. He then mentions his own book, where he admits making mistakes
unlike other wrestler's books.

Bill laughs at Jake Roberts, who called him out in a book.

After threatening to stop the interview, fearful that the only
questions were going to be about people who hated him, the
conversation goes into how the wrestling business is anti-God and that
there's nothing positive taught through the business anymore.

The topic turns to the Mid-South days and how the fans and the
wrestlers seemed to enjoy the product.

Watts claimed that he wanted to take himself off of Mid-South TV,
unlike Vince, who seems to be on TV more and more.

Watts goes into how WCW paid $30,000 for a survey, the results of
which said that the fans wanted something other than what Vince was
offering at the time. WCW then did the opposite of what the survey,
which was a financial failure.

The question of "Why ban top rope moves in WCW" leads Mr. Watts to
explain that a heel needs to cheat to win and if they jump off the top
rope to get a win. The point was to make the move mean something.
Watts then explains that women nowadays are powerbombed through tables
and walk away, and that the fans have been trained to that kind of

Watts says that Ron Simmons, who called Bill a racist, was unable to
cope with the pressure of being champion at the time.

On the subject of being a racist, Bill goes into how he created more
credible black wrestling stars, had the only black booker and had a
black office manager in WCW. He claims that ignorance is the cause of
the claims of racism.

To Bill, the "Death of Kayfabe" didn't help the business, also adding
"If there's no mystery, where's the excitement?" He then goes into
how he didn't see "Titanic" because he knew what the ending was going
to be! He later puts over the movie "Shane" as a classic way to build
an issue between a babyface and a heel.

Bill then tells a story about how he and Killer Kowalski had a match
that was so intense, it fooled the boys!

Initially, Bill didn't want to write a book because it most of them
are self-agrandizing. However, when Scott Williams, the co-writer,
came in with the project, Bill said he wanted to include his spiritual
beliefs in the book.

Watts then goes into how he wishes he was a better parent to his
children, including not screwing around on their mother and not
drinking while driving.

After a touching and heartfelt explaination into his spiritual
beliefs, we go into...

Word Associations -

Gordon Solie - "I loved him. Loved him. What a wonderful guy."

Bruno Sammartino - "Awesome. I have nothing but the highest respect for him."

Jim Ross - "Another guy I think the world of."

"Crippler" Ray Stevens - "I love the guy, I learned a lot from Ray Stevens."

Ric Flair - "I like Ric. I have no problem with Ric. Ric used to
carry my bag when I was a big star and he was just getting in."

Scott Steiner: "Scott Steiner is, without a doubt, a great athlete
and, I don't think, as great as a person. He and I did not get

Erik Watts: "My son, Erik, is a neat kid."

Verne Gagne: "Verne Gagne was a neat guy."

Vince McMahon, Jr.: "I think he's a very, very driven guy. I enjoyed
booking with him."

This interview ends with a plug for www.cowboybillwatts.com.


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