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CW Anderson

Submitted By James Walsh on 05/21/06
Show: 3 Count Wrestling
Guest: "The Enforcer" CW Anderson
Date: 5/21/06
Your Hosts: Brian Luquette, Chris Furguson, & James Walsh

EC Fn' Dub is Fn' back and we've got C Fn' Dub on 3C Fn' Dub... Wow, that's a lot of Fn' goin' on!

This was a fun interview to do. CW seems to really enjoy himself and explains everything from his recent health battles to how excited he is to see ECW come back. And, he's a part of it. How cool is that?


(Interview conducted by Brian Luquette, Chris Furguson & James Walsh)

Black N' Blue's "Bombastic Plastic" (whatever song CW used in ECW's drum beat was stolen from this song) leads us into the interview with the "Enforcer" CW Anderson.

CW is "very excited" about the new ECW project, and was taken off
guard when he got called up. Tommy Dreamer was the one who called CW
with the offer.

CW clarifies that it was Gene (right before he passed away) and Arn
Anderson (through Bill Apter during his ECW days) who gave CW the
blessing to use the name before Ole did. Meeting Ole was a
disappointment to CW.

CW credits Dreamer and Paul Heyman with the "Enforcer" gimmick idea.
CW then mentions that he was part of a "Dangerous Alliance" with
"Wild" Bill Wiles and Lou E. Dangerously.

The "Anderson" look CW has came hand and hand with the gimmick. An
early partner, "Pat Anderson," wanted CW as his partner, which
required CW to fully grow his beard. The "Spinebuster" came from Arn,
but CW doesn't remember when he started using it. The left-handed
punch just came naturally to CW, even though he's a rightie!

In 2001, CW called the indy scene in wrestling the "drizzling shits."
It's still the same way, even though there are some promotions who are
good to work with, but most aren't.

CW's hospital stay in 2005 was the result of a supplement called
"Superdrol." The end result was that his liver stopped functioning,
he turned yellow because of jaundice (which caused an itching that was
so painful, CW almost wanted to commit suicide), and dropped a total
of 40 lbs.. The product was recommended to him by former WCW wrestler

The Washington post picked up on CW's story, and the bodybuilding
community was up in arms with claims that CW as an alcoholic, was
taking too much of the product and was in cahoots with the FDA to get
the product off the market!

CW doesn't know why he hasn't sued the company that made the
"SuperDrol," and only says that he wants to put that part of his life
behind him.

In hindsight, CW says he shouldn't have wrestled at the November Reign
show, as he was very skinny compared to what he used to be. He also
had a slipped disc in his back because of his match with Spike Dudley
(Matt Hyson).

The Hardcore Homecoming show (before ECW's One Night Stand), was fun
for CW, as the crowd was hot at the former ECW Arena.

The WWE-produced "One Night Stand" was fun for CW to watch, as a fan,
but it felt different than Hardcore Homecoming simply because he
wasn't wrestling.

The "I Quit" match with Tommy Dreamer was, at the time, the biggest
match in CW's career. CW not only wanted to prove that he could do it
and have match of the night, he also wanted the match to be compared
to the Magnum T.A./Tully Blanchard "I Quit" match.

CW found out about the end of ECW on the Internet and seeing Paul
Heyman on RAW. Rumors had been circulating before hand, but CW was,
admittedly, in denial.

The matches that CW had that he considers better than the "I Quit"
match now include a 15 minute draw against Masato Tanaka. According
to CW,

CW has done 36 tours for Zero-One. The ECW fans know what they want,
and will chant "Boring" if they don't get it. In comparision, the
Japanese fans are respectful, and dress nice because they want to see
a show.

First day CW was in Japan, he wanted to change his ticket to go home!
Eventually, he learned enough of the language to be comfortable, but
the first few trips were difficult. After giving us a few phrases in
Japanese, CW gives his impression on the food as "Cooked cow beats raw
fish any day of the week!" CW mentions that he also loves Korean BBQ

CW says that you can't compare the ECW of old with the upcoming one.

Word Associations:

Steve Corino - "You can't answer him in one word. He's my best friend
in the world." CW then mentions his website, www.ecwanderson.com, and
his myspace page, www.myspace.com/cwanderson. CW then teases us with
an S&M story about Corino in a Tokyo bar (which can be found at his
MySpace page).

Simon Diamond - "Simon's my Tully Blanchard." CW then mentions how
Simon would correct him during promos, which aggravated CW to no end.

Chilly Willy - "That guy has done a lot for this country." CW then
mentions that Chilly Willy went back into military service after 9-11
and almost died when a bomb blew up during the current Iraq conflict.
CW then goes into how Chilly Willy got a curtain call based solely on
his entrance!

The conversation goes into the XPW "invasion," where Chilly and the
other ECW boys beat up the XPW wrestlers in the parking lot.
According to CW, there was a kind of "mexican standoff" before one of
the XPW boys sucker punched New Jack and the fight started, with the
ECW boys prevailing.

Lou E. Dangerously - "Another good friend of mine." CW puts over the
change from "Sign Guy Dudley" to "Lou E. Dangerously," which not only
made CW, but got over when no one else thought it would!

New Jack - "Me and New Jack have a love/hate relationship."

Francine - "That's my dog, there! My girl." CW then says that they
kept in contact since the end of ECW. After saying a little about
WWE's gag order on Francine, we go into...

Tommy Dreamer - "Tommy's the guy that made me."

Paul Heyman - "He's a great, great mind for the wrestling business."

CW ends the interview with a plug for 3 Count Wrestling.


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