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"Hardcore Schoolgirl" Tara Bush

Submitted By James Walsh on 07/08/06
Show: 3 Count Wrestling
Guest: "Hardcore Schoolgirl" Tara Bush
Date: 6/9/06
Your Hosts: Chris Furguson & Brian Luquette

A few months ago on pay per view, a very lovely young lady described as a drunken schoolgirl made her in ring debut in Women's Extreme Wrestling. This young lady, a 10 by anyone's standards, was so interesting, we requested her special from the good folks at WEW, www.WExtremeW.com.

Here is our very special interview with this raving beauty.

To listen, visit http://www.WrestlingEpicenter.com


Interview conducted by Brian Luquette, James Walsh and Chris Furguson
Transcript by Chris Furguson

3 Count Wrestling would like to thank the people behind WEW for their
help with this interview.

* * * * *
Tara was a fan of Hulk Hogan growing up. Tara was also a wrestler in
high school and always loved it. She's also a full time model, but
really loves pro wrestling.

Tara was trained through WEW's school. She also ran track, played
softball and baseball for fun and does "endoboarding," which is a
balancing exercise involving a board and a round piece of wood.

Tara's gimmick in WEW, the "Hardcore Schoolgirl or Our Lady of
Perpetual Motion," was the brainchild of WEW's promoters. However,
Tara did like the gimmick when it was presented to her.

Tara wrestles for Dangerous Women of Wrestling, Jersey All-Pro
Wrestling and a few others.

As a Christian, Tara balances her faith with her wrestling career by
sticking to her own morals and what she believes in.

Tara is not a fan of the adult part of the WEW shows, such as the pWo
tryout segments, and is just there for the wrestling. While she
prefer those segments not being there, she doesn't have too much of a
problem with them as she still works for WEW.

Tara has had a few stalkers in her career, as well as a few unusual
marriage proposals.

Tara's website, www.sexymodeltara.com, contains photos of Tara
wrestling, as well photos catering to foot and balloon fetishes. No
nude pictures however!

Modeling and wrestling pay differently for Tara. She'll wrestle for a
month, then model for the next month as she can't pose for pictures
while "bruised up."

Tara would not pose for Playboy, but did a photo shoot with FHM during
a "Women with Odd Occupations" spread and article. Tara would not
pose for Playboy, simply because of the nudity.

Tara got breast implants immediately after high school, before she
started modeling or wrestling professionally. She went from a natural
D-cup to DD-cups. When people as "how can you wrestle with them?"
Tara replies with "I don't know how to wrestle without them!"

Tara would like to see herself as the WEW Champion and is happy where
she is right now. She's not looking to do network television, nor
does she see herself working for WWE or TNA.

Tara ends the show with plugs for her website, www.sexymodeltara.com,
WEW's "Nude Ring Anarchy" PPV and the next WEW PPV taping at the New
Alhambra Center in Philadelphia on August 18th which is called
"Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal." According to Tara, she's involved in
the main event cage match for the WEW title.

Tara ends the show with a plug for 3 Count Wrestling.


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