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"Scream Queen" Daffney Unger

Submitted By James Walsh on 07/14/06
Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: Daffney
Hosts: Brendon Brooks & James Walsh

The final episode of the Wrestling Epicenter on the Blaze was a fun one with one of the most beautiful and coolest girls ever in the wrestling business. Ms. Daffney Unger!

This is how you do a respectful interview with a drop dead gorgeous diva. Take note!



Was originally just supposed to stalk David Flair for only four weeks but soon would begin to train to become a wrestler

Graduated from Georgia Tech University .

Was a actress before entering wrestling but didn't appear in any main stream movies

"It just pissed people off more" when asked why she switched from a laugh to a scream during here manager service of David Flair and Devon Storm (Crowbar)

Her characters on WCW television from the evil gothic chick to a later loveable gothic chick are neither her in real life

Has no idea how here character became a baby face when she was a "ultra heel"

Prefers to act a tweener

Became the first ever World Alabama Junior Heavyweight Champion

Defeated EL Mexicana to win the World Alabama Junior Heavyweight Championship

Believes that men think she is a pussy when she steps into the ring

"I prefer to manage because there is more acting involved" she doesn't like competing in singles matches because there is too much pressure

Since winning the title she competes against men.

" He didn't know what to do basically since I am a women" when she fought a man recently for the Alabama Title

During the match the male wrestler messed up a few elbows and a power slam

Held the WCW Cruiserweight Title

Doesn't really know if their was heat on her for wearing a males title

Only held the title for not even a month

Was upset when the skit involving David, Crowbar and herself entering Ric Flair house and messing around was edited

Doesn't have as many shoes that Ric Flair owns

"Because I'm fat" when asked why she wore a body suit during her match against Stacy at Bash At The Beach 2000

Very self conscience about her body

Believes that no one really understood the storyline where Crowbar liked Daffney more than "just friends"

Didn't believe the storyline was that good

Was either going to stay with Crowbar or become the manager of Christopher Daniels upon his arrival

Since Daniels would botch a springboard moonsault he wasn't hired and angle involving Daffney was scratched
Is happy for Christopher Daniels and all of his success that he has gained

"Its always devastating being let go" when she was fired from WCW when Eric Bischoff was going to buy WCW

Offered to take a pay cut but WCW declined

Upset that WWE didn't want to pick up her contract

Believed that TNA, in the beginning, wanted to only promote T & since WWE couldn't

"Had a blast" at the first TNA PPV

Begged TNA to pick her up

Got picked up by WWE and got a developmental deal and was called "Lucy"

Came up with the Lucy character

"Lucy was supposed to be a gothic pinup girl" when describing the Lucy character

Very limited in OVW and couldn't expand the Lucy character

Didn't have chemistry with the two guys she was partnered with character wise

Suggested many character ideas to OVW but once again OVW declined

Still competes on the Independent scene

When she was let go by WWE sold her boots to her roommate Mickie James

Declared to herself she wouldn't wrestler again

Did one show and was Daffney where she was able to relate to the crowd and she liked the reaction

Wrestling is in her blood and believes she cant walk away

The future for Daffney is hopefully still taking independent bookings

Word Associations

Brian Knobbs- First person she ever pulled a rib on... He was known for pulling pranks on people

The Wall- Was able to do a squat with him on her shoulders three times... At the time he weighted 305lbs

Ryan Shamrock- Wishes that she was still in the wrestling business.... Cool chick

Tammy Lynn Sytch- Hopes she is alright since the death of Chris Candido

Tylene Buck- "Do what you got to do to earn money... I won't be renting any of them"

David Flair- Proud of how far he has came from working in the ring

Francine- Her Idol... Has watched many tapes of Francine and her work as a manager

Vince Russo-Thankful towards Russo because he involved her in many storylines

It was a blast doing the show for the past 4 years. I'll keep being part of shows like 3 Count Wrestling and the Weekend Warriors. But, for now, I'm done with my own show. Hope you guys had as much fun as I did. It was a dream come true. And, thank you all for making one born Jersey boy's dream come true. God bless and keep coming to the Wrestling Epicenter!


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