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David Wayne

(January 1st 1958 - May 9th 2005)

Birth Name: David Wayne Carnell
Born: January 1, 1958 - Renton, Washington
Died: May 9, 2005 - Tacoma, Washington
Cause Of Death: Complications From Automobile Accident Injuries

1984 Metal Church - Metal Church
1986 Metal Church - The Dark
1989 Reverend - Reverend
1990 Reverend - World Won't Miss You
1991 Reverend - Play God
1992 Reverend - Live
1998 Metal Church - Live
1999 Metal Church - Masterpeace
2001 Reverend - A Gathering Of Demons
2001 Wayne - Metal Church

Being the singer of Metal Church from 1984 to 1989, he appeared in a total of four albums by them. He was influenced by singers like Rob Halford and has influenced singers like James Hetfield. Perhaps his most famous tune, "Watch The Children Pray", is one of the more well known songs by Metal Church, showcasing a vocalist at the limits of his power and range.

When he left the band in 1989, He formed Reverend, which remained active until his death. His legacy as a vocalist is captured in Metal Church's only live album, Live.

He also started a band called Wayne (or David Wayne's Metal Church) after leaving Metal Church.

He died on May 10, 2005 from complications following a car crash.

Before joining Metal Church, Wayne was a US Army field medic.

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