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Darryl DeLoach

(September 12th 1947 - October 3rd 2002)

Birth Name: Darryl James DeLoach
Born: September 12, 1947 - Santa Barbara, California
Died: October 3, 2002 - San Diego, California
Cause Of Death: Liver Cancer

1968 Iron Butterfly - Heavy
1993 Iron Butterfly - Light And Heavy: The Best Of Iron Butterfly

Darryl DeLoach was a member, lyricist and original lead vocalist of the rock group Iron Butterfly.

DeLoach, along with Doug Ingle, Ron Bushy, Danny Weis & Jerry Penrod, founded the group in 1966 in Clairemont, San Diego practicing almost nightly in his parents garage on Luna Avenue.

The group released its first album, Heavy, in early 1968, featuring several DeLoach contributions. All the members except for Ingle and Bushy left the group shortly after the album was released, never to return.

DeLoach subsequently recorded with Two Guitars, Piano, Drum and Darryl with Craig Tarwater, Ron Woods, Don MacAllister and John Day.

Darryl DeLoach died at his mother's home in San Diego in 2002 following a long battle with liver cancer.

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