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Alex Nelson

( - May 17th 2004)

Birth Name: Alex Nelson
Died: May 17, 2004
Cause Of Death: Automobile Accident

1986 Lizzy Borden - The Murderess Metal Roadshow
1986 Lizzy Borden - Menace To Society
1994 Lizzy Borden - Best Of
2000 Lizzy Borden - Deal With The Devil

Lizzy Borden remember Alex Nelson:
Looking back, what would you say is the best memory you have of Alex Nelson?
He had a connection to everybody. I'm usually very business like, and don't like to screw around too much when we're working. He felt it was his job to break that down, and try to have more fun. He was the only one that could break down the wall; for some reason, he had that ability with everyone. Even though I always told him he was the most talented musician I've ever worked with in every way, He never really thought he was all that talented. People would ask him who his influences are, and he would say “everything I've ever seen or heard”. I used to love that quote as it was so true of all of us.

How would you describe his style of playing as a musician, and what he bring to Lizzy Borden during the various times he was a band member?
His personality was everything; if you had met Alex, then you would've best friends inside of five minutes. Due to the fact he was a people person, he was the most likable person on the planet. He was the life of the party, and most people always wanted to be around him. As far as music goes, he took a break from playing. Alex put his guitar in the closet for five years, though we coaxed him back in the band. he took his guitar out, and rehearsed with us the next day after not touching it for five years. He played perfectly, and that's a true musician. He was a great singer, and a great keyboardist. He had it all.

Alex Nelson, guitarist for metal band Lizzy Borden, perished in a head-on collision the afternoon of May 17th, 2004.

Alex Nelson joined Lizzy Borden, after replacing Tony Matuzak, on guitar before the recording of The Murderess Metal Roadshow. Alex maintained his place in the band and went on to tour with Lizzy all over the world. He loved the music and loved the band, but most of all he loved life.

Alex will be truly missed by all that had the gift of his friendship. We shall miss him dearly, as he was just starting his new life with his wife Angel Nelson. Recently moving to Palm Springs, the couple had purchased their new home and starting a rental business for the condo they had also purchased. They were living their dream life together only to end in a heartbreaking tragedy.

This Sunday the band Starwood (all Lizzy Borden members, including Lizzy) will be performing at the House of Blues on Sunset Strip. They will be performing a few Lizzy Borden songs in tribute to their lost brother.

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