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6/2 Hillbilly Jim & Percy Mandoberg on "Moonshine Matinee" report

Submitted By James Walsh on 06/02/07
1.Starts the show at 10:02AM with the usual
"Don't Go Messin' With A Country Boy".

2.Hillbilly says to get it on friends & neighbors because he's high on the ridge &
coming to you once again with a for another spectacular weekend of his show. He says cousin Spike's looking good, says both he & Spike are "rip snorting" & ready
to give you a show that you won't believe.
He says the moonshine still's all filled up
with the greatest tunes that you'll ever
wanna hear & will enjoy them along the way. He says he'll have some fun by talking
about a few things coming up & will get into some things that you'll enjoy & get some feedback. He says later on he'll read
some emails that he's gotten from fans &
says why should he talk & delay any longer
& just kick it off Hillbilly Jim style & get into
that good old moonshine.

3.Plays The Kentucky Headhunters' "Dumas
Walker", Henson Cargill's "Skip A Rope",
Jason Ringenberg from Jason & The Scorchers' Outlaw Country promo, Jason & The Scorchers' "Absolutely Sweet Marie" & Bob Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited".

4.Hillbilly says "Highway 61 Revisited" is for
all the 60's fans out there & knows there's
many of them because he's 1 of them. He
says he's cooking, fired up & ready for a
wonderful summer & kicking it off every
weekend for you thruout the summer by
checking out Outlaw Country & checking
out the all star cast of wonderful shows it's
got. He mentions Cowboy Jack Clement's
after him, Fred Imus' before Hillbilly's & later on is Shooter Jennings:
www.sirius.com/outlawcountry . He says
Outlaw Country's alive & real & says he loves hearing from you. He says he's been
very happy this week due to the amount of
emails that he's gotten from fans that listen
to him.

Hillbilly says it makes it so much better by
fashioning his show & hearing what fans
wanna hear & having so much fun doing it.
He plugs his email
hillbillyjim@sirius-radio.com , his toll free
request line 877-33-SIRIUS & press #63 &
his site www.hillbillyjim.com . He says this is
a requested song ["On The Other Hand"] for some friends in Oregon & loves Randy
Travis. He says Randy's had many hits, says
he's a country legend & remembers when
he 1st came out & liked him because he was
keeping it real. He says Randy had an additional country sound with a new kind of
swerve to it, says he loved it so much & mentions his hit songs like "1982" & this
song that he'll play is 1 that got him started
& loves it so much.

5.Plays Randy Travis' "On The Other Hand",
a clip of Hulk Hogan & Hillbilly working out,
Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Shot-Gun Boogie"
& Charlie Louvin's "Great Atomic Power".

6.Hillbilly says Louvin's a legendary 80 year old who teamed up with members of Wilco & Uncle Tupelo for the song "Great Atomic Power". He says he played that 1 for his pal
Uncle Percy Mandoberg who in an hour or
so will be on the show giving a woods &
water report that'll knock your socks off &
may have another recipe or 2. He says he
forgot to mention this earlier & says there's
a new show debuting tonight [6/2], says it's
after Jennings' show that's hot off the press
& it's an outlaw extraveganza & it's "The Steve Earle Show: Hard Core Troubadour Radio" for tonight at 8PM EST [replayed Sun. 6/3 1AM & 9AM ET & Mon. 6/4 Midnight ET]: www.sirius.com/outlawcountry .

Hillbilly says that's why he likes playing hits
by guys that're hall of famers & are known
all over the universe. He says he loves this
guy particularly [George Jones], says he's had a chance to meet him on a couple of
occasions & he's a 1st class gentleman. He
says no 1 can sing a song like this old possom.

7.Plays George Jones' "When The Grass
Grows Over Me", Marty Stuart's Hillbilly Jim
promo, Marty Stuart's "Western Girls" & Eric Clapton's "Lay Down Sally".

8.Hillbilly says Clapton's inducted into the
Hall Of Fame on 3 different occasions & says
that's pretty tall cotton. He says Clapton got
in there for that great trio band that he loves so well & plays all the time call Cream.
He says Clapton was with The Yardbirds that had great guitarists with Jimmy Page &
Jeff Beck. He says Clapton just got inducted
for being himself, says that too is pretty tall
cotton & says that's why he's bringing you
great hits on his show on a hot, steaming
weekend that's after the Memorial Day
weekend. He says it's starting to warm up in
his area & needs so rain for Pappy's garden.
He says it'll be tough getting them fine
cat-head tomatoes if they don't get water

Hillbilly says he & Spike may have to something later on his show to get some
rain & suggests a raindance. He says he's
thinking of the 60's & '68 & says he's thinking of Joe South. He says South's a
great songwriter & had songs like "Games
People Play" & others that he wrote. He says it was so cool for him to hear 1 of South's songs "done up" in great style by a
great UK band [Deep Purple] who's probably 1 of the 1st really kind of metal
bands to come along that he really heard.
He says the band has a real heavy edge to
them, says he loves them so much & says
they took that song ["Hush"], made it their
own & the rest's rock & roll history. He says
he's proud today & will play it for you.

9.Plays Deep Purple's "Hush", Hank Williams
Jr.'s "All My Rowdy Friends" & The Marshall
Tucker Band's "Blue Ridge Mountain Sky".

10.Hillbilly says The Marshall Tucker Band's
southern rock royalty, says he can't do a show without playing southern rock tunes & says he loves the [Lynyrd] Skynyrd boys,
Marshall Tucker, Allman Brothers & others.
He says he'll play them for you every time he gets a chance because he knows you love
it & appreciates you letting him know what's on your mind. He says another real
pert on having his show is that he gets to
pull out some new tunes & discover some
people, bring them out & see if you like
them. He asks you to email him & let him
know what you think of this new artist [Neil
Carswell] & of course again plugs his email
& toll free request line. He says he'll play a
cat that he feels has the southern rock thing down dog gone good & likes it. He
says it's a catchy tune & again wants to know what you think of it.

11.Plays Neil Carswell's "The Cain Preacher",
Los Super 7 & Joe Ely's "Let Her Dance", a
promo for Steve Earle's new show that
debuts tonight [6/2] & Marty Robbins'
"Don't Worry".

12.Hillbilly says we all miss Marty who had a
voice & is a singer with delivery. He says
Marty's a hall of famer, says it's good to have him & his records to play for you. He
says if you're hearing his show anywhere in
North America to be careful & drive nice &
slow. He says howdy to truckers & says to
truckers to email him & let him know what
your tag & handle is & he'll talk about it on
his show. He then gives an example & says he got 1 from old "Sidewinder" the other day or whatever you'd wanna call him, says to listeners that it's their show & he's just a
vessle trying to do it right for you & keep
the moonshine barrel of tunes full for you.

Hillbilly says he's got a few of them off the
top because he's into this thing going into
the 2nd hour & says he's got a long road to
go & won't let you down. He says it's time to spread the love a bit & may bring some
ladies there. He says after the break, he'll
have Percy on & says to don't go anywhere.
He says since he's playing these men, he'll
be giving the women a chance now & says
before he plays a Loretta Lynn song, he'll
play a new cut by Gretchen Wilson.

13.Plays Gretchen Wilson's "There's A Place
In The Whiskey", Loretta Lynn's "Mad Mrs.
Leroy Brown" & Marty Brown's "I'd Rather Fish Than Fight".

14.Hillbilly says Brown's a good fishing buddy of his from Owensboro, Kentucky & introduces Percy Mandoberg via phone. Percy says he's out there trying to catch a
few today & asks him as to how's everything going on a bright Saturday
morning. Hillbilly says he's happy as he can
be & tells him that he's got a beef with him.
He says Spike's asked him for money for
something, says Spike pulled out his pants
& looked like rabbit ears & says he had to
have a penny to be broke. He asks Percy if
he's given his son Spike any allowance, says
he tries paying him but don't know what he
does with his money. Percy says that Ma's
said that a Mandoberg & his money are
soon partied.

Hillbilly tells him that it's good to have him
on the show & asks him about the fishing
world. Percy says after last week when he
talked about not knowing about the floating Earth worms & got tons of emails
from some nice folks. He mentions 2 by
Dennis Davis & Ray McClemens called, then
corrects himself & says they emailed him &
gave him info on it. He says he put that info
to work last night & caught a bunch of fish & is ready to cook them tonight. Hillbilly says that's good that fans let him know what's going on & asks him to plug his email. Percy says it's
percymandoberg@yahoo.com & says his
friend Marty tells him that they're just
minutes away from having a link on Hillbilly's site that'll include Percy's email.

Percy says he wants to talk about fishing &
last week he learned a lot & hopes to learn a bit more. He mentions a fan named
Patrick in Hockensville, Kentucky emailed
him & asked a question. He says he don't
know the answer to it & hopes that someone listening on the show does know.
He says Patrick's got "koon tailed moss" in
his 4 or 5 acre lake & wants to know what to do with it. He says he's heard the grass
car will eat it but don't know how many of
them it takes & don't know if there's a cheap way to do it chemical wise. He hopes
listeners can answer that 1 for him, says he's never dealt with it & asks Hillbilly if he's dealt with it. Hillbilly says he's heard of
it but don't know too much of it & hopes
someone out there listening will help out.

Percy again plugs his email & hopes to share the info with Patrick & Hillbilly again
plugs his email & toll free request line. He
says there's a drout in his area & asks Percy
about other parts of the country if that's
affecting the fishing elsewhere. Percy says
the water's low & nighttime fishing's OK in
the eastern part of the USA. He says the
water's abnormally warm for this time of
the year & it's a little bit slow fishing. He
says he'll continue with fishing reports
nationwide, then asks Spike as to what's he
doing in the studio because he hears him
wrestling around & asks if he's telling
Hillbilly if they have to take a break. Hillbilly
says yes & says Spike's itching like a man on
a fuzzy tree.

Hillbilly says Percy knows about this guy
[Ronnie Milsap] & everyone coming to
Nashville with dreams. He says in '73 this
guy came to Nashville & it was amazing with what he did. He says the guy's career
started in '75 with a Don Gibson hit called
"I'd Be A Legend In My Time" & later on that year, he had this tune ["Daydreams About Night Things"] & says for 15 years the guy never left the country's Top 10. He
says that's tall cotton, Percy says that's a
long time & Hillbilly says he'll play it now.

15.Plays Ronnie Milsap's "Daydreams About
Night Things", Little Feat's "Willin'", Jim
Lauderdale's Hillbilly Jim promo, Jim
Lauderdale's "1 Piece At A Time" & Dolly
Parton's "Old Black Kettle".

16.Hillbilly says Dolly's from Dollywood,
Tennessee & says she's as pretty as a speckled pup. Percy agrees & says he's got a
big pig story to tell instead of a fish story.
He says he got this from Fox News & it's
about an 11 year old boy from Alabama
named Jamison Stone. He says hello to
Jameson if he's listening & says Jameson
killed a wild hog that weighed 1,051 lbs &
measured 9 ft & 4 in. from the tip of it's
mouth to the bass of it's tail. Hillbilly asks
again the weight & Percy again gives it to
him, Percy asks him if he's heard of a hog
that heavy, Hillbilly says no & Percy says
that's a big pork chop there.

Hillbilly asks if there's photos of that, Percy
says yes & you can look it up on the Fox
News site: http://tinyurl.com/yok7c2 . He
says it's huge & there's a question that's
rated on some certified scales at the Clay
County Farmers Exchange in Lineville,
Alabama. He says it's the real deal, says it
don't look to be an internet hoax & says if the kid really killed the hog, he's done
something. He says when he thinks of hogs
he thinks of pork chops, Hillbilly says he does too & Percy asks him if he can talk about the stuffed pork chop recipe. Hillbilly
says yes & says the fans would love it because it's delicious.

Percy says this is 1 of his favorites, tells fans to get a pen & write it & if you don't have 1, email him & he'll email that or other
recipes that he's got to you. He then gives
the recipe:

1.take 6 big, fat, boneless pork chops that's
2 inch thick butterfly ones. Then take a teaspoon of butter, 2 diced onions, 2 diced up celery stalks, 2 cups of chicken broth, 4 bread slices that's torn in cubes, a 1/4 cup of chopped parsley & a 1/2 teaspoon of basil as well as salt & pepper to your taste.

2.Melt the butter in a non stick skillet on some medium heat

3.Salte the onions & celery till you see thru
them & they're soft & not hard

4.Then add the stock, simmer & reduce it to
about 1/2, meaning to boil it down to about

5.Stir in the bread, parsley, basil, salt &

6.Remove it from the heat & let it cool

7.Then split the chops that's been butterfied, put stuffing in them & put a
toothpick & fold it over the stuffing

8.Then bake them in 300 degree oven for
about an hour & says it'll make your gums
slap your brains out.

Hillbilly again asks Percy to plug his email so fans can get the recipe emailed to him &
Percy plugs it again. Hillbilly says when both
of them grew up in Kentucky they always
heard some sayings. He then mentions his
Mama would say "now son be careful, you
don't wanna run your ducks to bad water" & thinks fans should email them & mention
their favorite sayings that they heard when
growing up. He says whether or not it was
a country saying because they've had all kind of things then, then mentions another
1 that went like "he rode in on a load of
turnips, he's so dumb". Percy agrees &
Hillbilly again plugs his email & says in the
weeks to come, he'll talk more about it.

Hillbilly asks Percy if he has fans email him
their sayings to let him know, Percy says he
will & mentions a fan asking him on why's
there Cowboy Jack during Happy Hour.
Hillbilly says that's frisky, tells him that's it's
an honor to have him on & says both talk
about music as well as Percy loves those
boys from Bakersfield like Buck Owens & Merle Haggard. He says it was quite a sound & says Dwight Yoakam brought that sound on up. He says he'll play a tune ["It's Such A Pretty World Today"] for folks in
California that like the Bakersfield sound,
says this guy [Wynn Stewart] was instrumental in getting this thing going & it
was either the 5th or 6th single that he
recorded. He says it turned out to be a
classic, asks Percy if they'll talk next week &
Percy says yes.

17.Plays Wynn Stewart's "It's Such A Pretty
World Today", Dave Alvin's "4th Of July" &
Robert Earl Keen's "Daddy Frank".

18.Hillbilly says "Daddy Frank" is from the
album "Tulare Dust: A Songwriters' Tribute To Merle Haggard" with Keen & The
Sunshine Boys. He says soon 1 of our favorite holiday's coming up & it's Father's
Day. He says you'd wanna make sure you
take care of old Pappy there because it's
something special. He says you need to
remember him, says Sirius will remember the holiday because after Clement's show
there'll be a fabulous Father's Day special
show [on Father's Day weekend]. He says you can rest assured that this'll be something to hear because Bobby Bare Sr. & Jr. will do a thing called "Lullibuys, Legends & Lies".

Hillbilly says it'll be a 1 hour special & for
more info, go on www.sirius.com/outlawcountry . He says you
don't wanna miss it & it'll be something else. He again says he's feeling the 60's, says
again he knows there's some 60's fans out
there as well as fans of this band [Creedence Clearwater Revival]. He says these guys are in the Rock & Roll Hall Of
Fame, says they have to be because he loves
this tune ["Suzie Q"].

19.Plays Creedence Clearwater Revival's
"Suzie Q", Emmylou Harris' "Heaven Only
Knows", Gram Parsons' "In My Hour Of
Darkness", Dusty Rhodes' Hillbilly Jim promo, The Highwaymen's "Live Forever" &
Billy Joe Shaver's "Freedom's Child".

20.Hillbilly says "Freedom's Child" is from
the album also called "Freedom's Child",
says he's playing the tunes for you & says the old moonshine barrel's 1/2 full, but has
some goodies there. He says every week
he'll replemish it with just the greatest
outlaw country tunes for you. He says he'll
be giving you some tibits to tell you & other
things that'll go along the way. He says the
police are after you, says it's not the po-lice
& says Spike's looking over his shoulders. He says it's the early 80's band The Police
are touring: https://tickets.thepolice.com , says they've been getting great reviews & kicked the tour off the other day. He says
everyone's saying they're just amazing.

Hillbilly says they stared in British Columbia
in Vancouver [Canada], says they're saying
that they still got their chops, says everyone's digging it & says they're saying
that the show don't have a whole lot of
thrills & deals. He says it's just 3 guys playing tunes that we loved, says that's what it's all about & says you can buy their
merchandise at reasonable prices. He says to check them out & mentions their tour
stops:6/2 in Edmunton, Alberta [Canada],
6/6 & 7 in Seattle & then 6/9 & 10 in Denver. He says a couple of months ago he
had this cat [Jimmy Hall] in the studio, says
he loves him so much & he's a southern rock legend & a great singer/performer.

Hillbilly says the guy's 1 of the greatest guys of all time & a good buddy of his, says
it's Jimmy Hall from Wet Willie fame who's
got a tune ["Still Want To Be Your Man"] that he loves. He says Hall did a new album
called "Build Your Own Fire", says it's a
musical tribute to Eddie Hinton & says for
those that don't know who Hinton was, he
was someone that was known in the business but never got any national acclaim
with Muscle Shoals. He says Hinton was about blue eye souls & says Hall's about
that too.

21.Plays Jimmy Hall & The Muscle Shoals
Rhythm Collective "Still Want To Be Your Man", Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Rabbit", Wayne
Hancock & Hank Williams III's "Juke Joint
Jumping" & The Statler Brothers' "Flowers On The Wall".

22.Hillbilly says The Statler Brothers are the
great sound of yesteryear, says he & Spike are in the country & asks the country folks
out there as to how're they feeling. He says
he's trying to spread love this weekend like
he does weekly on his show & giving it to
you in style. He says again he appreciates
your emails & reads 1 of them from a cat
named "Don Pron" from Central City,
Kentucky. He says Don emailed him to say
that he listens to his show weekly, says his
son knew him from years ago & says several
weeks ago, Hillbilly was talking about
athletic shoes that New York Knicks' Stephan Marbury is doing.

Hillbilly says Stephan's got a brand of shoes out called "Starbury" shoes, says they're affordable & are great shoes. He says Don asked him in the email as to where can he get those shoes & Hillbilly tells Don to go to a store called "Steve & Barry's": www.steveandbarrys.com . He says they're easy to find & there's 1 in Nashville [NOTE FROM JEFF: according to this link there's only 1 city in Tennessee that has that store & it's in Antioch: http://tinyurl.com/285ptt ] or just look anywhere close by. He says Don won't be disappointed because they're really good shoes & will enjoy them.

Hillbilly says he'll now talk about wrestling,
says WWE's released a new 2 DVD set called
"The Most Powerful Families In Wrestling"
[NOTE FROM JEFF:It won't be out till this
Tuesday 6/5: http://tinyurl.com/yspcgg ]. He
says it's cool & has every family in there &
mentions the Ortons, Guerreros, McMahons, Von Erichs, Hennigs, Funks,
Rougeaus, Briscos & Harts. He says there's a
section there about questionable families
like hillbillies & even he's in there, the
Grahams & others like that. He says you don't wanna miss it & says you can pick 1 up
at the store where you rent your movies at.
He says this month he's pleasured & honored to be in WWE magazine [NOTE
FROM JEFF:He's referring to the June issue].

Hillbilly says it's got a nice article about him
& his show, says it's nice to know that they're remembering him in wrestling
because he's remembering them & keeping
it right. He says he'll now play a tune ["Why Baby Why"] that he loves so much & it's from yesteryear.

23.Plays Webb Pierce's "Why Baby Why",
Randy "Macho Man" Savage's Hillbilly Jim
promo, Johnny Paycheck's "I'm The Only Hell [Mama Ever Raised]" & George Thorogood's "Cocaine Blues".

24.Hillbilly says Thorogood's got his own
style & kept the blues alive, says that's why
he's gotta bring him out & play him
because Thorogood gives you traveling
tunes. He says if you're out driving, watch
your right foot because you'll pick yourself
up a ticket by listening to Thorogood going
down the highways & bi-ways of North
America or wherever you may be. He asks if
you're feeling the moonshine, says Spike is
& says every week when they get a chance to come in the studio & put these things
together, they get all giggy with it. He says
they have themselves a ball there by going
thru emails & reading all the wonderful stuff that fans tell them.

Hillbilly says they're keeping it real for them & knows you'll like this guy [John
Denver] because he gets lots of request for him. He says the guy at least recorded over
300 songs & says 1/2 of those are ones that he composed himself. He says the guys songs are ones that take you back to a
certain time in your life that you don't
forget. He says the guy's been called some
names & got compliments but the biggest
compliment he got was "the poet for the
planet". He says the guy was all about Earth, conservation & all that & says for all
the country folks out there, here's John

25.Plays John Denver's "Take Me Home,
Country Roads", John Prine's "Bear Creek
Blues" & Merle Haggard's "Make-Up & Faded Blue Jeans".

26.Hillbilly says "Make-Up & Faded Blue Jeans" is for the Merle fans out there, says
welcome back to Mud Lick, Kentucky & all the billions of "Hill-Billions" out there. He says again he's high up on the ridge that's
overlooking the wonderful farm land with
some beautiful ground. He says he sees a
couple of lakes there by looking at the back
window & says it's good to be home. He says anytime you can be home you have to
take advantage of it & have lots of fun &
says that's what he does there weekly. He
says he's tickled that you're with him weekly, says again Clement & Alamony Jones' show is after him & they'll be swinging like 2 swingers can.

Hillbilly says Sirius has quite a lineup there,
again plugs his email & toll free request line
& says this week's famous because it's the
40th anniversary of the Sgt. Pepper's album. He says it's the most influencial album of all time rated by Rolling Stone magazine, says it's the #1 album of all time
& says The Beatles were amazing. He says it
makes him think of them, says daily he just
about turn a radio on & hears a Beatles tune. He says he just picked up something
that made him think about them, says their
legend's so widespread that you can't get
away from them. He says the piano that
John Lennon used to write & record
"Imagine" made a stop at the campus of
Virginia Tech.

Hillbilly says it's part of a tour to highlight
peace & non-violence, says people got to
look & touch the piano as well as play some
on it. He says it's really good to see that &
thinks it was sent out by George Michael
who now owns it & lets everyone look at it
& to help promote peace love & happiness
& says The Beatles did that. He says he'll now promote a little Beatles & rain because
he'll play 2 songs with "rain" in it [The Beatles' "Rain" & Elvis Presley's "Kentucky Rain"]. He says it's because he needs some rain in there, says everyone would agree with that & hopes you enjoy it.

27.Plays The Beatles' "Rain", Elvis Presley's
"Kentucky Rain", BR5-49's "7 Nights To Rock", Jerry Lee Lewis' "Real Wild Child [Wild 1]", same Steve Earle promo for his
debut show for tonight, Jim Ed Brown & The
Browns' "Pop A Top".

28.Hillbilly says he remembers "Pop A Top"
as a kid & verbally makes the popping noise
from his mouth when he heard that on the
radio. He says he felt it was the best thing &
imagine they were probably doing that in
the honky tonks nationwide. He says Sirius'
got a family thing going, says it's definetely
family tradition because they're all country
folks having a ball for y'all to enjoy & spreading the love around. He says if you
wanna show someone that you really love
them & if they had a birthday or special
occasion coming up, then if you give them a
Sirius radio: http://shop.sirius.com & you'd be doing that person a real service. He says it's so good that they'd love you forever.

Hillbilly then plugs the Stiletto: http://tinyurl.com/2nrc2x which he says it's
a streamline, little walkman type thing where you'd never be without Sirius no
matter wherever you go. He says Sirius' got
so many good things & again says after
Jennings' show is the debut of Steve Earle's
show. He says you can bet in Steve's mind
he'll pull up some real, fancy tunes & says to
make sure you write down about Steve's
show. He says he'll bring you back to some
days where we really love so much when
southern rock pretty much ruled the country. He says we're the leaders of
southern rock on his show, says this band
[.38 Special] really kept the southern rock
thing going.

29.Plays .38 Special's "Rockin' Into The Night", Molly Hatchet's "Beatin' The Odds",
K.D. Lang's "Don't Let The Stars Get In Your
Eyes" & New Riders Of The Purple Sage's
"Dim Lights, Thick Smoke [& Loud, Loud

30.Hillbilly says he's looking in the barrel of
Moonshine Matinee music, says we're a little bit down in there & says he sees some
goodies in there. He says some John
Anderson, Rolling Stones, Shooter Jennings,
Eddy Arnold & says we ain't done. He says
it's like when you get down to the bottom
of the barrel sometimes, it's just better with
that last little bit of sweeten iced tea that just taste better. He says it's like that last
little bit of coffee that Spike & Uncle Percy
have at morning time when leaving the house & it just goes down good & says
that's what he's talking about. He says this
cat [Mel Tillis] had a real big hit with this
tune ["Southern Rains"] in '81.

Hillbilly says he's happy for this guy & can't
believe it took so long & later on in June,
this guy will be inducted into the Country
Music Hall Of Fame. He says it's about time
the guy gets in there & says he'll be a Grand Ol' Opry member also. He says he
can't believe that all these years went by &
they didn't let the guy be a Grand Ol' Opry
member. He guesses it's better late then
never for the guy.

31.Plays Mel Tillis' "Southern Rains", John
Anderson's "She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs", Buddy Miller's Outlaw
Country promo, Buddy Miller's "Little Bitty
Kiss", Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood's

32.Hillbilly says to pull up that chair in the
bar & sit up & have some Moonshine Matinee while there's still some left. He says
the original "Jackson" hit was done by
Johnnie & June, says that was a great 1 &
says it's so good to hear anyone bring back
these songs & playing out there again. He
says they sound good anyway you do them,
says that's why we like them on the show &
says it's late in the last hour on the show. He says Rolling Stones & Best Buy are
teaming up to release a new deal called
"The Biggest Bang":
http://tinyurl.com/2gzj38 , says it's a 4 DVD set with over 7 hours of content.

Hillbilly says it's got 2 complete concerts, 2 behind the scenes documentaries & you'll hear classic Stones songs that you love like
"Honky Tonk Woman", "Simply For The
Devil" & "Satisfaction". He says this'll be out
6/12 for $30 & says he'll now play a song
that's probably 1 that he likes the best from
the Stones. He says don't go anywhere or
he'll come over & twist your ear off.

33.Plays Rolling Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash", Shooter Jennings' "Steady At The
Wheel", Dale Watson's "Good Luck 'n' Good
Truckin' Tonite", Bill Kirchen & Too Much
Fun's "Semi-Truck".

34.Hillbilly says "Semi-Truck" is for all you
great truckers out there, says Spike's moving around but not too fast & asks him
as to what's wrong. He says Spike's as fast
as a bullfrog with tennis shoes on, says that's a southern saying & says again asks
fans to email or call him & let him know what your favorite saying is. He says it don't
matter what part of the country you're from, just let him know & he'll be happy to
mention them on the show. He says there's
lots of sayings in Kentucky & mentions "roll
up little turnups" & "he's about 1/2 a brick
short of a full load". He says he'd laugh at
them when people would say that to him &
says he's heard people say "well his face's so ugly that he'd make a freight train take a
dirt road".

Hillbilly again plugs his email & toll free
request line for you to let him know your
sayings & again plugs his site so you can see
his pretty photos of stars, celebrities &
athletes that you may wanna check out. He
says he'll play a tune ["What's He Doing In
My World"], says it was #1 & it wasn't just
any kind of tune, but in '65 this guy [Eddy
Arnold] ruled the waves in the 50's. He says
the guy was all over TV, in any kind of media or concert series the guy was all over
it as well as the rodeo. He says the guy was
inducted into the Country Music Hall Of
Fame in '66, voted the Entertainer Of The
Year & got the Pioneer Award over his career.

Hillbilly says this guy that he knows sold over 85 million records, had 147 songs on
the charts & 28 #1 Billboard country singles.
He asks as to who can compete with that &
says that's pretty tall cotton.

35.Plays Eddy Arnold's "What's He Doing In
My World", Eddie Cochran's "My Way", Hank Williams Jr.'s "A Country Boy Can
Survive", Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band's "Turn The Page".

36.Hillbilly says Seger's from Detroit, says he can see by the clock on the wall in the barn that it's time for he & Spike to go. He
says they've had a rib snorting good time,
asked Spike if he enjoyed himself, then mentions about Percy talking about the
1,500 lb hog & says he's never heard of
such. He again says after him is Clement's,
Jennings & Earle's show, says the moonshine barrel's about empty of all these great tunes & promises that he'll
replemish & restock it up. He says he might
kick it up & make it a little bit stronger for
next week & says to hold onto your spirits.

Hillbilly says thanks to Spike, his producer
Steve Popavich Jr., the folks & staff on the
show & the folks in New York City. He says
he loves them all & spreading around the
love, then says he ain't here for a long time,
he's here for a good time & dag nabit, he's
had a great time. He says to be safe & will
talk to you next week.

37.Ends with Mickey Gilley's "Bring It On
Home To Me" & the show ends at 2:03PM


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