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10/6 Hillbilly Jim & Percy Mandoberg on "Moonshine Matinee" report

Submitted By James Walsh on 10/06/07
1.Starts the show at 10:02AM with the usual
"Don't Go Messin' With A Country Boy".

2.Hillbilly says to come on in friends
wherever you may be from, says you're on
his show, then introduces himself & says
you've arrived in Mud Lick, Kentucky at the
satellite barnyard. He says wherever you've
been & what you've been doing so far this
weekend & says it don't matter because the
time's gonna get right. He says to come in,
kick your shoes off, step on up to the bar &
says he'll get you a cold drink because he'll
play some of the best dog gone music for the next 4 hours that you've ever done heard. He says it's the way he rolls in Mud
Lick, says cousin Spike's there & asks Spike
as to how's he doing. He says they come to
you weekly from there that's up on the
ridge that's overlooking Pea Ridge, Kentucky.

Hillbilly says it's getting better weekly, says
it's been so warm there, says the Fall's upon
us & it's October now. He says we've been
smoked out & says in Kentucky it's been
hotter than a goat's butt in a pepper patch.
He says now it's smooth & cool, says he'll play you some songs & have some fun thruout the day. He says he'll get into some
emails, do some special requests & have lots
of fun. He says he'll kick it off with 1 of the
earliest guitar heroes or rock & roll ever
[Duane Eddy], says the guy really put the
twang in rock & roll, says the guy's sold over 100 million records & says that's a whole "passel" of records. He says no 1 but
John Fogerty said that this guy was the 1st
rock & roll guitarist.

3.Plays Duane Eddy's "Rebel Rouser" Tom
"Bo Duke" Wopat's Outlaw Country promo,
Travis Tritt & Marty Stuart's "The Whiskey
Ain't Workin' Anymore" & Loretta Lynn's
"Coalminer's Daughter".

4.Hillbilly says Lynn's a hall of famer from
Kentucky, says it's good to be riding up high on Outlaw Country like he's been doing for over 2 years bringing it to you. He
says it's not only in the USA but all over
Canada as well as worldwide. He says he's
been getting lots of emails & he'll get to
some later. He says it does his heart a dog
gone fancy good to know that you're listening to him & he appreciates it. He plugs his email hillbillyjim@sirius-radio.com
, his toll free request line 877-33-SIRIUS & press #63 & his site www.hillbillyjim.com . He says he loves you & says it don't matter
where you are in all parts of the universe.

Hillbilly says if you're in Piera, South Dakota, or in Bradford, Vermont or in
Larson, Wisconsin or in Calama, Washington or in Bradford, Ontario [Canada] & says he says "hey" to y'all. He says again he loves & appreciates them &
you've chosen a spectacular week to get with him & Spike on his show. He says later
he'll have Uncle Percy Mandoberg who knows about woods & waters & maybe a
recipe or 2.

5.Plays David Allan Coe's "The Ghost Of Hank Williams", Hank Williams' [I Heard
That] Lonesome Whistle Blow" & The Flying
Burrito Brothers' "Wheels".

6.Hillbilly says "Wheels" was for his good
friend in Kentucky & it's Commander Joel
Stoner. He says he knows Joel loves The
Flying Burrito Brothers & then talks about
the moonshine barrel of hits. He says he
told you it'll be "stouted" this week, says it'll be strong, it'll keep on going, it'll get
thicker, heavier & longer as the 4 hours
comes to you. He says he's in the cradle of
creativity that's between Fred Imus &
Cowboy Jack Clement:
www.sirius.com/outlawcountry . He says
weekly his show's on the air & going
everywhere & again says he appreciates you
for checking him out. He says he'll be
getting to some of the requests that he was
talking about.

Hillbilly says he had the priviledge a week or so ago to go to Franklin, Tennessee & visit Mr. Walter & Mary Thompson. He says
both are wonderful folks, says both were
great to him & his buddy Bob. He says
Walter's an avid biker, says he don't mean a
motorcycle rider but a biker. He says
Walter's 70 years old & still gets out there & does 50 to 70 miles on the weekend. He
says they [Walter & Mary] were just the
greatest, says they had so much fun with he
& buddy Bob & thanks them for inviting them over. He then gives a shoutout to Joe
Griggs who was in from Seattle, Washington. He then gives a shoutout to
Jim Stripe was there, says Jim's a mountain
man & likes going to the mountains in the
pacific northwest.

Hillbilly says all the people that he mentioned were at Walter & Mary's house & all had a hootnanny. He says he even
grabbed a guitar & played a tune or 2, then
says he'll play a special tune for them ["Who Were You Thinkin' Of"] & wants them to listen to the tender, wonderful lyrics.

7.Plays Texas Tornado's "Who Were You
Thinkin' Of", Wayne Hancock's Outlaw
Country promo, Wayne Hancock's "Tulsa" &
Bob Wills' "Take Me Back To Tulsa".

8.Hillbilly says "Take Me Back To Tulsa" is a
requested song for those in South Dakota & introduces Uncle Percy Mandoberg via
the phone. He tells Percy that he's so happy
& are fine as frogs hair because the
weather's broke. He again says it's October
in Kentucky & asks Percy if it feels good.
Percy says it feels wonderful & they still need a little rain He says the cool nights got
him thinking like a young man, Hillbilly says
that ain't a bad thing & thanks Percy for the
wonderful meal that he prepared at "Ma's"
house the other night. He says it was the
best with him, Percy & "The Commander",
says Pat Haney was there too as well as
Percy's brother.

Hillbilly says Spike didn't make it because he was out "frog gigging" & asks if it's a
little late in the season to be "frog gigging".
Percy says Spike makes up places to go
sometimes, says he ain't sure if Spike was
"frog gigging" at all because the next
morning when he saw Spike's truck out there in the yard, he came home spending
the night with them. He says in Spike's truck he saw a pair ladies panties on the floor board. Hillbilly says Percy's brother told him that Spike was out "gigging" his
own frog, Percy says he was & maybe he was jumping like a frog. Hillbilly asks Percy
about the meal he prepared & says it was
the greatest.

Hillbilly says "The Commander" was right
by saying it was a 10 star meal, Percy says
they had pork chops & the way he cooked
them, he fried them lightly. He says he
floured them, put some salt & pepper & fried them lightly. He says since there were
many folks that came he cooked them by
putting them in a roaster. He says he put
some golden mushroom soup over them in
the roaster, put them in the oven for over an hour or 2 while cooking the green beans & potatoes. He says dear Ida May
Sullivan gave it [the recipe] to them & says
she's wonderful & Hillbilly says she's the
cream of the crop. Percy says they had some good ol' Bob Durbon eastern Kentucky fried corn they cooked & says it
was real good stuff.

Hillbilly says the tomatoes were fine, says
"The Commander" brought some special
bread there & it was mouth watering good.
He says "hats off" to "The Commander" Joel
& says Joel knows what he's talking about. Percy says yes, says when "The Commander's" mother-in-law comes in
town he commands the meal like that & says it's gotta be "guys night". He says they
had a wonderful time & says Hillbilly sounded good on the guitar, Hillbilly says
thanks & says Percy sounded good himself.
He then asks as to what's going on in the
hunting world, Percy says this is the time of
the year when everything's going well. He
says hi to his buddy Robert Nelson who as
he speaks is driving to Montana for their
birdhunt there.

Percy says Rob stays there 60 days but says
he himself will be there for only a couple of
weeks. He says he got an email from someone that he met who's a nice guy &
then plugs his email
percymandoberg@yahoo.com . He says the
guy didn't send any photos off of his trail
cam but talked to Percy about the "Georgia
Bow" season. He says the guy's name is
David Beningfield, says David told him that
in north Georgia has the same frost they
did so the deer hunting's a little "loped". He
says there were some fires in the spring in
the south, says apparently the young growth's coming up & says they're seeing a
ton of deer.

Percy says David keeps sending him daily &
it seems like he's getting a new photo off of
David's trailer cam, so deer hunting's going
well there. He says he's got a report from a
nice guy named John Palmer whos' from the Kentucky lake. He says John told him
that even this late that catfish are wearing
out the jug lines in the Kentucky lake & says
there's lots of fun things happening there.
Hillbilly says it sounds like lots of interesting things in the hunting world, then tells Percy that when they come back
he wants him to give out a recipe. He says
he know both loves this guy [Bob Dylan], says the album "Blood On The Tracks" is 1 of Percy's favorites & Percy says yes. Hillbilly
says this 1 that he'll play that both of them
try to sing but can't figure it out because it's got too many words in it...

9.Plays Bob Dylan's "Tangled Up In Blue",
The Statler Brothers' "Flowers On The Wall" & Nanci Griffith's "Listen To The Radio".

10.Hillbilly says you're not listening to just
any radio, you're listening to his show in
Outlaw Country like you do weekly. He then
his show's 4 hours & he's laying it on you
thick & heavy. He asks Percy as to what's
going on, Percy says he's doing well, says he's getting ready & will slip out to do some
squirrel hunting this afternoon. He says it's
kinda cool & overcasted, says he hasn't killed a mess of squirrels so far this year & says that's what he's gonna do & head out
the door. He says before doing that he wants to talk about cooking & says he's got a great tenderloin recipe. He says it works
with beef tenderloin, pork tenderloin &

Percy says you can use it with lesser cuts but it's a tender loin recipe as he uses it
primarily. He uses pork as an example &
then gives the recipe:

1.take 4 pork tenderloins that's about 3/4
of an inch thick. Then just roll them in with flour & grill them till they're just on the
medium rare side & says maybe it's on the
rare side of medium rare. He says this is
what makes it special & continues with the

2.take 2 tablespoons of white vinegar

3.take 2/3 of a cup of heavy cream

4.a 1/4 cup of mustard

5.a tablespoon of butter

6.a teaspoon of pepper

Percy says to put them in a saucepan, mix
them & bring it to a boil. Then reduce the
heat by turning the fire down & simmer till
the sauce thickens. He says when you pour
it over the grilled meat or whatever type you decide using, you'll talk about good
because it's really good. Hillbilly says it does
sound like something & says he sound try it
at "Ma's" house. He asks Percy to plug his
email again & Percy does. Percy then says he's got another recipe that's on a sheet of
paper that was dated from 1980. He says it
reminded him of something that he did in
that year, says he was at Willie Nelson's
Picnic in Texas & watched their friends the
New Grass Revival with Curtis Burch, Sam
Bush & John Cowan.

Percy says they were playing there with
Leon Russell at that time, says both Leon & Willie just finished recording the album "1
For The Road". He says they did the greatest version of "Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms" & asks if Hillbilly can play it.
Hillbilly says he can do it, asks Spike to find
it for him & tells Percy that he & "Ma" may
have to listen to it & get a little closer
because it's starting to get cool in Kentucky.
Percy says Hillbilly's reading his mind & says
both are rubbing their antlers. Hillbillly tells
Percy "no more Spike Jr's", Percy says 1's
enough & Hillbilly tells Percy he'll talk to him next week.

11.Plays Leon Russell & Willie Nelson's
"Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms", Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Whiskey Rock-A-Roller", Porter Wagoner's Hillbilly Jim promo & Porter Wagoner's "Committed To Parkview".

12.Hillbilly says welcome back to the 2nd
hour of his rousing, tantilzing show. He says
"Committed To Parkview" was pinned by the late legend Johnny Cash, says the album's called "Wagon Master" & says it was produced by a guy that he's got lots of
respect for & it's Marty Stuart. He says when thinking of Porter he closes his eyes &
go back to the early 60's when he was a
"yout" in Kentucky on Saturday afternoons
on WSM-TV. He says he used to watch
Porter on there all the time, says Porter was as smooth as you can ever be & had a
great band there. He says he remembers
Porter wearing them cool, sparkling suits &
would always used to see great singers there.

Hillbilly says Norma Jean was the 1st that
came on there & what a singer she was. He
says later on came Dolly Parton, says the
Porter Wagoner album's out & says you have to go & get it. He again says Marty
Stuart produced it & again says it's called
"Wagon Master" & says you won't be mad
but will be happy if you get it. He says you'll
be with him on the same page, says he's got
an hour for you coming up with tunes by
Bobby Bare, Jerry Jeff Walker, Johnny Cash,
Hank Williams III, Waylon Jennings, Shooter
Jennings, Ray Price & says that's just to name a few. He says if you think he's kidding you're wrong, says he playing with
all the boys on the team.

Hillbilly asks Spike as to what good is he, says he sees him & asks him as to where's
he been. He says Spike's trying to get a soda from the machine, says if it cost a dollar to go around the world Spike couldn't get out of sight because he's so
broke. He asks Spike as to where's his money & tells fans that you can see what's
going on. He thanks Percy for the woods &
waters report & says he'll play a tune ["Act Naturally"] that he loves so much by
Kentucky's Dwight Yoakam. He says Dwight
will have a new album coming out [10/23] that you must get & it's called "Dwight Sings Buck": http://tinyurl.com/2ng9zt . He
says it's got all the traditional Buck Owens classics.

13.Plays Dwight Yoakam's "Act Naturally",
Ray Charles' "Together Again", Guy Clark's
"Let Him Roll" & Johnny Cash's "Delia's Gone".

14.Hillbilly says "Delia's Gone" is from the
album "American Recordings", says Rick
Rubin produced the album & did an amazing job. He says the album won lots of
awards & rightfully so for "The Man In
Black". He says it's why Cash's in Outlaw
Country & it's why he's glad y'all here with
him. He again says he appreciates you
wherever you may be, says if you're driving
in a truck in California, heading on down the coast in Florida or up in New York City,
he loves you. He again says he appreciates
y'all & loves hearing from you, says he wants to make sure that you contact him &
again plugs his email & toll free request

Hillbilly says the other day in some book
store, was looking at a magazine rack & saw
something that caught his eye. He says it's a
beautiful magazine called "Guitar Legends",
says it's a special collectors edition this month & it's all about the complete history & the story of ZZ Top. He says it's got a
beautiful picture of [ZZ Top's] Billy Gibbons
holding what looks like a fine 59 Les Paul in
his hand. He says it brings him back to when ZZ Top came to visit him in Mud Lick,
says they had so much fun & says they're
great guys. He says it's like everyone says
when there's only 1 word you can think of
when thinking of ZZ Top & says it's cool. He
says they're the coolest, most layed back,
eternally hip guys.

Hillbilly says it don't matter where you
check them out, says it don't matter if you're in Chicago or Spain or Tupelo,
Mississippi or New Deli, India, but ZZ Top is
"Easy Top" & it's why they're bad &

15.Plays ZZ Top's "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide",
Jerry Jeff Walker's Hillbilly Jim promo, Jerry
Jeff Walker's "Up Against The Wall Redneck
Mother" & Bobby Bare's "Tequila Sheila".

16.Hillbilly says "Tequila Sheila" has a great
sound, says he's feeling in the air because it's October. He says it's starting to get a little cool, says we're heading into the nice,
easy part of the year when he really loves it.
He says Fall's his favorite time of the year &
says he starts feeling his oats then. He says he starts thinking about hearing the bell &
wanting to get in the ring & do some
bodyslams, backdrops, a couple of headlocks & takedowns. He says it's like what he does to Spike from time to time
behind the barn. He says the holiday season's all up on us, says you gotta think
about this & to think outside the box a bit.

Hillbilly says to tell your friends, loved ones & neighbors to go out & get a Sirius radio:
http://shop.sirius.com & give it to them as a
gift. He says they'll love you forever & will
turn them on to some of the coolest things
that's going on that's anywhere in the world. He says that once you take the boys
off the farm & they see the big city, it's
gonna be hard for them to return to the
farm. He says that's what you'll get with
Sirius, then says you'll get NFL radio:
www.sirius.com/siriusnflradio , Martha
www.sirius.com/marthastewartlivingradio , & all the comedy channels:
www.sirius.com/comedy you want.

Hillbilly says you'll get Howard Stern:
www.sirius.com/howard100 & some music
that'll rock & sock you:
www.sirius.com/music . He says he'll take you down south now by plugging the Elvis
channel 13: www.sirius.com/elvisradio & says to pick up The King for the holiday season.

17.Plays Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds",
Waylon Jennings' "Are You Ready For The
Country" & Shooter Jennings' "Manifesto #1".

18.Hillbilly says he's at the end of the 2nd
hour & wants to talk about something that's near & dear to his heart. He says we
lost a legend this week & it's 4 time
Olympian Al Oerter: www.aloerter.com died
[10/1] at 71. He says Al was the 1st American athlete to win individual gold
medals in 4 consectutive olympics in the
same event. He says Al was a man's man, says he was huge by a standard of 6
feet & 4 inches & 280 lbs. He says Al pretty much set the standard of what an athlete should be. He says many times Al competed & didn't win the olympic trials, but would go & set records. He says 1 time Al hurt
himself while training to go to the olympics
& the doctors told Al that he can't compete.

Hillbilly says what Al did was tore a rib cage,
says if you throw a discus it's an important
part because you're spinning & throwing &
the doctor told Al to forget the games. He
says Al went anyway & competed in 1 & set
an olympic record. He says Al's quote was:
Man, these are the olympics, you die before
you quit" & says Al's the type of guy he's
talking about. He says we'll miss him & says
"hat's off" to him. He says he'll play some
Hank [Williams] III, says before that he played some Shooter Jennings in the last
set & knows both of those guys don't get
along too well. He says he'll try bridging the
gap & bring some love on the show.

19.Plays Hank Williams III's "Country Heroes", Ray Price's "Crazy Arms", Lucinda
Williams' "Pineola", Robert Earl Keen's
"Barbeque", Merle Haggard's Outlaw Country promo, Merle Haggard's "I Think
I'll Just Stay Here & Drink" & Dale Watson's
"You Always Get What You Always Got".

20.Hillbilly says welcome back to the "hill-billions" & says you're part of the revolution here. He says it's hotter than a
parrot jumping cables on a redneck picnic,
says he's having a ball like always by bringing you nothing but the greatest hits.
He says the world's too short to live to listen to bad songs, says life's too short &
says you've got to have real good ones. He
says it's why he's playing you some cool
tunes, says coming up is the Osborne
Brothers, Willie Nelson, The Beatles, Webb
Pierce & says that's to name a few. He says
it's going on & going on good, then says he's tickled to death & happy to report by
plugging Bruce Springsteen's new album
being absolutely magic.

Hillbilly says the name of the album's called
"Magic": http://tinyurl.com/2q8n7v & it's
been getting thumbs up reviews by
everyone. He then plugs Sirius' E Street
Radio: www.sirius.com/estreetradio on ch.10. He says he'll talk more about the album & will play a track from it. He says it's
been getting some good reviews, says they're saying that it takes you back to some of the early Bruce magic. He says it's
got Bruce's band in full force with little
Steven Van Zandt & the whole crew's there
laying it out & touring worldwide. He says
this is really something to see that Bruce can stay in this vibe for many years. He says
it's Bruce's 15th studio album that he's

Hillbilly says everyone loves it so much, says
on a personal note he says Bruce just lost
his assistant Mr. Terry Magovern [who died 7/30]. He says Terry was Bruce's personal asssistant for 25 years, says he [Hillbilly] knew Terry who helped him get tickets for
shows & stuff. He says Bruce's very sadden
about that [Terry's death], says the last
song on the album ["Devil's Arcade"] is a special tribute to Terry. He says that's the
type of guy The Boss is & then plays a song
from the "Magic" album.

21.Plays Bruce Springsteen & The E Street
Band's "Gypsy Biker", Los Lobos' "Johnny 99" & Billy Joe Shaver's "Leavin' Amarillo".

22.Hillbilly says "Leavin' Amarillo" is for all the wonderful Shaver fans & knows there's
millions of them. He then reads an email from guy that tells Hillbilly that he listens to
him in Manitoba, Canada. He then tells him
that he just got a Sirius subscription & was
pleased to hear that Hillbilly's on Outlaw
Country's ch.63. He tells Hillbilly that he
remembers watching him wrestling in WWF
when he was a kid as well as remember
having a Hillbilly Jim action figure. He then
tells Hillbilly that pro wrestling's not the
same as it used to be [NOTE FROM JEFF:
that is SO VERY TRUE] when Hillbilly was
there, but it's nice having those memories.

Hillbilly tells the unnamed fan that he
appreciates him saying that, then says that
the fan asked Hillbilly to play him some
David Allan Coe. He says he did that earlier & says the fan's name is Mark & appreciates
him. He then talks about The Rock [Dwayne Johnson] being all over the box office, then
plugs his movie that he says it's amazing
called "The Game Plan":
www.gameplanmovie.com & says it's #1 in
the nation. He says that it's been said that
Rock's done good, says it [the movie] did $22.7 million last weekend & was #1 in the
country all over the theaters. He says it's a
Disney movie & if you get a chance to check
it out.

Hillbilly says he's proud of Rock & looks like
Rock will bridge that gap from the wrestling world to a wonderful, bonified
Hollywood moviestar & says he actually
knows a Hollywood moviestar [The Rock]. He again plugs his email & toll free request

23.Plays Osborne Brothers' "Rocky Top", The Bottle Rockets' "Slo Toms", promo for
"Emmylou Harris Songbird" show for tonight 9PM EST: www.sirius.com/outlawcountry , Emmylou Harris' "Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight" & Rodney Crowell's "The Rock Of My Soul".

24.Hillbilly says Crowell's a Texas boy who's
done good, says it don't matter where you
at & says if you're out there in College
Station, Texas or Sioux Falls, South Dakota
or West Concord, Minnesota or in Lansing,
Michigan or in Toppsville, Mass listening to
him, he don't care. He says he wants you to
make sure that you tell your friends &
neighbors that every week his show's on
Sirius' Outlaw Country for 4 amazing hours
doing it to you Hillbilly Jim style. He says we're easying on down to the backside of
the 3rd hour but we've got more than a
whole hour of tunes to go. He says he's got
a barrel of hits that's keeping on sizzling,
says he can smell them from where he's at & says "I can smell what they're cooking".

Hillbilly says it's cooking up some good sounds for y'all to enjoy, says he'll now do
something that he takes lots of pride in. He
says everyone once in a while he'll play
something that you don't hear anywhere by
an artists that you're probably not familiar
with. He says he'll play 1 by a guy that's from Memphis or maybe from Mississippi. He says it's James Luther Dickinson & he's a
legend from those areas. He says James'
played on lots of albums, says James' played
on Bob Dylan sessions & with other people
from the Sun Records world down there. He
says James' lived in that area his whole life
& continues to be viable & is still in the music scene there.

Hillbilly says he got a hold of 1 of his albums called "Killers From Space":
http://tinyurl.com/3cuyvk , says it has a cool
tune that he likes & asks you to let him know what you think of the song that he'll
now play.

25.Plays James Luther Dickinson's "Roly Poly", Eddie Spaghetti's "The Best Of All
Possible Worlds" & Dolly Parton's "Mule
Skinner Blues".

26.Hillbilly says he can hear Dolly spanking
the mule's behind on that song, says it's the
last of the 3rd hour of his show & says he
ain't done & no where near done. He then
gives a shoutout to a buddy named Marty
Gibson who sent him a couple of nice emails. He says that Marty told him that he
appreciated him talking about Steve
Goodman a week or so ago as well as talking about the Arlo Guthrie tune "The
City Of New Orleans" that he cut Goodman's song. He says Marty was giving
him some nice props about that & says he
appreciates Marty emailing him & loves to
hear that from good friends & fans & says
he loves you so much.

Hillbilly says he saw something the other day that drove him crazy, says in Tallahassee, Florida there's a homeless man
spent nearly 5 years in jail for resisting
arrest, will now get a new trial. He says it's
due to the man's claim that he didn't know
that the person that was resisting was an
undercover cop. He says the homeless guy
was in jail for 5 years & asks as to what's right about that. He says why didn't someone wake up & wondered if you'd
thought that a little bit of common sense
would come in there & someone would say
"lets clear this whole thing up". He says he's
"bemused" up in there & has never heard of
anything like that.

Hillbilly says this goes to show you as to
what a great country we got where we can
air our views, say what's on our mind & says
you can bet that dog gone & dab nab it, he'll be saying what's on his mind. He says
at the end of this 3rd hour, he'll play you a
cut ["Get Back"] by the greatest band that
ever was & says it's The Beatles. He says
they're his favorite & loves them so much,
says he grew up with them & is a little bit
bias. He says 1 of their greatest albums is
"Let It Be", says everyone knows it's produced by the legendary producer &
record guy Phil Spector. He says Paul & the
rest of the band didn't like it, says they
thought it [the album] was overly

Hillbilly says he'll now play a cut from the
album but it's "Let It Be Naked", says all of
the orchestra stuff's stripped off of it & wants you to listen to it.

27.Plays The Beatles' "Get Back", Willie
Nelson's "1 After 909", Commander Cody &
His Lost Planet Airmen's "Rock That Boogie", Webb Pierce's "I Ain't Never",
George Jones' Sirius promo & George Jones' "You're Still On My Mind".

28.Hillbilly says you can't say country without saying Jones, says welcome back to
the cosmic chicken coup at the satellite
barnyard, that's broadcasting live above the
ridge there from station "WHBJ" [Hill-Billy-Jim]. He says he's looking at the beautiful
scenery that he & Spike's got, then asks
Spike as to what's he doing & says Spike
can't get no pep in his step at all. He says
Spike will never ground his own sweat,
says Spike don't ever break a sweat & says
you can see what he's got to work up under
there. He says he's happy you've chosen him & to stay with him for the whole 4 hours. He says the 4th hour will be beautiful
& it'll have Bill Monroe, John Anderson,
Johnny Rivers, Everly Brothers, Warren
Zevon & Hank Williams.

Hillbilly tells the "hill-billions" that they'll be getting their appetite wet now, then says he'll play you some new music by a guy
who's not new, but the guy's a legend. He says it's the swampcat himself John Fogerty
who's got a new album called "Revival" &
says it's amazing. He says John's had quite a
revival, says John's had his up's & down's in
the music business & it's been scary. He says
John had the whole thing with CCR aka
Creedence Clearwater Revival as well as a
tremendous 20 year long fight with the
record company Fantasy Records. He says
John & his brother was on bad terms till his
brother died.

Hillbilly says it was a horrible thing & believe it or not, Fantasy Records' been
taken over by new people & they've extended a olive branch to John & John's
reached out & accepted it like a man. He says John's moved on, says the album's
getting some amazing & wonderful results
from everybody. He says all the people that're checking it out & all the critics are
giving it nothing but double thumbs up. He
says that John's returning to his CCR roots,
says John's got some controversal songs on
the album about the Iraq war & is just really
laying it out there. He says that John's saying that "it really sounds like it can be a continuation from the early CCR to John
Fogerty right now baby". He says he'll now
play something from the album.

29.Plays John Fogerty's "I Can't Take It No
More", Woody Guthrie's "Pretty Boy Floyd",
K.D. Lang's "Don't Let The Stars Get In Your
Eyes" & Junior Brown's "My Baby Don't Dance To Nothing But Ernest Tubb".

30.Hillbilly says he hears Junior Brown, says
he 1 time had a girl that didn't wanna dance to nothing but Ernest Tubb too &
says she was a beauty. He again says after his show is Clement's show & he'll load it up
& kick it out there like never before & he's
fired up. He says Alamo Jones' on there &
other special treats is on there too & loves
them to death. He says after Clement is
Shooter Jennings' show, then Steve Earle's
show that'll rock & sock you with some of
Steve's wonderful tunes & other things that
he likes to play. He says there's an amazing lineup on Outlaw Country, tells fans to tell
their friends & neighbors to not miss the
show because he'll give it to you weekly.

Hillbilly says he'll promise you that weekly
he'll fill up the barrel with nothing but the
greatest tunes. He says he'll play a tune ["Blue Moon Of Kentucky"] for some of his
buddies that're in "Yoakamtucky, Pennsylvania". He says this song's for a fan
named Curry who asked Hillbilly to play some kickass music due to them having a
little fun out there by having a little beer as
well as a little party & a little cake thing. He
says some of the guys are cooking some ribs on a smoker there & says they're having themselves nothing but a party. He
says he may be a little bit late for that party
but he imagined that those boys over there
ain't gonna give it up like that. He figures they're probably out there doing it again this weekend.

31.Plays Bill Monroe's "Blue Moon Of
Kentucky", Deep Purple's "Kentucky Woman", promo for "John Anderson's Outlaw Hour" show on Wednesday's at 8PM
EST: www.sirius.com/outlawcountry , John
Anderson's "Chicken Truck" & Tom Petty's "I
Won't Back Down".

32.Hillbilly says Tom Petty's from Florida &
says "I Won't Back Down" goes out to some
of his wrestling buddies, being "old big
Bradshaw" [JBL] & Al Snow. He says both
love Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers & says
how can you not. He says it's why he has to
bring them to you like he does on his show.
He then plugs Sunday's No Mercy:
http://nomercy.wwe.com & says to check
your cable listings to check it out. He then
sends best wishes to former WWE [Raw]
champ John Cena for a speedy recovery. He
says Cena got a real bad injury that was a
pectoral tear as well as a shoulder tear. He
says he saw some of the work that had to be done to Cena, says it's really extensive &
thinks Cena will be out for 8 months to a year.

Hillbilly says they [WWE] are saying it's a
long recovery on that, then says if Cena's
listening he's sending his love & prayers to
him & hopes he'll return soon & be stronger & better then ever.

33.Plays Robert Plant & Alison Krauss'
"Gone, Gone, Gone", The Everly Brothers'
"Mama Tried", Tom Russell's "Stealing
Electricity" & Warren Zevon's "Carmelita".

34.Hillbilly says he's late in the show that's
high up on the ridge in Mud Lick, then describes on what's done on the show with
he & Spike coming there, getting the barrel
of tunes that's sizzling & come to you for 4
hours like they do weekly & have themselves a natural born ball. He says it's
fun up in there broadcasting to the [hill-billions] from station "WHBJ". He says he's
glad you came along with him, again says
he's late in the hour but he ain't done yet.
He says he's still got some good things
going on & wants you to stay with him till
every last 1 of these sizzling tunes has melted into your mouths.

Hillbilly says the moonshine barrel's almost
done but ain't quite done yet, then says he's got a bone to pick with you. He says in
Lacey, Washington there was a parent that
struck another parent with an umbrella
at a huge football game. He says the brawl
started that involved at least 15 people, sent 1 man to the dog gone hospital, then a
fight broke out a little ol' stadium after a
game between 2 little teams in the Black
Hills Junior Football League. He says the kids are only 2nd to 4th graders when their
parents are out there fighting & asks as to
what in the world's wrong with them. He
asks if they're crazy & have nothing better
to do.

Hillbilly gives a big slap from the hillbilly hand, says he has to go there & put down
some rough, tough justice on them. He kids around & says that's a great thing to show your kids & then tells them to stop doing that. He then advises them to gather around Sirius radio every week & listen to
his show & kinda mellow out like they ought to. He then says he'll mellow them
down with 1 of the greatest guys of the 60's
that's an icon [Johnny Rivers]. He says if you
ever get a chance to see him & says he's still
out there touring: http://tinyurl.com/2cmrmp . He says the
guy's still very viable, says he checked him
out a couple of years ago & he's amazing. He says this is for all the pretty young ladies
out there, tells them to gather around with
their honey bunnies & hug them tight.

35.Plays Johnny Rivers' "Poor Side Of Town", Gary Stewart's "Your Place Or Mine" & Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Screw You,
We're From Texas".

36.Hillbilly says it's the end of the show &
that's about gonna do it. He says it's been a
wonderful week & seems like he's been there for minutes & loves it so good. He says next week he'll get the barrel, clean it
out good & put some fresh, sizzling Outlaw
Country tunes on there that'll knock your
socks right off your feet & make them run
down the street. He says he'll return next
week from Mud Lick like he does weekly &
wants to invite you back. He says this time
bring some neighbors with you, says y'all
come in & kick off your shoes & stay a little
while because you'll have lots of fun there &
do it to you right.

Hillbilly says again says after him is Clement's show, says since Clement always
has surprise & says he just found out that in
the 4th hour, Clement will have Jerry Naylor. He says Naylor's the former lead
singer of The Crickets after Buddy Holly died. He says Naylor's had an amazing
career & is an interesting guy, then plugs
Naylor's book called "Rockabilly Legends":
http://tinyurl.com/2vpw8v , says you don't
wanna miss this & says it's gonna be great.
He says thanks to Spike, his producer Steve
Popavich Jr. & his buddy from New York
City Jeremy Temper who helps out so much
& tells him that he loves him. He then thanks the fans for coming along on his
wonderful & sizzling show.

Hillbilly says he ain't here for a long time,
he's here for a good time & says dab nab it
& dog gone it, he's had the best time. He
says if you don't come back next week he'll
reach out there & put a sleeperhold on you.
He again says to hold on for Clement's show & says he'll see you next week.

37.Ends with Hank Williams' "Honky Tonkin'" & the show ends at 2PM.


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