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"Sunny" Tammy Lynn Sytch

Submitted By James Walsh on 12/10/07
Show: The Interactive Interview
Guest: "Sunny" Tammy Lynn Sytch
Date: 12/10/07
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley & James Walsh

You saw her on RAW, now hear on TII! It might have taken us 5 years, but we finally pinned down "The Original Diva" Tammy Lynn Sytch for an interview as we get Interactive with Sunny!

Everything from becoming the most downloaded celebrity on the Internet to doing Vixxxens and so much more. This interview is shocking. And, she even admits that Shawn Michaels gave her 9 months of pleasure!

"Sunny" Tammy Lynn Sytch

- The interview opens up with James welcoming “The Original Diva” to the show!!!

- The first topic to come up is “The Fiasco in Frisco” Wrestling Fanfest a few months ago. She tells the story of how she helped a fan who had a seizure right infront of her. She was able to do this based on experience she had helping Chris Candido with his seizures, and med school training. On the business side of the fan fest, she says the guy that ran it was a scam artist, and said that she initially trusted the guy. She was able to at least walk away with cash.

- When talking about wrestling conventions, she says its very hard to make money off these things.

- It was crazy how she went from being a pre-med student to the most downloaded woman on the internet. She says that she was probably too young to handle the success. She says there are things she would have done differently now, but doesn’t regret anything. “Everything happens for a reason”

- She then talks about some of the things she did in the WWF, including the Sex Tape with Elmo. She says that it was Todd Pettingil in the Elmo suit and his wife actually directed the filming.

- With the other things she did, she feels that she never went too far, and actually turned a lot of things down. She then says that the things she turned down are nothing compared to some of the stuff the girls do now. But she says that back then she was young and shy and was a little reserved.

- Tammy then mentions turning down the Playboy offer, and says she would probably do it now, but like she said back then she was very shy. She said she even had trouble doing the lingerie shoot. She does regret doing the Wrestlevixxens website mainly because she got screwed out of mine, and even though she held back on her photoshoots, a lot of the other girls didn’t, and she felt it made her look bad. She defends her participation in the site saying most of her nudity involved her covering up in some way or being from behind. She says she feels being associated with a site where the girls were using fruit on themselves did bother her and does bother her.

- The conversation then shifts to Missy Hyatt and Tammy states they have absolutely no relationship and goes into great detail about why that is. She is bothered by the fact that Missy gives off the impression they are friends, though. She feels Missy made very bad personal decisions concerning Tammy and also has professional differences with the Vixxxens web site. She is not bothered, however, by Missy running the pictures on her current site. "If she wants to make 2 bucks a month from those pictures, let her. She needs all she can get." Tammy also calls Missy a "dirty slut."

- When comparing ECW & WWF, she says they were different, and didn’t “Live, Breath, and Die” ECW like many others did. When talking about WCW, she says quite simply “It sucked!” They put her in the ring when she’s not a wrestler and the way it was run was terrible.

- Puerto Rico was the worst place she’s ever worked though. Puerto Rico actually turned her off to wrestling for a while. She only stayed as long as she did because of Chris Candido, even though they were getting screwed over. “He was too nice for this business” But eventually she talked him into leaving. She then tells a funny story about how the Ring Truck was stolen one night she was down there.

- About her autobiography, she is going to fill it with funny road stories and ribs. She is not going to go out of her way to expose embarrassing stories and bash people.

- When talking about her back injury, she says that it started with her work in WCW, but really got aggravated with the table spot she took in XPW. When asked about Rob Black, she doesn’t think very highly of him. Not only did he not pay her, but he also asked her to do porn for him.

- She says that she worked hard to get back into shape and says she’s about 10lbs away from Sunny weight, but is proud of how well she’s doing.

- She says she would love to go back to the WWE. Coincidentally, this interview took place just a few days before her appearance on the Raw 15th Anniversary show.

- The biggest misconceptions of Tammy Lynn Sytch: “I’m not stupid, and I’m not a bitch”

- The show then closes with the trademark Word Associations. Listen to her views on Bam Bam Bigelow, Shane Douglas, Francine, Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Candido, and also talks about who her best friends in the business are.


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