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Creedfan's Corner: My interview with Brandon Aarons

Posted By Shane Cooper on 11/19/16

Brandon Aaron's is one of the most charismatic guys wrestling in the midwest today. He has great in ring presence, and puts on some fantastic matches. I greatly enjoyed the oppurtunity to have an interview with him.

1. What is one thing that people would be surprised to find out about Brandon Aarons?

1. I actually use to buzz my head up until I started training for wrestling at 16. About once a year growing up I would shave

my head.

2. Who inspired you to become a professional wrestler?

A few people inspired me to become a professional wrestler, the 1st being my dad who was a competitive body builder while I

was growing up. I saw him work a full time job on the railroad and when he was not at work he would train relentlessly, still

chasing a dream and a goal, thinking about that keeps me pursuing my goals everyday. 2nd would be Matt Sydal, at the time

he was just "Matt" and he was young and unbelievable to watch as a kid. He was one of the main reasons I wanted go to

Gateway Championship Wrestling shows when I was a kid. The last person would be Dingo, I knew I wanted to be a wrestler

before I started training with him but his passion for the wrestling and guidance towards me helped keep me motivated and

working hard towards my goal.

3. If you could have any match, with anyone of all time, who would it be?

That's such a tough question, so I'll name a few: for entirely different reasons I would want to wrestle Aj Styles, Chris Jericho,

Paul London, Jushin Liger, and Seth Rollins. Those would be my dream matches.

4. You've been wrestling for 10+ years, what are some of the interactions with fans that have stuck with you over the years?

I've been fortunate to meet some amazing wrestling fans throughout our beautiful Country over the past 10 years. I've gotten

kissed by women well into their 80's, and asked to hold newborn babies for a picture. For me though the ones that I'll never

forget are the ones who are not as fortunate l was when I was a kid, I'm talking about children who suffer from disabilities and

unfortunate circumstances. I've been blessed with being able to share sparks of positivity with these kids and give them a

reason to forget even for a moment that they are sick or suffering, To me, that's a pretty powerful thing and I cherish every

moment I'm able to do that.

5. Would you ever consider cutting your hair?

I actually just cut 5 inches off haha, but I love my hair and I've had it long or longish the entire time I've been wrestling.

Although I have trimmed it down at times, I'll never fully cut it all off. It's my identity in a way, plus it's where I get my strength

and how am I suppose to win my matches if I'm not strong! :)