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BE THE BOOKER: WCW Starcade 1998: Make it Better!

Posted By James Walsh on 11/27/16

BE THE BOOKER: WCW Ends Goldberg's Streak:
By December of 1998, the Monday Night Wars were shifting away from WCW as their stories became increasingly weak. The nWo had run its course and the split of the red and the white, as if it were clam chowder, did not help anything. With Hogan's "Retirement" on Thanksgiving night on the Tonight Show, the black and white nWo was searching for a leader while the red and black nWo were the good guys and held most of the gold thanks to the booker being Kevin Nash. What was working for WCW? They still had Goldberg. And, he was still over like Rover.

So, WCW put forth the two biggest babyfaces that were active in the company in the main event at Starcade 1998. Kevin Nash, who was booking, against Goldberg. Goldberg had held the title since July. The end result? Nash goes over with help from various sources including Scott Hall and Bam Bam Bigelow. While the Starcade 1997 finish with Hogan beating Sting clean in the middle of the ring only to get screwed himself by Bret Hart, which is how it came off and is not an opinion. That 1997 finish flushed, to some extent, the build Sting had received for a year and a half as the ultimate force of good. Why he didn't basically squash Hogan thus causing changes in the story, possibly even leading to Hogan seeing the error of his ways and helping Sting down the road to take out the nWo, I'll never know. We got that finish in 2011 at TNA Bound for Glory. I guess if you can wait 15 years, bookers get it right... Right? But, the 1998 finish I think was the straw that broke the camel's back for the loyal WCW fan. Seeing a weak Sting finish the year prior and then seeing their hero of today, Goldberg, go down this year... Ending the streak. Just awful.

So, if you were booking, who would you have put on top? Would this even have been your main event? I say an emphatic no to both.

What would I do? I'll try and make it brief.

Goldberg had started feuding with Bam Bam Bigelow. Bam Bam was hot off an ECW run and was presented very strong in WCW upon his entrance. I'd have had Goldberg take on Bam Bam Bigelow in the main event.

I'd have booked Kevin Nash against Scott Steiner in a match to finally end one side of the nWo. Steiner had assumed the role of leader of the nWo black and white and Nash, as we know, was the leader of the black and red.

I would have actually kept Eric Bischoff versus Ric Flair as the match. But, I'd have had Elizabeth with Bischoff, as she was his valet at the time, and had Flair's wife Beth in his corner. I also would have had a run in by Randy Savage who was ready to return at the time and also had a valet of his own who appeared on Nitro the week before that we later learned was Gorgeous George. Frankly, I'd have had Savage attack Bischoff and make for a feud where Bischoff, and Elizabeth, putting up guys against Randy Savage and George. In the end, it writes itself. The story between Elizabeth and Savage was still fresh on people's minds and involving new blood, George, would have made it even better. Instead, Bischoff won in a cheap win and then lost the next night on Nitro. So, what was the point of that? Bad booking. But, what would you expect?

Now, were my ideas better than what we got? Or, do I suck? You tell me. JW