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THE RANT: Total Nonstop Deletion Review

Posted By James Walsh on 12/16/16

I must admit, I was VERY excited for this show. After suffering for months, actually worrying about the company's status going forward, I viewed this as a chance to really show they still exist and recreate themselves. And, with the rating spiking drastically, it may have.

So, what did I think of the show?

Did you ever see the KISS Symphony DVD? There are 3 acts on it. The first act is just KISS doing what KISS does with various songs from the catalog. The second act is an acoustic set with the strings section of the orchestra doing some of the more ballad type songs. The third act? Well, that is KISS with a full blown orchestra all in KISS make up playing together in a powerful way breathing new life into the catalog. Clearly, the third act was better than the rest because it was different and yet still very cool.

I tell you this because that is how I viewed the show last night. The first act was everything leading up to the Eddie Edwards/Lashley match... It, with some deviations, was basically TNA being TNA in a different setting which looked a bit like an indy show. The Edwards/Lashley match had a different feel even when it was in the Dome of Deletion and served as the second act. But, when Edwards was speared through the door? We reached act three!

Simply put, the cinematic feel of Total Nonstop Deletion's Tag Team Apocalypto was epic and saved the show. It was the different feel I expected from the show the whole way through.

The positives of the match was that it was shot like a movie and felt like one too. The inside wrestling jokes were plenty and ysterical. For example, when Jeff Hardy tried a Swanton Bomb off the crane and missed by Matt Hardy was able to defeat Robert Gibson of the Express that Rocks and Rolls with the Twist of Fate, Matt called Jeff a "spot monkey." That brought me to near tears.

Road Warrior Animal appearing to laugh at Ricky Morton was priceless too. Why could he and Heidenreich not have been one of the teams? Was John booked at a Golden Coral or something that night?

Did anyone ever let Ricky Morton down, by the way?

The Shane Helms stuff was priceless. When he started dancing as part of Three Count, I marked out huge. The only thing that could have made it better is if they somehow had gotten those strange green dots they danced on. I saw kitchen table place mats that were that color and shape at Ikea the other day... Too bad I couldn't have suggested it first. Oh, and yes, I did do a little "Everybody 3 Count, 1, 2, 3!" when I picked them up... You have got to!

When Helms became the Hurricane and helped Hardy win and Matt says, after literally covering his opponent in dirt, "Even the man with three H's would be proud of how we buried this promising young talent", I balled! Priceless!

Swaggle spearing Lashley was hysterical. That followed up shortly thereafter by Crazy Steve going up in the valcano had me on the floor. Incredible stuff.

Bottom line, haters are going to hate. If you hated it, you probably went in hoping to do so. Those who went in expecting something radically different from the norm got what they expected. It just took a little longer to get there than i thought it would.

Home run for TNA? Well, maybe not. Maybe more a Ground Rule Double. But, for a promotion that had been dead to rights according to most Internet reports over the past 3 months, this was a must have.

I once called Jeremy Borash a dork and he took great offense to it. I take it back. JB is the man. He and Matt Hardy deserve great praise for presenting this show as it came off. It was gutsy. And, guts, as it typically does, pays off big league.