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Joey Ryan Getting One-Shot Comic

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 03/14/17

Chido Comics has announced that a one-shot Joey Ryan comic book is in the works. The comic will be available on April 4th and is titled Joey Ryan: Big in Japan. The creative team consists of writer Tres Dean (Dodger: A Western Saga of Mechs, Mayhem; Kill The Drug War) and artist Jamie Jones (Five Ghosts, Violent Love, Lucha Underground) and the synopsis is as follows:

“Joey Ryan was pro wrestling’s king of sleaze – until five years ago, when a match gone wrong left his tag team partner crippled and one of his opponents dead. Now he spends his days looking for answers at the bottom of bottles in Tokyo bars. But when he hears that his old nemesis is back in town, he decides it’s time to get back in the ring. And there’s only one way they can settle their score – in a Japanese Death Match! Witness Joey Ryan’s redemption in JOEY RYAN: BIG IN JAPAN by Tres Dean and Jamie Jones, launching this April 4, 2017 from Chido Comics.”