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Virgil Gives Hulk Hogan Props for WCW Job

Posted By James Walsh on 03/15/17

In an interview with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Virgil spoke about how he got hired to WCW, his internet persona and more. Here are highlights:

On The Million Dollar Man: My greatest opponent and where I learned so much from was The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. He was a mentor. He was such a great teacher and he was a real good friend. He showed you what the wrestling business was all about. When you are with someone almost 24/7 you keep your mouth shut and you learn. You learn from the best and they didnt come any better than Ted Dibiase.. no better at all.

On who got him hired in WCW: I remember it was Hulks action. Hulk was the main man in WCW and he brought all the characters in. He brought Ted and myself in and we were numbers 4th and 5th coming into the group. It was Hulk, Nash, Hall, Ted and myself with X-Pac being the sixth. We made a whole change to the whole WCW program and we brought in this unit called the New World Order on Nitro. People were going koo-koo for us, they were koo-koo for coco-puffs. Am I right or am I wrong? We brought a whole new thing into wrestling. We took one of their greatest stars that they had in Sting and we had Sting hanging in the rafters like he was an eagle flying high over the whole program and Sting was the one of the biggest men in WCW.

On WCW fans enjoying the nWo: They loved the nWo so much. When we up to places to do shows they ate it up. We went up to Halifax, Nova Scotia to do shows and guess what? They chewed it up and ate it like it was the hottest hot-sauce youve ever eaten in your life. We went to Seattle, we went all the way down to Dallas, Texas and they were loving us. We went to San Francisco, we went to Hawaii and they chewed it up and we went all the way to London, England and they were eating it like it was a hot dog on the 4th of July. People loved it so much and they wanted more and more and more.

On those who wore the shirt: The shirt for us in the top 6 (Hogan, Hall, Nash, Ted, myself, X-Pac) everyone put that shirt on and the people went berserk. But it is still today that when that shirt is on and say Im wearing that shirt and Im going through an airport or Im walking down the street and when people see that shirt they say; Yo, New World Order, Oh st yeah can I get a picture with you?. That was magical. Its like being in the Super Bowl and wearing your Super Bowl jersey and wearing it around town.