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Chaotic Wrestling Results 3.17.17: Haverhill, MA

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 03/18/17

Credit: Paul Crockett & PWInsider

Chaotic Wrestling “Cold Fury 17”

March 17, 2017

Haverhill, MA

It’s Chaotic’s version of Mania and they’ve brought in a big name in Cody Rhodes to help round out the card. Rather than face a big name, a young, up and coming New England talent in Brick Mastone gets his huge break as he faces the former WWE superstar and current Bullet Club member. A number of other storylines will be coming to a head tonight as Chaotic looks to sell out a 700-seat building. Not an easy task for a small, local independent, but it looks like they might pull it off. Even if it’s not a full sell-out, the building is already packed.

MATCH ONE: JT Dunn v. Warbeard Hanson

This stems from an incident back in February where Dunn took out Hanson with an elbow. Hanson got a measure of revenge at their go-home show last week in Nashua. Now they settle it

This building is LOUD. JT took advantage by grabbing Hanson’s beard. He then went over and removed one of the top turnbuckles, which came into play when referee Kevin Quinn went looking for the turnbuckle with Hanson, which allowed Dunn to push Hanson face first into it without Quinn being able to see it. Clever spot on something that could have been really goofy.

They went back and forth from there, including DUELING cartwheels which the crowd ate up. More nearfalls. Dunn hit two Roaring Elbows and went for a third but ate a huge roundhouse kick for a two count. Another nearfall on a Rikishi Driver. Hanson missed a HUGE moonsault. Dunn missed on a Death By Elbow and ate a spinebuster. Hanson went for another moonsault but Dunn pushed Quinn into the ropes to crotch Hanson. Dunn hit him with a draping neckbreaker followed by the Death by Elbow for the win. Really hot opener.

After the match, Hanson extended his hand and Dunn accepted…only to kick him low and walk away. What a bastard. Dunn went back for more but ran right into a roundhouse kick that sent him swiveling.


MATCH TWO: New England Championship – “The Man of Steel” Mike Verna (c) v. Travis “Flip” Gordon v. Christian Casanova (w/ Tripilicious, Josh Briggs, Miss Belmont and a few other assorted characters)

Verna comes out dressed like Clark Kent, goes into the back, then emerges with a cape and a big “M” on his chest like the Superman “S” – so that’s interesting. At least it’s not painted on his chest anymore.

This was like most three-ways you see in the sense that while one guy was down recovering on the floor, the remaining two participants would go at it in the ring. Lots of high flying athletic spots from all three.

Tripilicious tried to get involved and ate a cartwheel DVD from Gordon. Briggs ended up carrying Tripilicious to the back, but he quickly came back to try and interject in the match. Gordon went to hit Casanova on the apron but he ducked and Flip hit Miss Belmont. This allowed Casanova to deck Gordon and score the pin as Briggs held Verna back from the floor.

WINNER: Christian Casanova

MATCH THREE: Chaotic Tag Team Championship – The Logan Brothers (Matt & Bryan) (c) v. EYFBO (Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz) v. The Cam-An Connections (Cam Zagami & Anthony Greene) v. Scotty Slade & Brandon Locke

EYFBO were recently rebranded under the LAX banner in Impact Wrestling and won their tag titles at a recent taping.

The Logan’s jumped the Can-Ams before the bell and we’re off. Matt and Bryan found themselves in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go and they ate a simultaneous superkick from all six of their opponents. That was a fun spot.

Chaos ensued from there as it seemed to be an endless line of guys coming in and out of the ring with no tags or organization. That was the type of match it needed to be, though, as anything else probably would have grinded the crowd down. There were a number of spots from the top rope to the floor that looked like they REALLY hurt.

The finish came when the Logan’s went to throw powder in Greene’s eyes, but he ducked, superkicked one of them and scored the win. This was a throwback to a show last month where they also threw powder to get a win. Fun match that kept the crowd hyped

WINNERS: The Cam-An Connections

MATCH FOUR: Cody Rhodes v. Brick Mastone

This match certainly cut a pace. Despite Brick’s lack of experience, it never went out of its depth and Mastone never looked out of place.

They were doing a hell of a job when referee Kevin Quinn got bumped. Rhodes hit the Cross Rhodes but there was no count. This brought out the returning Brian Fury to a HUGE pop! He hit Rhodes with a superkick and Mastone hit a spear…but it was only a two count.

Fury was on the apron to go after Rhodes but got dropped when Mastone was whupped into him. Rhodes went in the ring, hit the Cross Rhodes but only got a two and the crowd was electric. Rhodes went for the Disaster Kick, got caught, but maneuvered out to hit another Cross Rhodes for the win. Excellent match.

After the match, he and Brock two sweeted in the ring. Cody took the mic and said he was on the set in Vancouver filming “Arrow” this week, and as of two days ago, it looked like he was going to have to miss this show. He was filming up until 2 AM this morning. But he was able to make it and he was grateful for everyone in the back and to all of the fans.

They also announced he will return to Chaotic on April 7 in Woburn, MA.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes

MATCH FIVE: Donovan Dijak v. Adam Booker

After costing Dijak the Chaotic Title last week in Nashua, these two settle their beef.

Dijak had control of the match early, tossing Booker around at will. He also dropped him with a backdrop on the apron. Things turned when Booker reversed a suplex and took control of the match. He hit a huge top rope suplex for a two count.

Dijak missed a moonsault and fell into a Koji clutch for the second time in the match. As the referee raised his arm to see if he passed out, Dijak was able to grab the rope as it was falling for a third time. Dijak went for a Feast Your Eyes but Booker blocked it. It looked like he got confused as he just stood there with his arms up and there was a pause. They kept going and Dijak got Booker up and hit the Feast Your Eyes for the win.

The structure of this match was excellent. It just seemed as if Booker’s timing was a little off. Add in the fact that it looked like a number of people left at intermission and the crowd was already burnt out and this match didn’t click like it should have.

WINNER: Donovan Dijak

MATCH SIX: “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas & Chaotic Women’s Champion Davienne v. Mikey Webb & Ashley Vox with Special Guest Referee Alexxis

This stems from a Women’s title match last month between Vox and Davienne, as well as a physical confrontation Webb and Milonas had on the same show.

A cool spot had Milonas catch Webb on a flying cross body then also catch Vox and double body slam them.

Milonas and Davienne had control of the match and were enduring a tongue lashing from guest referee Alexxis as she has had her issues with Davienne over the last few months.

Webb and Milonas finally went at it and Webb had trouble getting the big man down. Webb was in the corner and Milonas came charging, but Webb moved and Milonas crushed his own partner.

Finish saw Webb come off for a flying cross body and get caught again, only to fall right into a gigantic swinging sidewalk slam for the pin. After the match, Alexxis and Davienne were exchanging words when Milonas grabbed Alexxis’ arm. She then kicked Milonas low to the delight of the crowd. Alexxis and Vox shook hands to end it.

Another match that suffered from the crowd still trying to recover from the first half, as well as a few timing issues.

WINNERS: “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas & Davienne

MAIN EVENT: Chaotic Heavyweight Championship – Chase Del Monte (c) v. Elia Markopoulos – No Disqualification

After winning the Chase For The Gold Tournament, Markopoulos challenges Del Monte for the promotion’s top title. Del Monte has held the title since October 2015.

Del Monte made a dramatic entrance, revealing skull and crossbones body paint ala Johnny from the Karate Kid (although he did get a few Finn Balor jeers from the crowd).

Decent chain wrestling to start things off. The crowd was behind Elia, although there were pockets that were behind Del Monte.

It was a strictly back and forth affair between them as neither guy was getting the heat on the other for very long. There was also a spot or two where there was either a miscommunication or the timing was off, including a spot where a bodyslam ended up going backwards and almost getting them both hurt.

As it was No DQ, a chair came out and Elia got crunched with one. That’s when the heat began with Del Monte getting it on Elia. This all built to Del Monte eating a boot from a grounded Elia while attempting a top rope fist drop. He stood there in shock like a late-90’s comedic Ric Flair and sold like he was going to fall while the crowd got more and more into it. Once he dropped, they popped big.

Elia with his big fired up comeback which included a press slam that he couldn’t get Chase up for and a PK where he got more of his own thigh on a slap than he did a kick for a two count. He made up for it on an impressive looking Mafia Kick on the floor to Chase that woke the crowd up. He got them even more alive when he brought out a table. It didn’t get used, though.

Back in the ring, the two went back and forth until a really cool spot where they both went back and forth off the ropes with counters until a double clothesline put them both down. This brought out Del Monte’s stablemates The Logan Brothers. They put the boots to Elia until he fought them both off.

I stand corrected. The table remained at ringside. Del Monte got Elia on the apron and hit his Cradle 2 The Grave piledriver from the apron to the floor. Elia was rolled into the ring by The Logan’s but it was only a two count.

Great finishing sequence. One Logan went to chair Elia, but he ducked and the other Logan got nailed. Elia speared the standing Logan. Del Monte grabbed the chair and went to hit Elia but he missed, hit the top rope and chaired himself. Laying in the corner, Elia put the chair in front of Del Monte and hit a Van Terminator for the victory. The crowd was thrilled to finally see Del Monte’s reign end. Not the most fluid match, but it didn’t need to be. It gave the audience what it wanted to see.

This brought out Chaotic veterans Brian Fury, Milonas and Hanson to celebrate with Elia. Ring announcer Rich Palladino then asked Elia what he’s going to do now that he’s the champ, and Elia replied, “I’m going to Disney World!”

WINNER: Elia Markopoulos

This show suffered slightly simply because a lot of people were there to see Cody, and once he left, the energy never quite matched what it was in the first half. All of the performers worked hard and deserve credit for pushing through in the second half. Overall, it was a very enjoyable show and was a crowd pleaser, especially with the younger audience (which Chaotic always seems to have a lot of).