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Beyond Wrestling Results for 03/19/17

Posted By James Walsh on 03/19/17

Credit: PWInsider

The ongoing feud between Donovan Dijak and Matt Riddle takes a really interesting turn as the enter tonight’s “Pick The Opponent” scenario. Each man got the opportunity to pick the other man’s opponent and the style of match. Dijak has Riddle facing Matt Tremont in a death match. In a really cool twist, Dijak has to face his own American Destroyers tag team partner Mikey Webb. All of this just days away from Beyond’s big “Caffeine” show at Mania weekend where Riddle and Dijak finally go one-on-one in the promotion.

I wasn’t able to attend the entire “Secret Show” that Beyond ran just a couple of hours prior to the start of this show, but I did want to note the absolutely outstanding match between Maxwell Jacob Feinstein and Wheeler Yuta. Feinstein’s personality is off the charts and he backs it up with great in-ring work, while Yuta showed a lot of technical and athletic prowess. Kudos to both of those guys.

MATCH ONE: Ace Romero & Brian Milonas v. EYFBO (Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz)

Romero and Milonas could legitimately outweigh Akeem and the Big Boss Man. EYFBO were rechristened as LAX in Impact Wrestling and won their tag titles at a recent taping.

Romero and Milonas did a good job staying on their feet and not taking bumps until it was absolutely necessary against the much smaller EYFBO. The big first bump came off a really cool hurricanrana from Draztik onto Milonas that sent him crashing into Romero who toppled over. That then led to the hot tag which got the crowd to pop.

Great comeback from EYFBO with great athleticism. The finish came when Ortiz hit a huge dropkick onto Romero as Draztik hit a German suplex onto him in the corner ONTO Milonas. Really fun, effective opener.


MATCH TWO: Dave Cole v. Chuck O’Neil

Before the entrances could happen, Dave Cole came out and took the mic. He said last time in Worcester, he was almost killed by JT Dunn and he can’t let that happen, so he issued an open challenge to anyone on the roster. This brought O’Neil, who got on the mic but was drown out by a huge “shut the f*** up” chant that wouldn’t relent. This crowd HATES Chuck.

Not much to this match. Lots of O’Neil striking Cole unanswered followed by an occasional chop and a move from Cole. No rhythm or rhyme to it at all. It was basically an extended squash. O’Neil hit a Michinoku Driver followed by an armbar for a win.

MATCH THREE: Alpha Sigma Sigma (Anthony Greene & Brick Mastone) v. Jordynne Grace

LuFisto was originally scheduled to be in the match, but she dropped out after suffering a concussion last week.

Two days ago, Greene won the Chaotic Tag Team Titles and Brick Mastone had a hell of a match with Cody Rhodes. Now they’re doing their frat gimmick.

Greene and Mastone spent the majority of the match getting the heat on Grace, but as she was alone, it was to build to a comeback rather than a hot tag. There were two uncomfortable spots from Greene. One where instead of chopping Grace he stopped and just touched her breast. Then yelling “die b**ch” on a clothesline. That may have passed in 1997 ECW, but in 2017 it was too much.

I stand corrected. It DID build to a hot tag, only it was to Chris Dickinson, who made himself her partner out of nowhere. Dickinson hit some huge moves, then Grace finished the match with a driver.

After the match, they shook hands, only for Dickinson to turn and boot Grace. He went for a Razor’s Edge, but her boyfriend Jonathan Gresham hit the ring and cut him off. They were brawling when Dickinson got the better of it and was ground and pounding. This brought out Jaka, Dickinson’s regular partner, to pull him off. Dickinson left and Gresham and Jaka were left in the ring. It seemed cooler heads prevailed but then Gresham and Jaka started to get into it, but they were pulled apart by the refs.

WINNERS: Jordynne Grace & Chris Dickinson

MATCH FOUR: Jaka v. Brandon Watts

Originally scheduled to be Jaka & Dickinson v. Milk Chocolate, it was changed to this as Randy Summers is injured and not cleared to work.

Watts jumped Jaka just as he was pulled away from Gresham and the match was off. Super-fast pace to start before it got slowed down and Jaka got the heat on Watts (even though Jaka is a lot more popular than Watts in Beyond). He did a really good job on offense to get the heat on Watts, but the crowd wasn’t into Watts as the babyface so it didn’t get a great reaction. The crowd got back into it a little when Watts was able to mix in some cool offense.

Nearfall on a Canadian Destroyer from Watts. Yes. A NEARFALL on a CANADIAN DESTROYER. Jaka then made his comeback and finished the match with a sit-out tiger bomb.


MATCH FIVE: Pick Your Poison Death Match – Matt Tremont v. Matt Riddle

Tremont had a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire to start. He stuffed it in between the second and third ropes in the corner. Tremont charged, Riddle moved and Tremont went head first into it and he was busted wide open. Riddle did such a great job of making that spot not look convoluted, which it easily could have.

Next up, a couple of tables with barbed wire pushed into the ring, as well as a bat wrapped with barbed wire. Riddle put the bat right on top of Tremont’s forehead and pushed it down. The tables were turned a few minutes later when Tremont did the same thing to Riddle.

Exploder suplex through a table in the corner for a two count. Riddle was getting ready to run at a downed Tremont in the corner when Tremont threw thumbtacks on the ground. This stopped Riddle as he works barefoot. Tremont followed that with a running DVD through a table with barbed wire in the corner but only got a two count.

Now a table with barbed wire UNDER it was brought into the ring. Tremont left it upside down and tangled Riddle up in it. He went up top but Riddle got up and cut him off. Riddle then suplexed him off the top through the barbed wire for the win! This was sick.

Dijak hit the ring and was beating up Riddle when Chuck O’Neil hit the ring, followed by Mikey Webb. Dijak was going after O’Neil when Webb went to jump in. Dijak snapped and put his hand around the neck of Webb and said “this is between us!” They argued back and forth, dropping F bombs at each other. A really nice storyline twist heading into their match later tonight.

WINNER: Matt Riddle


MATCH SIX: JT Dunn v. Rex Lawless

After defeating Sami Callihan last month, Lawless gets another step up in competition.

JT had the advantage early on, as he taunted Brian Milonas who was on commentary near the hard camera. Lawless came back with huge power moves and then threw in a running hurricanrana because…why not?

They went back and forth from that point trading nearfalls. JT finished with a cutter and a Death By Elbow for the win. Decent match.


MATCH SEVEN: Johnny Cockstrong & Massage NV (Dorian Graves & VSK) v. Kikutaro, Colt Cabana and Supercop Dick Justice

Total comedy match. At one point, Massage NV got tagged in against each other and just massaged each other instead of fighting. Kikutaro started to do the Joey Ryan test of groin spot on Johnny when he just fell down halfway through because he was in so much pain. Kikutaro, to offset Johnny’s strength, ended up putting his fingers elsewhere to take him out. Use your imagination.

Finish saw Kikutaro hit an atomic drop onto Johnny and he fell into a sidewalk slam by Justice for the pin.

WINNERS: Kikutaro, Colt Cabana & Supercop Dick Justice

MATCH EIGHT: Four Corners Elimination Match – Winner Competes at Beyond’s Orlando Show – John Silver v. Jay Freddie v. Jonathan Gresham v. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams

Lots of interaction between all four to start things off. Hot Sauce and Freddie kept ending up in each other’s faces. Gresham and Williams had a nice little exchange on the mat during the early going.

Gresham looked like he was getting ready to finish off Williams when Dickinson jumped on the apron, which distracted Gresham as they were jawing. This opened the door for Silver to hit a Canadian Destroyer, which unlike earlier in the night, got a pinfall.

ELIMINATED: Jonathan Gresham

Williams and Freddie had an extremely heated forearm exchange. Neither man got the upper hand. Freddie with a flash La Magistral cradle for the pinfall and the crowd wasn’t happy.

ELIMINATED: “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams

Silver and Freddie went at it. Silver with some nasty strikes and a crazy running kick, but Freddie did the Japanese strong style pop up at one. Silver responded with a whirly bird power bomb for a two count. Freddie with some nearfalls as well, including a lariat and a sit out power bomb. Freddie was going for a submission, but Silver reversed it into a crossface variation with knee strikes for the win.

Silver got on the mic and talked about all of the huge names he’s beaten in Beyond. He said he EARNED his shot and earns everything he gets. So he said at Mania weekend, he’s calling out one of the original superstars of Beyond in AR Fox. Really great fired up promo.

WINNER: John Silver

MATCH NINE: Pick Your Poison Match – Donovan Dijak v. Mikey Webb

Tensions from earlier boiled over as Dijak came out a house of fire and tore through Webb early. He went for Feast Your Eyes, but Webb blocked and he fireman’s carried him to the ropes and over to the apron. Dijak ended up draped on the top rope. Webb leaned him back and hit a neckbreaker onto the apron. Looked very dangerous but they were both okay.

Webb with a huge superman plancha over the top to the floor. They went back and forth from this point out. Webb started yelling at Dijak as he was on his knees and slapped him in the face. This woke Dijak up, and he hit a huge chokeslam into a backbreaker for a two count.

Cool spot as Webb hit the Feast Your Eyes on Dijak but he kicked out at two. It wasn’t long until Dijak hit it himself and won it. Really good match with a lot of intensity that told a great story.

MAIN EVENT: Da Hit Squad (Dan Maff & Monsta Mack) v. Janelope (Joey Janela & Penelope Ford)

The early story of the match was Ford avoiding the big men and damage. She was able to get in a springboard cartwheel into the corner on Mack, but he brushed it off. She also went off the top to the floor on DHS but she got caught. Janela followed that with a plancha onto all three.

She couldn’t avoid it for long as DHS hit a HUGE double press slam as they just launched her straight into the air and she almost hit the ceiling. She was able to (eventually) recover, kick Maff low and hit a Stunner for a two count.

Janela skinned the cat, jumped onto a pipe connected to the roof and dropped on DHS on the floor. The crowd went wild for that one.

Maff had it won with a Burning Hammer, but Ford broke up the pin. That left her alone with DHS. Mack ran her down, telling her to go to Stamford and be a diva because she doesn’t belong in this ring. She fought back. She was going for the handspring backflips into the corner on Mack, but Mafia TACKLED her midway through and she went FLYING. That looked AWFUL. DHS put a table up against the turnbuckles. Mack went to spear Janela through it but missed and went through it. Maff went to chair Janela, but he missed and Janela forearmed the chair into him. He put the chair onto Maff’s chest, went to the top, and hit a top rope double stomp for the upset win.

WINNERS: Janelope

This was a really hot crowd all night, and there were some really great matches and some really good storytelling. I could have personally done without the violence toward women, but it seems like the crowd disagreed. Beyond will be running at midnight on Saturday night in Orlando for Mania weekend.