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Josh Barnett Discusses his TNA Appearances

Posted By James Walsh on 03/20/17

Josh Barnett spoke with Wrestling Inc for a new interview. Some highlights are below:

On his experience with Impact: “It was a blast. Everybody was really kind, very easy to work with.”

On his match: “This was my first match on US soil ever….It was really more about the fact that we were wrestling for TV and that changes things a little bit, but otherwise, same old, same old. It’s just a ring.”
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On if NJPW was okay with him appearing for TNA: “Yeah, I imagine so. I mean, the thing is, we don’t deal with New Japan directly so much as there are two elements to that whole thing. And I’m not wrestling for New Japan, so it’s a little different to say, ‘Oh, don’t go off and work’.”

On his doing commentary for NJPW on AXS TV: “It has been great. I still believe it’s the finest wrestling you’ll find anywhere and I think we have the best wrestling show for the most part on TV. So it has been a blast with Mauro and now I’ve had the opportunity to go from Mauro to the legendary Jim Ross, and different style, but we’re still firing on all cylinders, I feel. And it has been fantastic and we got to do Wrestle Kingdom shortly after it had aired in Japan and it’s a great success. The sky’s the limit.”

On the change from Ranallo to JR: “You have to, I mean, having a partner in the booth is always a bit of a dance no matter what, but I didn’t find it to be too difficult to pick up on his intonations and the way his flow and rhythm is. It was just a small feeling out process and then away we went.”

On whether he prefers watching American or Japanese commentary with Japanese wrestling: “I would probably… it just depends, I guess. I mean, the American commentary, at least I feel from our perspective, tells a different story than the Japanese commentary, but I think they both have value. But I guess I’m pretty biased.”

On not watching matches before recording the commentary: “Yep. We don’t preview any of the stuff that we call because we want to have that live feeling…I do [try to stay away from knowing the results]. I think that it allows for that surprise to happen. And I think the most that we can offer to make that product come off as live, the better.”

Yeah, what are your thoughts on Omega right now? He’s obviously the big talk of the internet and there was some teasing with possibly going to WWE. I’m not sure if he was working the internet or not, but he’s going to be staying with New Japan it appears, for at least another year. What are your thoughts of his progression, just over the past year?

On Kenny Omega’s progression over the last year: “I mean, the kid’s very talented. A very athletic, able-minded guy, so he has so much potential to put some amazing stuff together, I feel. He’s really in tune with the internet, that’s for sure, but I think his best is still yet to come.”