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American Pride at New Breed Wrestling

Posted By Shane Cooper on 03/31/17

On March 19th, I went to a New Breed Wrestling show in Eldon, MO. The main event was a Heavyweight title match between Superstar Steve Fender defending his title against The Iceman. Other great talents such as Math Magician, Leland Race, Marc Godeker and many others put on a great show with family friendly, high quality wrestling throughout the night, capped off with The Iceman becoming new World Champion of NBW.

It was a fantastic show, and the guys in the ring certainly did not disappoint. But, one thing spoke even moreso to me than the show itself.

There was some technical difficulty with the audio at the start of the show, so as we stood in silence waiting for the National Anthem to play, we, the wrestling fans, in unison, decided to honor America and sing the National Anthem ourselves as a crowd. It was a very special moment, and I'm proud to have been a part of it. Even if it were for just a moment, people came together. People created a special moment. It's moments like these that prove independent wrestling can create incredible moments, and on March 18th, New Breed Wrestling had a fantastic show, which started with an incredible moment.

God Bless America.