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AJ Lee Won't Close the Door on a Wrestling Return, Talks Rise of Women's Wrestling

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 04/13/17

AJ Lee spoke with CBS Sports promoting her new book Crazy Is My Superpower. Some highlights are below:

On the rise of the womenís division in WWE: ďThat makes my heart swell. Thatís all I ever wanted for the industry while I was there and for all the wonderful women after I was gone. There are a lot of really great girls who are still there that I was really fortunate enough to work with or have their tryout matches. I just want the best for them and Iím so happy that theyíre getting their time. Thatís all that we could ever hope or fight for. Iím so proud of them. I hope theyíre also getting paid as much as the guys since theyíre seen as just as important. I hope that theyíre also getting paid because thatís half the battle, honestly.Ē

Wrestlingís old adage: never say never. Iím sure you are asked this all the time so let me be the one millionth and one person to ask you this. Will we ever see AJ Lee back in a wrestling ring?

On if sheíll ever get back in the ring: ďI never would say that because Iíve personally said never to things before and done them. But I am so happy where I am right now and I feel like I had such a pitch perfect career that I would be nervous about tarnishing that. I feel like itís kind of full-circle and perfect for exactly what I wanted. But who knows?Ē

On her story in the book about protecting her mother from an assault by her father: ďI think so much of my childhood is just reacting to whatever situation youíre in; it was like this is what you need to do in the moment. You need to step up in every moment and just take care of yourself and everyone around you. My role in my family in my young age, probably way too young, was to kind of parent everybody even though I was the youngest in my family. I want to go back and hug that little girl. Itís hard for me to re-read those chaptersÖ I know that Iím not alone. Iím sure that a lot of kids have been in that type of situation. Getting that stuff out there was a way of letting go and healing and hopefully thereís somebody else that realizes you shouldnít have to be that strong at that age. That was a tough one to write.Ē

On being reluctant to watch CM Punk train for his first UFC fight: ďIíve gravitated toward action that is more of the superhero romanticized variety. Superheroes and comic books and pro wrestling where the fear is taken out of it because thereís a levity involved. With UFC itís so real and so violent that itís hard for me to even watch. The pay-per-views will be on in my house and Iíll pay for it and Iíll support it, but I canít really sit down and watch it. Itís hard for me, especially with my husband. For someone who beat up people for a living Iím pretty queasy when it comes to violence for sure.Ē