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Alexa Bliss Hopes to be WWE RAW Women's Champion By Next Year

Posted By James Walsh on 04/16/17

Yahoo! Sports recently interviewed WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss, and she talked about her goals after moving to Raw. Below are some highlights.

Bliss on being a fan of Harley Quinn and villains: ďIím such a villain fan. I love comics, I love anything Disney Ė everyone knows that about me, Iím a big Disney fan Ė anything thatís fictional, Iím a huge fan of. It all started with Iron Man in NXT. [Buddy] Murphy [Blissís real-life fiancťe] had the idea of us all three [Bliss, Murphy and Wesley Blake] dressing up as Iron Man and I thought it was such a cool concept, such a cool idea, that I just kept going with it. I have a few characters left that I havenít portrayed yet, I have a few more coming that I have the outfits for that Iím just waiting to perfect them. I did go a little non-villain at Elimination Chamber when I wore Superman, which was a lot of fun. I just like portraying characters but making it my own. The Harley Quinn thing I was really excited about. I was so bummed because when I left NXT, I thought I couldnít do the cosplay thing anymore. My last gear in NXT was Freddy Krueger because Iím such a horror movie fan, itís ridiculous, but I thought when I went to the main roster it would be a whole different ball game. I kind of ran with the Harley Quinn thing, I said I was going to try it anyway and say sorry after [if it didnít work], but it got a great response and that gave me the freedom to do more.Ē

Bliss on her future goals for Raw: ďA year from now I hope that I have been able to become Raw Womenís Champion. I would love to be able to hold both titles within a year, I think that would be an awesome opportunity. Iíd really like to see our women in the main event at WrestleMania. I know itís kind of considered a future thing and no one knows if itíll ever happen, but in my mind, itís going to happen and hopefully within a year. Hopefully in a year Iíll be womenís champion and have taken this division by storm.Ē

Bliss on the pros and cons on changing rosters for the second time in less than a year: ďSome of the cons would definitely be uprooting everything, changing, getting a new schedule, having to meet new people and build relationships with those people almost every eight months now. But there are plenty of pros. I still do get to meet new people, itís a new environment, a new opportunity. Iím really excited.Ē

On the Smackdown womenís match at WrestleMania 33: ďWe actually didnít know really what was coming. We didnít find out anything literally until the day before [the Shake-Up] saying ĎHey, youíre going to be on Raw,í so I was like ĎOh, OK.í Having the chance to have the matches that Iíve had [as part of the SmackDown Live brand] has been so good. I was also so excited for Naomi at WrestleMania first and foremost because having that moment at WrestleMania, coming in with the title, that was the highlight of my career, so getting to share that moment with Naomi and her regaining the title in her hometown, that was amazing. Working with her again on SmackDown [the following] Tuesday was awesome, it was such a good dynamic. I love when title changes happen because you get to evolve the storyline and evolve each othersí characters. Each person winds up changing and growing. I was super excited to have more matches together and then I found out that I was going to be at Raw and found out I was going to be making an entrance and thatís kind of when it solidified that ĎOK, Iím here and Iím going to do this now.í Now Iím just looking ahead to the opportunity and seeing who I am going to get into a story with and how this is going to go.Ē