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Booker T: 'You Don't Want To Be Labeled Soft in This Business'

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 04/19/17

During the latest edition of his podcast (transcript via wrestlinginc.com), Booker T spoke about Charlotte, doing commentary again and more; here are the highlights…

On Doing Commentary: “I tend to want to be different than the average commentator. I don’t want to go in there and sound like some white collar guy that [has] got a Harvard degree or anything like that. I’ve got to go out there and talk like the people.” Booker T continued, “I’m looking forward to going back and bringing some flavor to Monday Night RAW. Well, [Saxton is] a guy straight up from the suburbs. Do you know what I mean? The last time he had been through the hood, he was going 85 to 100 miles per hour. That’s a good one ain’t it?”

On Charlotte’s Corkscrew Moonsault: “That is the one move that scares me most about Charlotte, is that triple gainer. What do you call it, the moonsault, that corkscrew moonsault. That’s the one thing that scares me about her because that’s a move like when I used to do ‘The Harlem Hangover,’ when I was fresh, I could go out there and do it nine out of 10 times and hit it perfectly. But after a 15-minute brawl, I would go up there and I would have to think about it. I was have to anticipate basically where I needed to land. Now, I think with Charlotte, that’s the one move that would be her downfall if not done properly. And what I mean [by] properly [is] pay-per-view only, baby. Do you feel me? You’ve got to make them pay for it. Do you know what I mean? That’s pay-per-view only. My advice to you now, Charlotte, make sure you know where and when to do all of your big stuff. Do you know what I mean? When you want to debut something big, something new, you do it on TV and then you stop. And you say, ‘on pay-per-view you’re going to see something big. You’re going to see something bigger than that triple gainer.'”

On Being Called Soft Due to Injuries: “You don’t want to get labeled in this business as being injury prone. Do you know what I mean? ‘This guy, he’s soft!’ Do you know what I mean? You don’t want to get that label.” Booker T clarified, “I wasn’t saying [Bálor] specifically, I’m just saying you don’t want that label in this business as far as being soft, a guy that can’t carry the load, a guy that’s not going to be in for the long haul. That’s what this business is about. And it’s about going out there and being able to weather the storm.”