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THE RANT: Should TNA Have Changed Their Name? Is Impact Wrestling Different Enough?

Posted By James Walsh on 04/19/17

Ok, lets talk about the many names of Impact Wrestling.

The company began as a branch of the NWA using the NWA call letters to reach out to the classic wrestling fans that remember that before there was a World Championship Wrestlng - WCW - the National Wrestling Alliance was the alternative to the then World Wrestling Federation - WWF, WWE now.

The other half of the name was Total Nonstop Action - TNA. TNA was a play on letters to describe to fans an avenue of the content. The tongue-in-cheek letters were to imply that the commercials featuring the TNA girls would show a lot of talent and ability, T&A, on their shows adding a sexual component the WWE was phasing out at the time. The meaning, Total Nonstop Action, was later used to push the company's calling card in its early days - The X Division.

After NWA TNA secured its own TV deal on FOX Sports Net and utilized pay-per-view for 3 hour special events instead of being their only broadcast, the company dropped ties with the NWA to forge forward with their own identity.

But, TNA did not include the word "Wrestling" and might be confusing to those who don't know what the call letters are meant to be. Plus, the TNA letters could have been at least slightly off-putting to non-informed parents of children finding the product. Therefore, the TNA name was going to be changed.

Sometime in 2011, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Mick Foley gathered in a TNA ring and launched what should have been the transition from TNA to Impact Wrestling. Sadly, it just became TNA Impact Wrestling after that and the call letters of TNA stood strong.

The TNA Impact Wrestling name lasted from 2011 until 2017. It saw lots of changes and many of them not good ones. But, its change was done, at long last, at the hands of Bruce Prichard who was returning after having left the company 4 years prior.

So, here's my question.

Is the Impact Wrestling name a good one? Or, should they have scorched the earth and gone with a name that has no roots back to a brand that damaged itself by bad business as usual with financial atrophy clearly causing a reduction in the quality of the show starting with the level of names appearing on the show and trickling down to the production quality and, of course, touring schedule.

Personally, TNA has always been my baby. Sure, I've gotten mad at it when it has disappointed me. And, being truthful, there are times that I doubted if it could survive. But, it did. Somehow, some way, it did. But, the damage done to the name has been done. I would have made a change from the TNA name also but I'm not sure Impact Wrestling splits it from the product that was much maligned online both for valid and invalid reasons. So, while I am skeptical, I support the move. It needed to be made. Time will tell if it is the right move or not. But, at this time, I vote "Yes". And, it is time to make Impact Great Again!