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Steve Austin Explains Why he Is Not Acting Currently

Posted By James Walsh on 05/14/17

Steve Austin spoke with Lilian Garcia on her Making Their Way to the Ring podcast. The video and highlights are below:

On why he doesnít want to act anymore: ďAll the stuff that Iím doing now is like passion projects like Broken Skull Challenge I love that show and acting I donít really care about actingÖno because you just, the memorization process, I mean for me to be you know on set you know and going through the paces, and hitting your marks, and doing another take, doing another take, and then someone elseís coverage, Iíve probably done ten to twelve movies and it was fine while we were doing them. You know being on the set is not fun for me, and donít get me wrong if the right gig came along I would consider doing it I donít mean to sound like a jerk, but people always think just because you came out of wrestling and you did a few movies like oh man you need to do more movies, well it depends on you know, I donít really want to do more movies you know, but people always think this is what you should do. What I should do is what Iím doing.Ē

On the Attitude Era roster: ďThat was one of the most talented rosters in the history of the business so ya man first of all we had a stacked locker room, and heres the thing, like in the business of pro-wrestling hey man I made it for myself but weíre in it as a team because weíre traveling together, weíre like a carnival, this is pro-wrestling we got a card, youíre a match and thereís eight other matches or ten other matches whatever the program is, so youíre all a team, and youíre all fighting to put asses in the seats. It would be real selfish for me to say oh man I want to be number one and I donít want anyone to be close. No, I want to be number one and I want everyone to be kicking and scratching crawling so I can really say that Iím number so you wan the guy youíre working with to be as hot as you because the hotter your dance partner is the more people are going to want to see that so we had such a charismatic, talented group of guys in the ring on the horn with their gimmicks Vince was on fire with the ideas, the writing department, the booking department had great ideas so yes Iím glad we had the locker room we had.Ē

On not wanting a full time gig with WWE: ďI donít like to travel anymore Lilian. Itís like when I was still in the WWE and my days before that because I give or take have been in the business thirteen or fourteen years until my neck crapped out and I got out of the business, I loved being on the road back in the day you know youíre a road warrior, youíre addicted to the road, then all of a sudden youíre out there and youíve been on the road for ten, fourteen whatever more days and youíre thinking God dang man I really want to go home, and then you get home and youíre there for about a day and a half youíre like man Iím ready to get back on the road, so I mean itís in your blood. But once you get out of the businessóand it took me three years to get over getting out of the business, and I wonít tell that story because I told that story so many times, but my point is, you know when youíre in the business of being on the road with the WWE youíre a road warrior and thatís what you do, thatís your life, and you love it, and Iím very passionate about the business, itís what I wanted to do with my life, itís the only thing I wanted to do. I didnít want to come out here and get into acting, I did it because I had to get out of the business of pro-wrestling but my point is when you turn back into what I call civilian mode, you know, you kind of lose all that interest in traveling.Ē

On being fired by Eric Bischoff: ďEric Bischoff firing me was the best thing that ever happened to me as far as pro-wrestling goes because I wouldíve never become Stone Cold Steve Austin down at WCWÖEvery now and then when Eric comes to LA heíll give me a call and weíll go drink a couple of beers thatís a hatchet thats been buried a long time ago I like Eric a lot but it was a deal where you know he didnít see any money in me, and quite frankly if you lined up everybody in that locker room and said hey man pick all your stars and then throw out the scripts you know I was kind of starting to lose my hair, I didnít really have a great gimmick, didnít have the whole you know package put together yet so you know based on the amount of days that I had been injured, coming off a knee injury and then a tricep injury, you know he did what he thought he needed to do, but hereís the thing going back to what I said about my mother, you know you tell me I cant do something well Iíll prove you wrong every single time, and I wanted to be a successful professional wrestler, and I came up with the Stone Cold gimmick, and I started cranking out merchandise and we started putting asses in the seats, but it wasnít like hey this is a vendetta or this is revenge youíre one of the guys who let me go.Ē

On walking out from WWE in 2002: ďIt was a real stupid decision to fast forward there and go back to my family but ya when I heard about doing the favors you know from Jim Ross and I was in a hotel and I heard that information and I worked with Flair in Columbus, Georgia that night in a cage and that was Monday Night Raw in Atlanta and then I called Vince that night people heard the story a million times and I didnít like the creative, I was burnt out and there had been a couple of real weird things that I thought were road blocks thrown at me that didnít make sense from a booking standpoint, when you have an extremely hot talent whoís selling tickets and merchandise like crazy you just kinda keep throwing gasoline on him and I thought this was road block unadvertised, all about trying to help the next guy up but right now weíre running strong with me so anyway thatís when I went home and if it hadnít been for Jim Ross who knows what wouldíve happened. Because it was stupid, I mean here I am talking to Jim, he gives me creative, I donít like it, so then you know he calls the old man and the old man tells Jim ĎTell Steve to call me no matter what time it is, give me a callí because we got TV ó this is live Monday Night Raw, so I call Vince at two am that morning his time and he tells me the same creative and Iím thinking as you and me are sitting here eye to eye face to face and Iím thinking Ďall right so thatís what weíre gonna do, all rightí, well you canít read my mind but you can look at me, I donít like what Iím hearing, so I was just thinking okay at the tone of my voice, it was stupid, I already knew right then, I already knew right then I was going to get on an airplane, book my flight and fly back to San Antonioí. ďWhat I shouldíve done was gone to the building man to man, face Vince McMahon and said ĎHey you know I donít really like Ed and hereís why I donít like Ed Iím extremely hot right now and I want Brock to do well and you got a real blue chipper right there, heís an absolute phenomenal freak, and heís very charismatic, heís gonna draw a lot of money but not right now itís my time and we need to do something else, and if you do want to do that match well lets promote it, letís build it, and lets make something of it then make some money on a Pay Per View, and so I shouldíve went there and talked to Vince man to man, face to face and sell it rather than going homeóit was the dumbest thing I could ever do.Ē

On getting advice from Vader in WCW: ďIíll never forget the advice that Leon White gave me a long time in WCW as Big Man Vader, he goes ĎSteve, always let a cooler head prevailí you know, he goes think about things before you make a knee jerk reaction, because Iím real bad about making a knee jerk reaction. These days Iíll think about the knee jerk reaction but I wonít do it, Iíll think it through before I do anything and that just comes with being around, being in more situations where you can say okay man you really screwed up the last time, lets think about this, lets be a little big smart about it.Ē

On visiting NXT in the future: ďIíve been wanting to go down to NXT to talk to those kids down thereÖits just a pain in the neck to get down to Florida but one of these days I will.Ē

On scripted promos: ďWhen I came back from my neck surgery thatís kind of when that system kind of really came into play, in those last few years you know I got away with it because you couldnít tell that I was doing it but the system changed and I just kind of adapted or adopted the system that they were throwing at me, but I always felt a little like I was maybe short changing myself or the business by doing that but thatís what the system became so it is what it is.Ē