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Gail Kim Says Her Loyalty is to Impact Wrestling

Posted By James Walsh on 05/14/17

Gail Kim spoke with Busted Open Radio for a new interview. Some highlights are below:

On who she thinks is the best female in the industry today: ďCharlotte Flair definitely. I donít watch a lot of wrestling right now because number one thereís an overabundance of it, I canít keep up. I pretty much keep track of all wrestling through social media, which has been great, and so I watch bits and pieces. If I talk about people having a great match then I have to go watch it. That started happening when the NXT girls were doing their thing, you know The Four Horsewomen, and I remember watching a four way with those girls and thinking ĎWho stands out to me?í And Charlotte actually didnít stand out to me back then. I thought she was solid, I thought she was athletic, and then the way that sheís progressed over the years just in her confidence, her year, everything is just now the complete package. And mind you, since weíre in the business we hear about people and their work ethic, their personality, whether theyíre well liked or respected, and that usually factors into everything. And Charlotte, everyone will tell me sheís the hardest worker. And I can respect that. I met her for the first time maybe two months ago, so sweet, really great girl. I love that she has hard shoes to fill. The people that come from, especially successful, second-generation talent, itís just hard to fill those shoes of their fathers or mothers. She has done an awesome job. That would be a dream match for me as well.Ē

On if Charlotte would it be the best match of her career: ďIt could be, yeah. It definitely has the potential to be. Iím not gonna like, Iím a little old. There are some girls that I would love to work with up there and Charlotte is definitely one of the. But I donít know if thatís a possibility at this point. Where I am and where she is, so thatís too bad. I would love for that to happen, I think thatíd be great. Her Figure Four, my Figure Four in the post. Who knows whoíd win?Ē

On whatís next for her: ďMy ultimate goal is always to make magic. Iím not retired, everyone always thinks Iím retired, I was injured. But hey, Iím 40-years-old, I donít wanna be decrepit, I donít want the fans to think of me in any way of being slowed down, which Iím not. Thatís why Iíve taken my time coming back. Iím sure at some point Iíll retire but I donít know when that is. Then, Iím already at the point where Iím helping the girls and I feel thatíll be my natural transition. I donít know, weíll see. Iíve always been that spontaneous, go with the flow, I donít turn any great opportunities down whether itís in our out of wrestling. Iím an opportunity grabber.Ē

On a possible WWE return: ďI will say never say never. Number two, my loyalty is always with Impact Wrestling to tell you the truth. But never say never, and if that was the case, if I ever had to or did go back and get that opportunity, I would be myself. Because at this point you have nothing to lose, itís like whatever. If you canít accept me for who I am, f*ck it.Ē