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Angelico Says He Was Offered WWE Deal Before Lucha Underground

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 07/15/17

In an interview with Metro, Angelico revealed that he was offered a deal with WWE before he joined up with Lucha Underground. Here are highlights:

On being remembered for his dives: ďLucha Underground is one of the best companies you can work for in terms of how they treat the staff and wrestlers. How they manage the TV tapings is second to none. Out of that show came those two dives and they have defined me because thatís what everyone knows me for, thatís what stands out in peopleís minds when they think of me. Iím completely happy about it because I did two of them, I wonít do them again, so Iím glad people like and remember them.Ē

On getting an offer from WWE: ďI canít really talk about the details but there was contact made by WWE before we signed with Lucha Underground in 2014 to both me and Jack. We talked it over and decided at that time that Lucha Underground were going to take the risk with it because we really believed in the project. We also had the mentality that if WWE were interested in us in 2014 and if every year weíre still getting better as individuals and as a tag-team, why wouldnít they still want us a few years later a few years on. With a few years to play with we went with the Lucha Underground project which was fun and new. I canít speak for Jack, but we donít regret not going, I think heís happy with the decision he made as am I. Whoís to say we wonít turn up there one day, but with how wrestling is in this day and age itís great to be a free agent and travel the world.Ē

On being a well-traveled wrestler: ďItís definitely made me the wrestler I am. Itís always what I wanted to base myself on, when I became a fan of wrestling my idols were people like Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho, the well-traveled wrestlers before they settled into WWE. You could always see the difference between a well rounded wrestler and one who was just dominant in one style. To be well rounded means you have to travel around the world learning all of the styles, whether itís European, Mexican, Japanese or American. If Iím bias towards one of the styles itíd be Lucha-libre Mexican style because thatís what I like the most with the high-flying. The combination of working and living in different countries has given me a hybrid Lucha-libre style.Ē