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Ryback Elaborates on Planned Ultimate Warrior Match

Posted By James Walsh on 07/15/17

As we reported yesterday, Ryback claimed in a recent edition of his podcast that he was set to face The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 30. Wrestling Inc has more quotes from the podcast, in which he revealed he thought he would lose to Warrior in only a few minutes. Here are highlights:

On the match with Ultimate Warrior: “Especially being in the position that I was in and having success without necessarily being allowed to go higher, but I didn’t think it was because it probably… Much like when Hunter did the favors for him the WrestleMania before he came back early on, Hunter never broken through yet and whatnot. But I thought I didn’t think it was necessarily going to be the perfect, but at the same time, I loved The Ultimate Warrior was a kid. In this business, you can’t be a f–king mark. Especially, a lot of guys have a problem with this. It’s business and I’m looking at it like, ‘well, how the f–k do I recover from that [match at WrestleMania]?’ It’s not necessarily going to be a joke, but it’s probably going to be one of those one or two minute deals.”

On being a part of Warrior’s last match: “It would have been cool because it would live on forever and whatnot in the grand scheme of things. From a personal standpoint, it would’ve been cool to be part of his last moment [in WWE ring], as far as his last match, probably, in WWE, to give him, to go out in one big bang. It would have been better than what [Ryback ended up doing at WrestleMania]. I was probably in a preshow tag match or something.” Ryback added, “it would have been a much better position because it would have been on the show.”

On not being sure if he plans were serious: “Yeah, so that was one of those deals, and this is again, I don’t know how serious it was. That was a real thing at one point or it was presented as a real thing. Again, you never know with WWE. Mark Carrano, they could’ve had his sheet [forged]. ‘Let’s f–k with Ryback and make him think he’s going to be on WrestleMania.’ I’m not kidding. It could’ve been that. But I did see the sheet where it said ‘Ryback vs. Ultimate Warrior’ and they had other matches on that card that did end up happening. But things change and that ended up not happening.”

On Kurt Angle wanting to face him on the independent scene: “I actually messaged something to Kurt just saying thank you. That was great. I guess he was saying he wants to or wanted to wrestle me on the independents or something along the lines of that, which was really cool of him. I’m sure at some point in time that could happen.” Ryback continued, “he [has] always been really cool to me from Day 1, so I thought that was nice to bring me up in a 2K18 interview. He didn’t have to, so I look forward… I think… I would love to wrestle him.”

On thinking Angle will be cleared to return in WWE: “Yeah, [Angle will be medically cleared by WWE officials to wrestle again]. I’ve seen him wrestle on the independents recently and stuff, so I’m sure he can get himself ready to go if it’s… I don’t know about him doing full-time, five days a week, but I think if you, like he did on the independents, he’d do a match here, get ready, take a little time off, a match here, a match there, just to stay kind of sharp enough. I think with his training regimen, and just his past, and his mindset, if he knows [about an upcoming match, he will be able to prepare himself accordingly]. And maybe it’s just one big match. Maybe that’s all that there is left. I don’t know. He’ll be more than ready.”

We also reported that Dana Warrior has denied the Ryback vs. Warrior match was ever considered for Wrestlemania 30.