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Lio Rush Wants Kenny Omega in the Ring

Posted By James Walsh on 07/15/17

In an interview with A Music Blog, Yea? (via Wrestling Inc), Lio Rush said that he would like to have a match with Kenny Omega. Here are highlights:

On who he wants to wrestle: “There are plenty of people still on the list, a bunch of them are from New Japan. I haven’t gotten a chance to really wrestle against the New Japan guys, even thought I was in Ring of Honor for about a year and I was on some New Japan joint shows. I got to work with some of them like Kushida, The Tempura Boyz, [and] Cheeseburger is a huge favorite over there in New Japan so just a few guys, but never a one-on-one contest. Of course, guys like Kenny Omega – I was in a six man [match] with Omega, so I got to do a little bit with him – but [Kazuchika] Okada, [Kenny] Omega. I would love to go one-on-one with Kushida.”

On Wale recognizing him: “I had a recent interaction with Wale backstage at a show. It was so weird, I was just walking around and he saw me and stopped what he was doing – I think he had an entourage with him or whatever – he stopped talking to them and came up to me and was like ‘Hey, what’s up Lio? It’s good to meet you,’ I guess it’s because we’re both from the D.C. area, so he knew who I was, so that was pretty cool.”

On his fan and critics: “I’ve had so many people that said ‘Oh, I hate Lio Rush, I don’t know why people are always so big on him.’ Those are usually the people who don’t see me in person, but when they do see me in person it’s always like, ‘Oh man, this guy is pretty awesome.’ [Laughs] I love the people that hate me, I love the people that love me, as long as they’re talking about me, that’s all that matters. I’m truly grateful for just the fans, in general, because I would not be where I am today – this quickly – if it wasn’t for people just talking about me and spreading the word about what I do and how hard I work.”