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THE RANT: Anthem, Impact, & the Broken Universe... Ugh!

Posted By James Walsh on 07/15/17

Recently, there has been a groundswell of noise about the Hardy Boyz returning with their Broken Universe gimmick on WWE TV. They performed the characters on TNA Impact Wrestling last year into this year. Yet, somehow, people believe they own the right to the gimmick.

For example, Shane Helms has broken his silence stating that Anthem and Jeff Jarrett were unprofessional in their treatment of him after his friends the Hardy Boyz left the company. He also states that they are petty for not allowing the duo to use the Broken Universe gimmick. Funny, Shane Helms wasn't the Hurricane on TNA TV. Was WWE being petty not letting him do that?

For those carrying a moral torch and claiming GFW and Anthem, if not indeed one in the same, are wrong for not bending to the public scorn of the Internet and Reby Hardy for protecting their intellectual property... Tel me this. How do you feel about Cody Rhodes not being able to call himself Cody Rhodes because WWE won't let him use his father's wrestling last name? Is that petty? Go on. Tell me.

Hey, why wasn't Sean Waltman the 1 2 3 Kid when he went to WCW in 1996? Why didn't he return to WWE as Syxx in 1998? For that matter, why is Chris Adonis not Chris Masters in GFW? Why is Tyrus not Brodus Clay? This is not new.

The Monday Night Wars were full of situations like this with talent jumping back and forth and having to scrap characters or names because the prior company owned it. No matter how many foul words are used, the same situation is what is happening here with the Broken Universe.

Bottom line? I enjoyed the Broken Universe. In a perfect world, I'd love to see Matt and Jeff pull it off in WWE and ultimately lose to Bray Wyatt so Triple H can convince the world and write in the history books that the stolen gimmick was theirs all along anyway. And, rest assured, that IS what would happen. But, it is NOT how this all works. It just is not. I'm sorry if that makes you mad. But, if temper tantrums changed the world, the world would change often at the whim of toddlers and PMSing women.

A bad contract was signed by the Hardy Boyz. I don't care if they bankrolled footage because TNA was being run poorly and couldn't pay for additional stuff. That was a decision that was made... Like buying the staff donuts... You don't get those donus back when you leave! Sorry. Nope.

It is time for people to stop thinking anythong that is not WWE is evil. Because, you'll find, it is actually the other way around.