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Marty "The Moth" Martinez Gives Props to the Big Show

Posted By James Walsh on 07/16/17

Lucha Underground’s Marty “The Moth” Martinez (aka Martin Casaus) spoke with Wrestling-Infos for a new interview. Highlights are below:

On trying out for WWE in 2007: “The WWE at that time and still never really comes to Utah, where I’m from. So I had to fly myself to the next state or three states over and just fly myself on my own dime just to be seen in front of them. It was fun, there was one memory that stuck out and that was with The Big Show.”

On the Big Show sticking up for him: “I did something in California. I went out there for California. And The Big Show saw me, I said Hi to everybody. Then they went to Colorado and then they went to Texas. I flew myself to Colorado, which is close to me. Then I flew myself the next week to Texas. I said Hi to The Big Show again, this is the third week in a row. And he is like ‘Didn’t I just see you in Colorado?’ I say ‘Yeah, I was there.’ ‘But didn’t I see you the week before that in California.’ I said ‘Yeah yeah yeah.’ ‘Wait, so where are you from. Are you from here in Texas?’ I’m like ‘No, I’m from Utah.’ – ‘Wait, you’re from Utah and you went all three different places’ – ‘Yeah, I flew myself in. I just want a chance to the city.’ And he grabs me and says ‘Follow me.’ He takes me into the office and this is The Big Show. I haven’t had any interaction with him at all except for Hi and Bye. He pulls me in there and says ‘Hey, this guy flew himself in to the last three different states in the last three weeks and he doesn’t live in either of them. Give this guy a tryout right now.’ – ‘Oh, okay.’ And then he took me to John Laurinaitis, everybody knows Laurinaitis because of his time on TV there. He said ‘Okay, yep, come here kid I’ll put you in a tryout.'” I said ‘Cool’ and thought that was very nice of The Big Show to just take a guy he saw working hard to be there and give him a shot.”