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Petition Started to Bring Back Talking Smack

Posted By James Walsh on 07/16/17

Max Landis has started a petition to bring back Talking Smack as a weekly after-show. Landis, who is a screenwriter, director and wrestling fan who created the famous “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” video, creates the petition on Change.org after WWE dropped the show on a weekly basis. It will remain in place for Smackdown-branded PPVs.

The petition has 11,583 signees as of this writing and reads as follows:

“Talking Smack” was an innovative, engaging, compelling and reliably hilariously funny closer look at the characters and world of the WWE. It drove deeper interest in characters who often didn’t get time to speak on television, and was home to some of the best segments in recent history.

The informal style, spearheaded by the grounded, friendly conversational performance of host Renee Young and bolstered by Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon, who act like real people, shows a side of the wild storylines that makes even the most silly and ridiculous situation on Smackdown suddenly seem remarkably real, fun, and complex.

Shows like “Talking Smack,” that broaden the world of the WWE Universe and give a looser-structured but tighter-focused look at the Superstars within it, are integral to growing interest in story-lines and characters; they are not just frosting. I know this, because due to Talking Smack, I am a fan with a more vested and profound appreciation for Erick Rowan, The Usos, Alexa Bliss, and even more prominent characters like AJ Styles.

WWE prides itself on hearing the voice of the WWE Universe, so let’s speak up. Sign this petition, and let’s make it clear that WE, the WWE Universe, the $9.99ers and the crowds on Youtube who make WWE’s channel the second most watched content IN THE WORLD, want “Talking Smack” BACK.

Stand up and shout loud for an uncommon, and uncommonly smart show.