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Ted DiBiase Getting One-Day Theatrical Release

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 08/08/17

The documentary on WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase is set to get a one-night theatrical release. Engage Media Partners announced that The Price of Fame will be available in theaters on November 7th at 8 PM local time via Fathom Events.

The film’s synopsis reads as follows: “Ted DiBiase is known by scores of fans as the ‘Million Dollar Man’ – the larger-than-life character that helped launch pro-wrestling into the international spotlight and one of the greatest villains in pro-wrestling history. But the price of fame took DiBiase away from his family into an egocentric world of self-fulfillment and desire, where he spiraled out of control. In the documentary, The Price of Fame: The Story of Ted ‘Million Dollar Man’ DiBiase, audiences will witness DiBiase’s story and learn about his inspiring search for meaning, which changed him from a self-absorbed, jet-setting wrestler into a devoted Christian, family man and ordained minister.”

“The Price of Fame shows that fame, money, power and prestige are not what’s really important in life. Devotion to family and friends, giving of yourself to others and building strong character and integrity – these are life’s priceless commodities, and are far more rewarding than anything money can buy,” said DiBiase. “Although I appreciate my time in wrestling, I don’t want to be remembered as a wrestling legend, but someone who, through much grace and mercy, overcame many mistakes. I want to be known as a husband, father, grandfather and friend who left a legacy of selfless love and devotion.”