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Okada Not Sure if WWE Is In His Future

Posted By James Walsh on 09/07/17

Kazuchika Okada discussed his chances of ending up in WWE, topping the 2017 PWI 500 and more in a new interview with PWI Online. The highlights are below:

On topping the PWI 500: “I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of fans in America and overseas who are going to pick [the magazine] up and not know who this guy is. They’ll be surprised and wondering who I am. So I really do hope that they dig a little bit and check out New Japan and check out the roster. And if that happens, that would be something that I consider an honor. Then, maybe . . . you guys might have a few more New Japan guys showing up in that list, toward the top 5 maybe.”

On the importance of showmanship in his presentation: “From what I can see, gone are the days where you can just be the strongest and that will put you at the top. It takes a little bit more . . . something else to grab the attention of not just pro wrestling fans, but fans in general—to catch their eye. That’s why I enter the ring in the fashion that I do and wear a robe that shines the way it does. I can’t see somebody in black trunks walking in and taking the spot that I hold now. That time is gone.”

On possibly going to WWE one day: “There’s really no telling what could happen. But just as much as I might feel the desire and the drive to be in a match against Jinder or something at that level at SummerSlam, just like Nakamura did, I might also want to jump into UFC. I might also want to go to Hollywood and try my luck there—maybe as the next James Bond. Also, I might desire to focus on the next challenge against Kenny or whoever here. So, to be honest with you, I simply don’t know.”