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Christy Hemme Announces Pregnancy

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 09/08/17

Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout, Christy Hemme, announced today in a new video that she is pregnant and expecting quadruplets. You can check out her video on the announcement in the player below.

Hemme revealed,So, I am pregnant, yay! Been trying for a long time; very, very excited. But Im not just pregnant with one baby. And Im not pregnant with two babies, no. Or three babies, no, no, no. I am pregnant with quadruplets!

She added, I am so excited you guys. I am like, beyond excited. I am also scared and petrified and oh, every emotion in the book.

Hemme also revealed that shes 15 weeks pregnant and shes dealing with a high-risk pregnancy. As a result, she plans on spending most of her pregnancy on bedrest or in a hospital.