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Titles & Descriptions For All Total Bellas Episodes

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 09/12/17

Here are all of the episode titles and descriptions for this season of Total Bellas…

* Mother Mayhem: “Nikki refuses to let her brother JJ talk to her boyfriend, John Cena, about JJ’s marital problems, afraid that John will never want to propose to her; Brie puts her husband on a labor simulator so he can feel what its like to have a baby.”

* Who’s Your Mama? :”With John Cena busy on the road, Nikki starts to miss her dog, Winston, and tries to get him back from Brie and Bryan, causing a custody battle; a frustrated Brie uninvites Bryan from their baby shower; JJ agrees to work on his broken marriage.”

* Power Struggle: “Nikki finally gets a tag team match with John Cena; a major legal discussion throws the family through a loop; Kathy’s surprisingly active sex life leaves her kids scratching their heads.”

* Wine About It: “The family travels to wine country to support the launch of the new Bella wine, and Bryan disapproves of Brie tasting the wine while pregnant; JJ’s silly pranks wind up severely injuring Nikki; Kathy has a major meltdown in front of the family.”

* The Wrong Move: “An injury in the ring puts Nikki’s WrestleMania tag-team match with John Cena at risk; Bryan makes everyone take a DNA test and the results are shocking.”

* Countdown to Mania: “Rumors about John Cena proposing to her at WrestleMania prompt Nikki to get back in the ring no matter what the cost; Brie and Bryan realize they are just weeks away from giving birth and need to get things in order.”

* SEASON FINALE – Bella-Mania: “In what may be her last WrestleMania, Nikki goes against doctor’s orders and gets surprised by John Cena; Brie and Bryan anxiously await the birth of their daughter, but when things don’t go according to plan, they need to make an emergency decision.”

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