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Bram Comments on his 2015 Domestic Violence Charge

Posted By James Walsh on 09/12/17

Bram took to his social media account to address 2015 domestic violence charges after a booking in Ireland was canceled due to a fan outcry. The GFW star, real name Thomas Latimer, posted to his Twitter account to state that he was “falsely accused” by his girlfriend at the time in August of 2015. He was arrested in Gulfport, Florida and charged with a count of domestic battery by strangulation, along with a count of false imprisonment. The arresting officers said in their report that Bram admitted to holding the victim down by the throat and refusing to let her leave.

TNA suspended Bram after the charges were filed. He pled not guilty on all charges and remained suspended until October of that year when the prosecuting attorney declined to press charges. The charges have come back to haunt him since from time to time and cost him a booking gig at Ireland’s Over the Top Rope Wrestling due to fans complaining that he was going to be used on the show.

Bram posted today in regard to the issues, “I was falsely accused and charged with domestic charges; all charges were dropped after it became clear it was a deliberately false situation for the sole purpose of adversely affecting my career and public profile. It worked. The media, of course, only ran the arrest and accusation charges and not the subsequent dropped charges and as such, I have a tainted reputation.”

He also notes, “I am not perfect, but I have absolutely never been violent towards a woman. If I am guilty of anything, it is making some poor choices in the company I keep in the past.”