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Chaotic Wrestling 'Road to Breaking Point' Results

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 10/07/17

Chaotic Wrestling held their latest show, “Road to Breaking Point,” on Friday in Woburn, Massachusetts. Here are the full results, per PWInsider

It’s the go-home show for Chaotic as they head to their biggest show of the fall “Breaking Point” in just a few weeks. They’ve been building for months toward the title match between champion Elia Markopolous and challenger Brian Milonas, and they have decided to go with it tonight. In addition, MJF returns to take on Chaotic favorite Mike Verna. And it’s the first New England title defense for Josh Briggs as he takes on former champ Christian Casanova. This should be a really great night of action for Chaotic.

Before the show, Johnny Vegas was out with Rich Palladino and Julian Starr pumping up Breaking Point. He then left and went backstage where he bumped into Chase Del Monte, who was running his mouth to Mike Verna. He told Chase that because he’s been getting so involved in Verna’s matches that if he even comes through the curtain tonight, he will be suspended.

* MATCH ONE: Maxwell Jacob Friedman v. “Man of Steel” Mike Verna

MJF continues his ascent as the best pure heel on the independent scene. His improved in-ring storytelling was on display here tonight as he did great work building the heat on Verna and working over the arm. Verna also continues to show his potential as a babyface with very good selling.

The Logan Brothers came down to ringside and were watching the match while drinking beers. During a dive to the outside, Verna and MJF almost collided with the table. One of the Logan’s complained to Verna that he almost knocked over his beer. Verna responded by finishing the beer.

Back in the ring, one of the Logan’s distracted the ref. This allowed the other to throw powder in Verna’s eyes, and MJF hit a cradle slam variation for the win. Good opener. I would have liked to see these two get more time, but this played into the storyline of Chase and the Hooligans continuing to mess with Verna.

WINNER: Maxwell Jacob Friedman

* MATCH TWO: Brick Mastone v. Brett Domino

On the last show in a backstage segment, Brick ended his friendship with Domino and beat him down in the locker room. It continues Brick’s downward spiral in the company.

Domino came out of the gate with a flurry of offense before getting cut off by Mastone. Brick then proceeded to throw him around the ring and pick him apart. Domino sold really well and Brick did well building the heat until Brett’s comeback. Brick looked ready to finish until the lights went out. On the big screen at the entrance, a video of referee Kevin Quinn escaping appeared. This was a long term storyline of Quinn having been kidnapped by a mystery person and Brick’s being accused of doing it. When the lights came back on, Brick was shocked. He turned into a small package from Brett for the three count. This got a good pop from the crowd. Decent match and a good building block kind of match for Domino.

WINNER: Brett Domino

* MATCH THREE: New England Championship – Josh Briggs (c) v. Christian Casanova (with Tripilicious)

Briggs was formerly the sidekick for Casanova until their eventual breakup, with Briggs taking the one-night tournament for the title last month.

Tripilicious was not out with Casanova. However, during Briggs entrance, he jumped the champion from behind. He and Casanova then posted Briggs before the bell.

This was a clinic in building the heat by Casanova. His work as a hell has continued to get better and better with each passing month, and his intensity and creativity was on display in this one. For his size, Briggs did a great job in playing the babyface in peril, with the pre-match beatdown being a great way to make it more believable.

A couple of miscues aside, this was a really well told story. Briggs ended up getting the win with the I Hope You Die (reverse Razor’s Edge into a Falcon Arrow) from the top when he cut off a Casanova move attempt from the top.

WINNER: Josh Briggs

* MATCH FOUR: Cam Zagami & Chase Del Monte (with The Logan Brothers) v. The Breakfast Club (Francis Kip Stevens & CPA)

Recently, in a show of respect, The Logans have taken Cam and his injured partner Anthony Greene under their wing. Now, apparently, The Logans have endorsed Cam to join the Mill City Hooligans. Del Monte isn’t too sure, so he is teaming with him tonight to “test it out.”

Tons of comedy in this one. For those that have never watched The Breakfast Club before, they play stereotypical nerds, including one that wears “nerd glasses.” The Logans were caught trying to use powder on the floor and got ejected.

Del Monte went for the Five Knuckles of Doom from the top, but CPA got the boot up. Del Monte then backed into Cam on the apron and knocked him down by accident.

The finish saw Cam and Chase recover and hit a spike cradle piledriver for the win. The issue here is that the crowd didn’t really get behind the gimmick of the Breakfast Club, which is to have really weak offense for comedic offense. So whenever they went for a move, they simply saw it as weak and not funny.

After the match, Chase called for Cam to hit Kip with the tag belt. This brought out Anthony Green to stop him. Chase then yelled at Greene that Cam isn’t on his team anymore. As Chase’s back was turned, Cam nailed Chase with the belt. Green then hit a second rope Lethal Injection.

Greene got on the mic and said they’re through with the games and they bested all three of them already. Chase then said that it’s 3 on 2, so no one disrespects them. As the Hooligans were ready to jump them, Verna hit the ring and evened it up. The Hooligans powdered. Verna then challenged them to War Games at Breaking Point. I should note that I heard rumors of a War Games match for Breaking Point for a while, so they’re not jumping the NXT bandwagon in doing this. It’s been planned for some time.

WINNERS: Cam Zagami & Chase Del Monte


* MATCH FIVE: Ace Romero v. Scotty Slade

Slade was selling his leg like it was hurt before the match even started. Before the bell could ring, Robo The Punjabi Lion came out with Bakabella and sat down at ringside.

Slade did not have an injured leg. Instead, he had a steel rod in his tights (a literal one). The referee asked what it was and he said “look at the size of him!” saying he needed it to win.

Big man versus little man style of match, with Romero taking to the air a couple of times. Slade tried to pick him up a couple of times to complete failure. Romero went to legdrop Slade on the apron from the second rope but Slade moved and Romero crashed and burned.

Back in the ring, Romero went up top and missed a Swanton. Slade then (sort of) got Romero up for a bodyslam. After a couple of nearfalls, Slade went for a tope on the floor, but Romero caught him right into a brutal spinning sidewalk slam. He rolled Slade into the ring, and then when he was going for the pin, Slade rolled him up for the pin. Unfortunately, it looked really comical and didn’t work, taking away from the match.

After the match, Robo hit the ring and beat Slade down, continuing their feud. Romero made the save.

WINNER: Scotty Slade

* MATCH SIX: JT Dunn (with Sammi Lane) v. Teddy Hart

Dunn took the mic and ran down a member of the audience who was speaking out. Then he ran down Hart for being cool in 2004 but being old news. Good promo.

Lots of fantastic mat work from Hart in the early going. The story was that the “old” veteran was getting the better of the younger guy. Teddy went up top for a move when Lane came in the ring and got in the way. As the ref escorted her out of the ring, Dunn hit a low blow. From tthere he built the heat on Teddy.

Teddy came back with a Canadian Destroyer AND a piledriver while Dunn was draped across the second rope. Think that was the finish? Of course it wasn’t. Lane caused another distraction and allowed Dunn to get back in it. Then guess what? A cradle Canadian Piledriver and a powerbomb into a backcracker for a two count. Seriously.

The ref was down when Lane pulled Hart’s leg and he got crotched on the top rope. Dunn then hit the Death By Elbow for the win.

Perhaps I’m out of touch, but all of those over the top moves for nearfalls just didn’t work for me. I’m not trying to denigrate the guys involved, because I’m an admirer of Dunn’s work and have seen him have some outstanding matches over the years. Plus, the fundementals that Hart displays are fantastic. I just felt that they did too much for nearfalls.

Dunn then took the mic and put himself over. This brought out Milonas, who came out and told Dunn to get the hell out of the ring and it’s main event time.


* MAIN EVENT: Chaotic Heavyweight Title – Elia Markopolous (c) v. Brian Milonas

Lots of time spent with Milonas getting the heat on Elia via his size advantage. Just when Elia thought he had a comeback, Milonas would overwhelm him and cut him off. There was lots of crowd confusion because Elia is supposed to be the babyface, but he either gets halfhearted boos or is met with indifference. In many cases, Milonas’ heel tactics get cheered because of it. Tough break.

They traded nearfalls and unfortunately the crowd was silent. The referee then got bumped. They both hit moves that theoretically would have won the match, but the ref was down. Milonas got a chair. They both ended up hitting each other in the head with it, which isn’t cool, but it happened. Elia fell on top of Milonas, but both of their shoulders were on the mat and the ref counted three. GM Johnny Vegas came out and his contemplated everything, and the match was declared a double pin and Elia retained. Vegas then said he’s signing a rematch at Breaking Point. Elia then said let’s make it a Tables Match. Milonas said Elia is terrible as champion and everyone sees through it and accepted the match. A deflating finish to say the least. Most people walked out before the announcement and were clearly not thrilled.


Overall, this was a decent show. There were some disappointments, and the Milonas-Markopolous feud, which is their main event, is a feud that should have ended tonight. However, it continues at Breaking Point. Hopefully, they can make it work in Haverhill in three weeks.