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WWE Added to Lawsuit Against Titus O'Neil

Posted By James Walsh on 10/12/17

An amendment in the lawsuit against Titus O’Neil by a cameraman who says he was injured during an episode of Swerved now includes WWE as a defendant. PWInsider reports that Donald Anderson has filed an amended complaint in the $1.2 million lawsuit, which originally only listed O’Neil (under his real name Thaddeus Bullard) and one to three hundred “John Does” as defendants.

The lawsuit alleges that Anderson was attacked by O’Neil while filming for Swerved and his injuries were the result of being put in an unsafe environment. Anderson was filming Paige shocking O’Neil with a shock stick. According to the suit, O’Neil became enraged and kicked Anderson’s camera out of his hand, which caused injuries severe enough to his hand, wrist and fingers that he couldn’t work. Anderson says he was told to leave out of fear that O’Neil might attack him again.

He is suing the defendants for a laundry list of charges that include Battery, Assault, Willful Misconduct, Negligence, Gross Negligence, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress. Anderson says he has medical bills over $150,000 and has been unable to work for six months.

O’Neil filed a motion asking a judge to dismiss the case, which was denied after the amended complaint was filed. O’Neil has also asked to get the lawsuit moved to Florida (where O’Neil lives) or Virginia (where the incident took place), saying those are more suitable than California where it was filed. The amended complaint lists over twenty examples of O’Neil working in the state to try and counter that motion.

WWE, as a new defendant, has twenty-one days to respond to the suit.