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Colt Cabana Weighs In on WWE's View of Independent Wrestling

Posted By James Walsh on 11/11/17

In an interview with Channel Guide Magazine, Colt Cabana spoke about WWEís changing view of independent wrestlers since he worked for the company in 2005. Here are highlights:

On WWEís changing stance on independent wrestlers: ďItís pretty wild. I remember wrestling on Sunday Night Heat and Velocity and seeing the landscape of WWE in 2005. Even at that time, I was kind of a bigger independent star. I was a Ring of Honor tag team champion one night and losing to Eugene the next night. That kind of showed you how they looked at that side of the ball. Now 10, 12, 13 years later, it has changed. I think us back in the mid-2000s, we were aware how good the independent scene was and talent was. It was a shame that because we were a little smaller and not super jacked, we werenít getting these opportunities on a global scale. Thankfully, that platform has always been available in Ring of Honor. Ring of Honor has always used the best wrestlers, maybe not the best-looking wrestlers. Now WWE is kind of coming to this realization 13 years later. All it does is say there is so much history with guys like Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. There are so many people who are on the internet compared to years ago where you can just Google ĎKevin Owens Wrestling.í Itís a nice trickle-down where fans can see where they came from and go to wrestling shows in your local area to see the next batch. Thatís something we all knew, but it wasnít something familiar. Now itís where we almost wanted as wrestling fans where the independent scene is a great breeding ground as opposed to this place of misfit wrestlers. Ring of Honor has their own little area of the wrestling world where 15 years weíve been making stars that you know are going to be the next stars of wrestling. Now with a bigger platform on television all the time, we have stars who are straight-up stars. Gone are the days you had to wait for them to go on to WWE. Now they are stars current day in Ring of Honor. Itís showing in guys like Bullet Club and even Kenny Omega coming to the shows. These are the draws now. You donít have to have Christian main event a Ring of Honor or Jeff or Matt Hardy coming back from WWE. Itís our own guys, which is pretty special.Ē

On WWE sending a cease and desist to the Young Bucks: ďTheyíve always done stuff like this. From the days of Howard Finkel, his alleged job was to read the dirt sheets to see what was happening. They always had their ear to the ground on who is infringing on their stuff. I get it. They went to their own place. The Young Bucks and Bullet Club went to their show and tried to make a little raucous the same way WWE did years ago. They have the right to use their money and lawyers the way they want to. They have a lot of money and have a lot of lawyers. So thatís what they do.Ē

On working on commentary: ďI donít want to take from anyone in wrestling. That is important to me because I donít want to be a second rate anybody. Just like in my wrestling style, I get a lot of inspiration from pop culture and comedy. I want to be as conversational as I can. Iíve been doing podcasting now for seven-and-a-half years, itís kind of moved into broadcasting a little bit. When Iím talking about wrestling, I donít want it to sound corny or sound like a 1970s broadcaster. I just want to sound like me. Hopefully, thatís the voice of the wrestling fan or a familiar voice of the wrestling fan. I think thatís important to be a voice that sounds familiar and not some over-the-top critical analysis.Ē