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THE RANT: Impact Wrestling Unfairly Judged... Again!

Posted By James Walsh on 11/11/17

Since day one, Imapct Wrestling has been written off by the Internet Wrestling Community which I will refer to as the IWC going forward. And, it is still going.

The latest attempt to write off the sport comes on the heels of so many attempts to just bash this brand unfairly that now, with a few potential weaknesses exposed, the continued body shots are taking a toll toll on the company in the bout for public opinion. What I mean by that is the company was red hot at the last TV tapings in Orlando, Florida. New stars came in (Johnny Impact, Texano, Garza Jr, etc) and still the news headlines were about how "bad" things are. Now, with the latest Impact tapings and the departure of all signed referees and apparently James Storm, the ever impartial IWC are out in force with new names for the company and new jabs at it.

Tell me, did these people live through 2001? I know it was 16 years ago now but that was a dark time for wrestling with ECW and WCW closing. Only having one choice, and that choice being hot garbage, was an awful thing for wrestling fans.

Why would these IWC "smart marks" not champion Impact, ROH, Lucha Underground, and all other viable alternatives to the WWE rather than bashing them. Where I struggle is I see those same people pretend that NXT is somehow independent from WWE. That is a whole other article. Needless to say, they are being good little "useful idiots" and drinking the kool-aid.

Simply put? I'm not thrilled with Impact moving so much of its direction north of the border. I think Americans are going to reject this sooner or later because we believe in America first. There is no war with Canada. But, if we see a largely Canadian crew of talent being sold to an American audience, that audience may tune out. I'm sorry. That's just the way it is.

That said, I see cause for concern for my previous paragraph. But, I don't see a reason to pound that panic button the way the IWC has. Your champion is American. Your top challengers are American. And, the Canadian talent pushed live in the US now (see Petey Williams, Taya, Allie, Rosemary, ETC ETC).

The bottom line? As an impact fan from the start, I become used to the whtie noise of Internet hate for no evident reason. But, when the company is vulnerable to criticism, that dial is turned way up high and it makes it an uncomfortable experience for even the most loyal Impact fans. They are serving their purpose. The sad fact is, their purpose is every bit as self serving as it seems. And, that is to feed the WWE machine that they refuse to hold to the same critical view they hold everyone else to.

There is room enough for all of us. So, lets not focus on trying to tear down Impact. Lets not tear down ROH, Lucha Underground, the United Wrestling Network, or any other viable promotion or collection of promotions. Lets promote them all. Accentuate the good! Offer constructive, not destructive, criticism! But, don't spread #fakenews and celebrate everyone not called WWE's failures.

That's my peace. Enjoy.