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Sasha Banks Wanst to Main Event WrestleMania

Posted By James Walsh on 11/12/17

Sasha Banks spoke with Hindustan Times for a new interview about her goals in WWE, the rise of the women’s division and more.

On her goals in WWE: “My main goal is to feature in the main event of Wrestlemania. It is the biggest dream of any WWE wrestler and although there has never been an all-woman main event, I think it is about time. We have already done great things like the Money in the Bank this year and it is my goal to create history by headlining the biggest show of the company.”

On her growth and the rise of the women’s division: “Since my time in NXT till now it has been such an amazing growth. To come from a place where we (female stars) used to be called Divas, now we are known as superstars just like the men. To have so much history, being involved in so many first-time matches. It is exciting to be a part of such a big women’s division and I hope for the future to come, we just keep on dominating and showing the world that women’s wrestlers is where it is at and we are doing great things.”

On the upcoming Indian tour: “I am so excited to come to India. When I was told that I will be part of the live show, I was very excited. Getting to see the world, is the one of the best things about being a WWE superstar. I am just hoping that I will get an opportunity to see the country properly during my visit. My Indian fans can tweet me, and tell me where to go, it will be awesome and I will be really appreciate it.”