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Heath Slater Says the Nexus Thought They Were Getting Fired

Posted By James Walsh on 11/12/17

Heath Slater recalled the Nexus’ debut, his new wrestling school and more in an interview with Wrestling Inc this past week. Highlights are below:

On if the Nexus had any idea of their debut before getting called into Vince McMahon’s office: “Nope. We all thought we were getting fired…You’re talking about one of those things, we had gotten there and waited around and had no idea what was going on. We were just blinded until we went to Vince McMahon’s office and he pretty much told us that we were going to be a stable, everyone of us, and we are a young talent that is just going to go in there and destroy everything. We were all looking around at each other like what the hell is he talking about right now? He said that he wants us to destroy everybody in the ring, destroy the ring and everything. Pretty much in there a bomb had gone off, and here we were. We went down there and beat the hell out of everyone; including the announcers and refs and whoever we saw, and we had fun doing it. We had so much fun doing it, and my gosh people hated us. You had your rebel crowds were they loved the bad guys, but my gosh, I was getting food and treats being thrown at me, it was like, man, they hated us.”

On his new wrestling school: “The school is amazing. We have two rings in there, brand new. We are going to be running shows–we are running shows. We have Teddy Long is working hand & hand with students. He is so wonderful, and has always been wonderful. Teddy Long was good to me back when I first started because I met him through Mr. (Curtis) Hughes and Rocky King back when I first started in Atlanta, and Teddy, since the first I met him, has been a saint, a good soul, just a good man. He has always helped me with right from wrong, and is now helping with the school and it’s amazing because he’s legit done it all. He has set up rings, took down rings, refereed, managed, General Manager. He is like a book of knowledge since being around the business years and years, so he has so much to give. Mr. Hughes, as you know, is the head trainer and is teaching everything the right way just like he taught me. We have Ron Simmons coming in, we have Jazz coming out, we have over 100 years of knowledge that you can get.”