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CZW Night of Infamy Results 11.11.17

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/13/17

Credit: PWinsider.com:

* Combat Zone Wrestling presented their 2017 Night of Infamy event in Sewell, NJ on Saturday 11/11, featuring not one, but two CZW championship changes.

The announced main event of the show featured CZW champion Shane Strickland (aka Killshot in Lucha Underground) losing the championship to Joe Gacy. Gacy’s storyline has been that he is tired of people using the company to get elsewhere since he’s a lifer. After the match, Ricky Shane Page, who had a shot at the CZW title guaranteed, cashed in that shot and won the belt after Larry Legend, the company’s former ring announcer, nailed Gacy with an object. Gacy had destroyed Legend and put him through a table at the Onita show over the summer. This sets up Shane defending against Strickman and Gacy inside the CZW Cage of Death on 12/9.

* The show also featured Jimmy Jacobs’ first official singles match since being let go from WWE creative, with Jacobs beating Sami Callihan via submission with a Dragon Sleeper.

* JT Dunn suffered what is believed to be a torn hamstring working the opener, beating Ace Romero and Josh Briggs in a three-way match.

* David Starr (who’s in-ring work is impeccable and I’d be shocked if someone didn’t sign him immediately) pinned Tim Donst.

* Nate Carter & David McCall defeated the Beaver Boys, Alex Reynolds & John Silver.

* Ethan Page defeated Space Monkey. Monkey’s car hit a deer on the way back from the show but is OK.

* Maxwell Jacob Friedman defeated Dezmond Xavier. This was said to have been really good. Friedman has a lot of really good qualities that make him shine and he’s going to be one to watch.