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Director Talks Perry Saturn Documentary

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/13/17

A documentary is now filming for the documentary The Rings of Saturn from INFLUX Pictures. It looks at the life of Perry “Saturn” Satullo after his retirement for wrestling and will be released in July 2018. It features interviews with Saturn and other former/current wrestlers/promoters, actor re-enactments and animated sequences. It will also look at several years after Saturn said he was shot stopping two women from sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. Director Ian Withey said it will look at the “lost years of Perry Saturn.”

He said: “It was the number of years he went missing and no one knew how to get ahold of him. He completely disappeared, and this documentary will really shine a light on what happened at that time.”

Withey said audiences can expect “tales from the road” from the time of the Monday Night Wars, featuring interviews with Chris Jericho, Raven, Diamond Dallas Page and Sonny Onoo. While the documentary looks at Saturn’s current issues (including a period where he was homeless), as he recovers from years of physical issues from wrestling, drugs and alcohol, as well as abuse as a child. However Withey said that it doesn’t outright blame anyone.

INFLUX Pictures will split profits with Saturn. The company set up a campaign on Seed and Spark, a crowdfunding site. The website lets supporters “follow” a project for free and with enough followers, filmmakers get perks like discounted equipment rentals and free admission to film festivals.