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Live Fan Report From Last Night's WWE Raw

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 12/05/17

Here is a live fan report from last night’s WWE Raw, courtesy of mark Alston and PWinsider.com…

I got into the Staples Center a bit late so I didn’t see the dark matches and missed the first 5 minutes of the opening of RAW. I caught Jordan / Roman already in progress and it was a really good match. In my section Jordan won over the crowd with his in ring work and all the near falls – Roman is definitely more over, he was getting lots of cheers.

Paige got a pretty big pop when she came out, doesn’t seem like the crowd wants to boo her. Mandy Rose is ridiculously hot in person and she has a great presence. I’m sure they’ve got big plans for her long term.

Elias has something about him live, and his guitar playing has really improved! I think he can definitely be a babyface down the line the crowd is definitely into him. Man, Braun Strowman is soooooo over. he got a huge reaction when he came out.

Cruiserweight Division was basically concession & bathroom break for my section no one was interested. The match did pickup toward the end and the crowd that was there did react to the big spots and near falls.

Asuka is really fun to watch live, Paige v Asuka will be special when they get to it.

Just overall notes on the presentation, with commercials and backstage segments there’s so much downtime in the arena it really breaks the flow from a live perspective. I wish they’d find a way to do more than Network and WWE Studios commercials to keep the crowd engaged during the downtime.

It wasn’t a sellout, the upper level was completely curtained off on the hard camera side but the lower levels were full.

They announced Smackdown Live would be at the staples center February 27th.